Best Ways to Get a Girl to Become Your Girlfriend


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1 Show them you have a crush on them
2 Buy them something expensive

Bribe them? Haha that's so shallow. That relationship will crumble like oreos that fell in the milk, buddy.

Nope. I'm not exactly this type of girl that would say yes after that. I'd be like,
"I'll think of you while I sell this to a pawn shop." Then smile. - Fandom_Lover

Lol no. this will never work. - kawaiitohru

3 Write her the most romantic love letter

These come off as cheesy to be honest. Just talk to her naturally and ask her out

4 Good looks

Sadly true for some, but it's better to find one that doesn't, that will be the one that cares about you and treats you Well, and if the love is mutual, she's the one you are looking for. - Martinglez

I DESPISE THIS ITEM! Sorry, I had fury. Girls who only like people for looks are so superficial that if Superman had a brother whose name was Ficial, he would not be close to the superficiality of those types of girls! - Garythesnail

Absolutely not. - Britgirl

5 Buy them chocolates
6 Show her something amazing
7 Sing them a song

This is the item I was looking for! Although I've rejected a guy from class who serenaded me.. - Fandom_Lover

8 Becomes best friends first

You forgot about the friend zone, the place that is too complicated that you can't escape! - Fandom_Lover

That's one that'd sure win me over - happyhappyjoyjoy

9 Play Guitar

Can I try this? - Userguy44

10 Be kind

This can work - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Be flirtatious, don't give her everything she wants

Show of some valuable side of yourself and let her strive to get those of sides of you. Show that you are unique and special and let her try to solve you as if you were some sort of puzzle. And a major turn-off you must avoid! : Don't appear desperate or needy.

12 Make a music video for her
13 Have a lot of money
14 Write a song for her
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