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1 African Vulture

Good Vyonder. Used to make grounded videos but mostly makes skits now. - Gameplayer

2 Tbone Animate

Pretty good user, makes Caillou gets Grounded sometimes but otherwise this user makes good videos. - Gameplayer

3 RareYellowWUUTBee

Good user. Makes mostly Rosie Gets Grounded Videos but also makes Dora Gets Grounded videos. - Gameplayer

4 True Animate

He is ok. Makes Caillou gets Grounded but also laziness videos. - Gameplayer

5 samster5677

His Caillou gets Grounded are ok but I really like his Dora Gets Grounded videos and the Scooby Doo videos. He is maybe going to do Rosie gets Grounded videos because he said that in a comment. - Gameplayer

6 Sacred Assortment

Makes funny videos. - Gameplayer

7 ThatBluePandaGuy

Used to make good videos but he quitted. - Gameplayer

8 CandyAnimations

Also made good videos but closed his channel because his parents found out he had Youtube. - Gameplayer

9 Micheal The Vyond Guy

He is ok. That is all I have to say. - Gameplayer

10 GoThug247

I do not really like this user. His Caillou and Elmo videos was horrible but the others were ok. But I think he deserved to get terminated. - Gameplayer

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1. African Vulture
2. Tbone Animate
3. RareYellowWUUTBee


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