Top 10 Ways That the Undertale Fanbase is Underrated

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1 It at least respects the fact that Undertale is a genius work of art, if a little too much at times


Artwork is trash in this game (in my opinion). Why undertale is underrated?!
It's mostly are OVERrated, and this pixel art makes me puke.

2 It creates some of the best fanart from any fandom in years, even including some of the R34

Okay, look:

Just to put things into perspective, literally all of Alphys' icon images on this site were stolen DIRECTLY from fanart (amazing fanart at that) - xandermartin98

3 Although it has a lot of fan theories, it doesn't forcefeed them to you like FNAF's

That's not true!

4 It has a wonderful sense of humor, which can be seen in fancomics and fanfics alike

I don't see the humor in Photoshopping the legs of a character to every meme out there. - RiverClanRocks

Trust me, the Undertale fandom has most definitely made WAY better jokes than THAT at any rate. On a daily basis, in fact. - xandermartin98

5 It actually contributed quite a lot to the overall game as a whole

No, the guy who made the game contributed to the game. - RiverClanRocks

I think, THINK, that maybe you should stop being so literal-minded and consider how much the fans have actually managed to ADD (read: contribute) to the game.

Just a hunch. - xandermartin98

6 It actually agrees that the game is overrated but still respects it for its sheer brilliance

Lets face it any fanbase for anything is going the be like this. I can't say I like the fans cause they can be over obsessive and praise it as something it might not be really. But compare this fanbase with the one with Five Night's at Freddy's. The both go head over heels for the games they represent and cause discreditably as a result. However I seen to tolerate the Undertale fans more because the game is actually good, offers a lot of things to go back to. While Five Night's at Freddy's doesn't and just isn't that great of a game...

Most UT fans I've met obsess over it, to the point of hating you if you don't know a minor detail. - RiverClanRocks

They wanna shove Undertale(much Sans) in your throat.

7 It created a whole lot less memes than the actual game did at any rate


8 It contains a surprisingly smart and insightful group of people
9 Contrary to popular belief, it actually has pretty good taste in games
10 They can at least distinguish between "homage" and "ripoff" when comparing the game to its spiritual predecessor Earthbound

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11 It's certainly one gigantic improvement when compared to the Homestuck fandom
12 It portrays the characters quite accurately in fanworks while also occasionally demonstrating how surprisingly complex they can actually be at times
13 It was smart enough to keep Rule 34 in an alternate subreddit, seperate from its main one
14 Contrary to popular belief, it also has pretty great taste in characters
15 It's a weird, wacky family, matching the general tone of the game's cast of characters perfectly
16 It is nowhere near as perverted as the stereotypes about it would have you believe

Yes. Yes it IS perverted. I've been on Instagram and other sites. I've seen the fan art. IT IS NOT PRETTY. - RiverClanRocks

They put dicks in skeletons.

17 It is actually surprisingly mature for the most part
18 It just generally contains a lot of shockingly talented people
19 Although it often heavily sexualizes and bastardizes the characters, it usually isn't overly serious about it

Undertale Against Humanity is a spoof of Cards Against Humanity.

Alphys Höek (and the Alphamalg fanfics to a lesser extent) were both satires of what being overly exposed to the Tumblr portion of Undertale's fandom can eventually do to one's sanity.

Hell, it could be argued that even Underfell is kind of a parody of itself. - xandermartin98

20 It created some of the best alternate universes ever

And the worst too.
All the AU are just excuses for people to make they own version of Sans.

21 It's smart enough to not want Toby to milk the franchise to death
22 Actually really good at cosplay
23 They're really just normal people like everyone else
24 It at least tries to encourage other people to play the game

Not in a good way. In fact, the fans make me NOT want to play Undertale. It sounds like a nice game, but the fans are a complete turn off! - RiverClanRocks

25 It isn't full of neckbearded, creepy manchildren like MLP's
26 It creates nowhere near as much fetish art as Sonic's
27 Although they do make some really crappy recolors and OC's from time to time, I've seen much worse
28 They generally have the best taste when it comes to indie games
29 They usually have fantastic taste in music
30 Although it has its disturbing moments, it's really just having a good time in the long run
31 Quite a few of its members have actually played Earthbound and/or Mother 3
32 Somehow, through some kind of divine miracle, PewDiePie's playthrough of the game actually managed to not completely ruin the fanbase
33 At the very least, they can probably cook miles better than Papyrus and Undyne
34 For every bonef***er or robotf***er, there's at least one person that wants to bang Alphys and Undyne

Which is equally disturbing. Seriously, guys. - RiverClanRocks

In other words, the actually legit HOT characters of the game (along with the Dreemurrs and maybe Mettaton) - xandermartin98

35 The game was arguably overhyped more by critics than it was by them
36 They at least have the dignity to not complain about the game being "overpriced"
37 They definitely know a cute character when they see one
38 Although they often refuse to admit it, they usually love mostly all of the game's characters equally to some extent
39 As ridiculously easy as Undertale is, its fanbase is generally pretty good at video games
40 A good chunk of their fanfic/fancomic material is actually shockingly well-written, much like the game itself
41 They have created a solid number of brilliant parodies of the game, ranging from Alphys Höek to Underpants and everything in between
42 They took an already brilliant cast of characters and made so many different versions of them that the fun will most likely never end at this point
43 They really do possess an amazingly strong desire to expand and improve upon the already fantastic base game
44 Contrary to popular belief, most of them actually have very good taste in RPGs
45 They took a character that wasn't even really in the game (Gaster) and fleshed him out so much that he became one of the best in the game
46 Muffet made it into the game entirely thanks to them
47 They have the ability to take Undertale and reskin it into almost literally anything
48 Although it has pretty much turned the game into an Internet virus at this point, it is at least spreading too much of an actually good thing around

A virus is a virus. - RiverClanRocks

49 It often jokingly acknowledges the numerous unoriginal things about the characters' personalities but still respects them for being one-of-a-kind and brilliant in their execution
50 It at least knows how to look past terrible graphics like those of Undertale and still see the beautiful gem of a game underneath

Or...they could just make a version with better graphics. - RiverClanRocks

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