Ways Ariana Grande is Much Better Than Lil Yachty

The Top Ten Ways Ariana Grande is Much Better Than Lil Yachty

1 Ariana Grande writes better lyrics

This dude Is the worst.

Unlike Lil Yachty, his lyrics are way much worse than some Ari's stupid lyrics. - waraypiso

2 Lil Yachty's voice is so unpleasant to listen

True,I hate his voice...Ariana's voice is more refreshing to hear

Lil yachty says the N word too much in his songs. He raps like a drunk teenager. Ariana has a better voice with a biger better range

3 Lil Yachty is more overrated
4 More people listen to Ariana Grande
5 Ariana Grande doesn't use too much autotune

She doesn't use auto tune at all. I think she uses her real singing voice m

6 Ariana Grande's doesn't sing or rap like a gangsta

Neither Does Yachty Lol. He's Very Soft. - AlphaQ

7 Most of Ariana Grande's music is more suitable for the teens
8 Lil Yachty's songs are mostly nonsense
9 Dangerous woman is a good song. Broccoli is trash.

Two very different songs.
One song is a normal, average pop song.
The other is Broccoli

Broccoli is so unlistenable.

10 Lil Yachty doesn't do any charities

All he does is instant money to earn fame. I do not see Lil Yachty paying a tribute to Manchester - waraypiso

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11 Ariana is more appropriate

Least she doesn't write the n word and her explicit songs aren't even that bad

Yeah and half the songs on her last album were marked with a big red “E”. We all know what that means, right?

12 Ariana Grande is more beautiful
13 When Ariana Grande hits higher notes, at least she doesn’t sound like a dying animal
14 Ariana doesn't have a stage name
15 Ariana songs are nice
16 You can understand what Ariana is saying
17 Ariana collaborates with better artists
18 Problem is better than Broccoli
19 Ariana Doesn't Have the Word "Lil" in Her Name
20 Ariana didn't write a song about Columbine
21 Ariana Has Songs with Actual Meaning
22 Ariana can rap better
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