Ways Ariana Grande is Much Better Than Lil Yachty


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1 Ariana Grande writes better lyrics

Unlike Lil Yachty, his lyrics are way much worse than some Ari's stupid lyrics. - waraypiso

This dude Is the worst.

2 Lil Yachty's voice is so unpleasant to listen

True,I hate his voice...Ariana's voice is more refreshing to hear

Lil yachty says the N word too much in his songs. He raps like a drunk teenager. Ariana has a better voice with a biger better range

3 Lil Yachty is more overrated
4 More people listen to Ariana Grande
5 Ariana Grande doesn't use too much autotune

She doesn't use auto tune at all. I think she uses her real singing voice m

6 Ariana Grande's doesn't sing or rap like a gangsta

Neither Does Yachty Lol. He's Very Soft. - AlphaQ

7 Most of Ariana Grande's music is more suitable for the teens
8 Lil Yachty's songs are mostly nonsense
9 Dangerous woman is a good song. Broccoli is trash.

Two very different songs.
One song is a normal, average pop song.
The other is Broccoli

Broccoli is so unlistenable.

10 Lil Yachty doesn't do any charities

All he does is instant money to earn fame. I do not see Lil Yachty paying a tribute to Manchester - waraypiso

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11 Ariana Grande is more beautiful
12 When Ariana Grande hits higher notes, at least she doesn’t sound like a dying animal
13 Ariana doesn't have a stage name
14 Ariana songs are nice
15 You can understand what Ariana is saying
16 Ariana collaborates with better artists
17 Ariana is more appropriate
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