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21 Jim Morrison vs Axl Rose

I have nothing against Jim but Axl definitely wins.
Axl Rose is the better singer, a whole another level of vocal skills. Axl sings more difficult songs.
- Metal_Treasure

Not really much of a showdown, Axl Rose is just a pale imitation of Jim Morrison.

Does this even require thought? Come on baby light my fire. - PetSounds

22 Kanye West vs. Rebecca Black
23 Ozzy Osbourne vs Alice Cooper

Who cares - both are dreadful singers (but good showmen).
Alice Cooper is the better showman though. And maybe the better singer.

Ozzy - bad throaty singing with very tight throat, usually contained within a single octave only. And yes, very nasal. His singing hurts my ears.
I told the truth.
Thumbing me down will not make them better singers. - Metal_Treasure

24 Rob Halford vs Geoff Tate
25 Elvis Presley vs Luciano Pavarotti

The greatest rock and roll singer of all time, VS the greatest opera singer of all time. Pavarotti had a chest like a bull elephant, and the truth is that his power would even overwhelm the King. The only other pop-rock-soul singers who could stand onstage with these two would be...

The only ones even in their universe would have been Levi Stubbs and James Brown

26 Sarah Brightman vs Celine Dion
27 John Denver vs James Taylor
28 Enrico Caruso vs Mario Lanza
29 Peter Hollens vs Avi Kaplan V 1 Comment
30 Al Green vs. Sam Cooke

Al GREEN is STILL with us and his voice is INSTANTLY recognized.

31 Kanye West vs. Beck
32 Kanye West vs Psy
33 Ariana Grande vs Katy Perry
34 Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley

I forgot to put this down. Both awesome. - IronSabbathPriest

35 Steven Tyler vs Axl Rose

Axl Rose is better. - Metal_Treasure

36 Chester Bennington vs Amy Lee
37 Kurt Cobain vs. Layne Staley

Layne Staley is a way better singer, meaning better vocals skill and technique. - Metal_Treasure

38 Kurt Cobain vs. Axl Rose

Kurt Cobain is likeable but Axl Rose is a vocal beast and wins easily. - Metal_Treasure

39 Bruce Dickinson vs Paul Di'Anno

Bruce Dickinson's vocal technique is better and more polished, so he wins.
But I like Paul's voice, too. - Metal_Treasure

40 Marilyn Manson vs Rob Zombie
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