Top 10 Ways to Stay Young at Heart

Even I'm 58, but I still stay young at heart. This list shows the things that I've done. I always fill our mind with positive thoughts, and keep up with the latest technology and try new things regularly.

The Top Ten

1 Exercise every day

I regularly go jogging and swimming. Don't know if I look younger but I certainly feel it. - Britgirl

That's actually very important, I don't understand when people don't exercise and curse the doc. - Ananya

I do exercise every day, practising kung fu, punching a punching bag every day 5 in the morning. I go jogging at the weekend, playing football with young people around neighbourhood, though my face looks old, but I feel that I'm still young. - RichardSSG

2 Never believe you are too old to do anything
3 Keep up with the latest technology
4 Travel regularly around the world
5 Socialize with younger people

I hardly talk to people who are younger than me - Ananya

6 Keep up with the latest TV shows

My favourite T.V. shows:
Doctor Who
Breaking Bad
Supernatural - RichardSSG

7 Daily gossips with a best friend
8 Listen to new music in the charts
9 Have a celebrity crush

All my celebrity crushes are dead! Haha...ah dear... - Britgirl

10 Play football with friends

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11 Have sex like a teenager
12 Sleep all day, party all night
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