Top Ten Ways Why Humans Are Dumb

The Top Ten

1 We Smoke
2 We use YOLO too much
3 We make fun of people that have disorders


4 People do bad things in front of kids
5 We make a big deal about little things

The whole planet made a big deal about a dress! - Jake09

6 We think a kid saying 21 is funny
7 Deez Nutz is funny
8 We say Swag too much

Excuse me? I like the word swagg! It’s so swaggyyy, I’m swagger mc Swaggy! I believe everything is swag except this list. You aren’t swaggy.

9 We care too much about being cool
10 We abuse animals

The Contenders

11 We're hateful

We fear the unknown, and seek to destroy our fear,by destroying the things we fear.We are the next great extinction,as we have brought a plague upon our world that will only stop when only the good of heart remain. - Echo

12 We judge by cover
13 We're lazy
14 Most of us are close-minded
15 We're perverted
16 We're violent
17 We lie
18 We steal
19 We murder
20 We rape
21 We vandalize
22 We're Hypocrites

It's true! Bungus Squad (a commenter of the shark academy video of great white sharks) says he doesn't like orcas because they eat sharks when HE EATS CHICKENS AND PIGS.

23 We make fun of people on the internet
24 We can't take nor respect opinions
25 We’re destroying the earth
26 We destroy the things we fear

We fear the unknown, and we destroy all things we see as evil,even when they are not.We will someday be destroyed ourselves, and history will repeat itself as life begins anew.

27 We start wars
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