Top Ten Ways Sucks is a good game, but here's reasons it sucks.
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So Much Lag

This game lags so much I cannot escape from the bigger cells in time and I always die. 90% of the time I get killed because of lag. It's so hard to control the cell and I always have to watch my cell get eaten while I hit the mouse like crazy.

Am I the only one who lags a lot? The cell doesn't go in the way I want it to -___- I can't play this stupid dickhead game anymore... I'm SURE the owner won't fix the lag problem. is a nice game...but because of the stupid lag and those cowards who team with each other, it ruins the game. So 15% of me says it is an AWESOME game! But then 85% of me says-THIS GAME SUCKS!

Agar is most braindead servers game I have ever seen. Every game works on 5-10 ping and agar of course is always lagging. What a waste of time for that game

Too Much Teaming

That's true, it should be number one, and the first place guy is always teaming

This is what ruined the game

Need to make a rule if you stay too close to one cell for too long you break up.

Yes this really is being a problem

So Confusing To Download Mods

You mean skins?

Takes forever, and I got upset doing it - spiderskull98

Mods are not part of agario. They are an extension.

The Player Moves So Slow


Too Many People Using The Same Skin
On Team Mode They Put You On The Losing Teams

It's not their fault you can't do a turnaround!

Because they want u to make your team win. that's it!

Just do a Comwback. qiah I spelled Comeback wrong. Woah too?! Dmn! Even Damn Daniel! :3 Looks (like with voice Crack) I have to go back to seventh grade

Team Mode Is The Only Mode That Makes Sense

Teaming is the most fair mode

I feel the other modes are the same and Team is only different - spiderskull98

There's Always Gonna Be Bigger Blobs

Obviously, it ain't gonna be a bunch of tiny-sized dudes

Not if you're me. He he


Jumbo and sirius never face this problem hehehehehe. agario definitely biased towards them!

You Can Never Get Really Big

Apart from Teams, never really survived because the bigger blobs always kill me off

The bigger Blobs kill you, so you just gotta hope for the best. - spiderskull98

I've gotten up to #1 multiple times and my highest score is almost 19000.

My highest score is 30,000 and that was when I was level 30, just get better at the game.

You Change Your Skin By Username

That's not really a problem


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People that are Ten Times Bigger Than You that Eat Cells that Have Only Just Spawned

True, I always get killed when I am barely small sized!And guess who?Huge dudes!Like a thousand times bigger than me!Why do they mess with tiny blobs?It's just annoying.

Nothing like getting real big, only to get eaten by a big guy

I wish it was like where u can't get eaten by the blobs like 1000 times bigger then u

Leader is Always Teaming
It is Unfair

Once you start, you are so small, that EVERYONW will be able to kill you right away, instead of trying to balance it out. Thank goodness was created.

Life is unfair. We play games to avoid the troubles of life.

Life is unfair, now you're just complaining

one time when I was doing so good the game just crashed and it was agario's fault

Always a Random Character for the Blob

You can't have your own color. - spiderskull98

The Videos Are Boring

Yeah I agree I watched some and hated them


are not!

The repetitive music is really boring. troll vĂ­deos are just not funny at all.

It Causes Anger Issues

So do lots of games, what's different about this? - Cahtergah

Get off the internet if it causes anger issues.

A lot of things do, get used to life

To Many Mods/Bots/Cheats

Happens in many games, get used to it.

If you need to team/cheat a simple game like agario your likely a complete douche nerd who spends his days on message boards reading about agario. Cool!

Not Entertaining

I don't understand what is so fun about playing with your balls every chance you get. No right minded person would like a trashy game like this.

Team Mode Problems

What team mode problems? The crossing, that's why anti-teaming was invented.


Way Too Many Limited Edition Skins

That's not a problem either

Tiny Cells Killed Off by Leader

Yeah, they messing with us small guys!

Make it like, tiny animals can't get killed by leaders

No Updates

This entire list has crap reasons. The only reason the list creator hates this game is because they suck at it and are too lazy to try to get good at it.

UGH,the devs never go around and make some changes to make agar better

XP Can Only Be Gained from FFA

You can only get XP if you play FFA, when you play team, party, or expirementral, you get no XP

Respawn with Part of Mass

Ugh,when u die u have to restart and become a tiny blob again,at least have a fraction of mass from your last game

Anti Teaming Penalty

"yeah, we hear you community, you scrubs are too stupid to fight FFA teamers? well, we will nerf the pros so they can't stop teamers and I bet this will fix the teaming crisis" ~Miniclip

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