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This is for vocalists only. Singers who also play an instrument are excluded.

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Freddie Mercury vs Robert Plant

I love Plant, but nobody beats Freddie. Freddie was one of a kind, a tru genius with az extraordinary vocal range, a most unique voice. He was a miracle.

Scrap my original rule about instrumentalists not being included. Stupid rule, don't know what I was thinking. Almost discriminative.

Freddie Mercury. No doubt. The very best singer of all time. A miracle of the universe. We are very lucky to had him.

There is not such thing as the best singer of all time because is highly subjective.

Freddie has much better voice, than Robert, I think.

James Labrie vs Michael Kiske

I don't know why, but I think of Dream Theater and Helloween as similar bands. I don't mind though because they're both great! People say LaBrie's voice has gone downhill. I think it's stronger than ever.

LaBrie in his prime was THE master of the voice. One of the best in metal history in my opinion.

This is easy - Michael Kiske, taking into account LaBrie's prime.

Labrie all the way: Range, Timbre, Chest Power, Delivery, Tonality, everything! ❤️

Bruce Dickinson vs Rob Halford

If this were the 1980's, I would've called a tie. But I think Bruce is a better vocalist in the present. But Rob is still pretty epic live.

Comparing them in the present is a bit misleading because Bruce is younger. Nobody knows how Bruce will sound in 7 years.

Everyone loves Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. And it's the singers who make the bands what they are!

Love them both but Rob Halford's vocal skills are a little bit better. I have in mind their prime.

Mick Jaggar vs Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is better singer, but Mick Jagger hass more interesting personality, he is one of a kind and his dancing moves is iconic.

Paul McCartney is the better singer but I like The Stones more because they are less pop and more rock.

Lol Jaggar. Next time, write Jaguar.

Both come from awesome bands.

Excuse me, sir but Paul plays many instruments and he rarely if ever is only a vocalist. You violate your own parameters for this list.

Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson

They sound almost the same. Brian Johnson was chosen by Bon Scott himself.

Bon Scott saw Brian Johnson singing for another band in a pub, and was so impressed by his vocals that he told AC/DC to get Johnson if anything should ever happen to him.

After Bon's death, Angus Young called Johnson and offered him the position of lead vocalist. Johnson thought someone was pranking him and told Angus where he could put it and hung up. Eventually, of course, it worked out.

Who should I choose I will go with Brian Johnson

Tie for me they sound the same R.I.P. bon scott

Both are awesome. RIP Bon.

Ozzy Osbourne vs Ronnie James Dio

The answer is more than obvious - Dio.

Both have been in Black Sabbath. RIP Dio.

David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar

David Lee Roth, no questions about it

Who is the real Van Halen?


Axl Rose vs Joey Bellodonna

Don't know why I'm putting Guns N' Roses and Anthrax together. They're both really great vocalists and bands.

Really, Axl is Hard rock, Joey is Thrash metal.
Meanwhile, Axl sucks!

Michael Kiske vs Bruce Dickinson
Michael Kiske vs Geoff Tate

Vocal experts still debate who is the best metal singer - Michael Kiske or Geoff Tate. Their vocal skills are (most probably) equal.
When 2 singers are dead even it's fair to take into account the 'endurance' factor and with this factor - Kiske wins. Tate lost much of his voice relatively fast in his younger years.
So finally - Michael Kiske.

The Contenders

Freddie Mercury vs Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell would be a real competitor.

Top 5 best rock singers (best singer = best vocals skills/technique):
1. Freddie
2. Adam Lambert (no wonder Queen took him to front this band in 2012)
3. Chris Cornell
4. Steve Perry
5. Axl Rose

Freddie Mercury vs Adam Lambert

Two of the Queen singers. Adam Lambert is extremely talented.
Brian May commented, "It's a worthy challenge for us, and I'm sure Adam would meet with Freddie's approval."

Queen have been touring with Adam Lambert since 2012.
May and Taylor said that although the tours with Lambert is a limited thing, they are open to him becoming an official member, and cutting new material with him.

Freddie, easily. Adam is talented, but nobody beats Freddie never ever. Nobody!

Freddie. Freddie. Freddie.

Matt Barlow vs Phil Anselmo

These are some of my favorite singers and this choice is really hard.
But Matt Barlow is a bit better.

The two vocalists from two of my favourite 90s bands. Iced Earth and Pantera.

Phil for me, but I barely listen to Matt so..

Corey Taylor vs M Shadows

M. Shadows-Vocal Range and Emotion

I think Shadows wins, sorry ISP, but I like A7X.

Rob Halford vs Hansi Kürsch

Their voices and singing styles are very different but the level of their vocal skills is very close.
I love Hansi more but Rob wins by a tiny tiny bit.

Top 5 best metal singers (best singer = best vocals skills/technique):
1. Michael Kiske
2. Geoff Tate
3. Rob Halford
4. Hansi Kürsch
5. Roy Khan

Hansi Kürsch vs Matt Barlow
Chris Cornell vs Axl Rose

Not easy but Chris Cornell is a better singer.

Kurt Cobain vs. Chris Cornell

Easily - Chris wins. Kurt is overrated.

Levi Stubbs vs. James Brown

Stubbs all day.

Levi STUBBS was VERY unique and is soulful voice has NOT been matched... Doubt if bit EVER will be.

Sarah Brightman vs Celine Dion
Jim Morrison vs Axl Rose

I have nothing against Jim but Axl definitely wins. Jim Morrison is even off-key...pretty often.
Axl Rose is the better singer, a whole another level of vocal skills. Axl sings more difficult songs.

Not really much of a showdown, Axl Rose is just a pale imitation of Jim Morrison.

Does this even require thought? Come on baby light my fire.

Ozzy Osbourne vs Alice Cooper

Who cares - both are dreadful singers (but good showmen).
Alice Cooper is the better showman though. And maybe the better singer.

Ozzy - bad throaty singing with very tight throat, usually contained within a single octave only. And yes, very nasal. His singing hurts my ears.
I told the truth.
Thumbing me down will not make them better singers.

Rob Halford vs Geoff Tate
Marvin Gaye vs David Ruffin

Marvin gave great but David Ruffin is the greatest soul singer ever to step up to the mike bar none.

Marvin Gaye hands down.

Both VERY unique. David;s SOULFUL, RASPING, SOBBING style has NOT been matched and may NEVER be.

John Denver vs James Taylor
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