Why Fallout 76 Sucks

Oh Fallout. Before 2018, it was my favorite video game franchise with awesome games like Fallout 4, New Vegas and my favorite in the series Fallout 3. Even the classics like the original game and Fallout 2 are fun to play. When Fallout 76 was first teased, I got super excited. However, when we got into more details and when the game released, I was super disappointed. Let's talk about why

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1 It's online-only

What made Fallout a great franchise in the first place? An awesome single-player story with lots of quests to do. Fallout is not meant to be an online-only multiplayer game - codgtamk34


And the map only supports 24-32 players which makes the game even lonelier (Don't get mad about my username because I did it to make fun of that lying bastard Todd) - ToddHoward

Closest thing we had were the robots, who gave you quests - codgtamk34

3 Too many bugs and glitches

This game was completely rushed - codgtamk34

4 It was made to compete with Fortnite

Came out the same year when Black Ops 4 said they would not have single-player and when Fortnite became huge - codgtamk34

No it wasn't. If it was it would of had a Battle Royale mode. The games aren't even similar. - B1ueNew

5 Terrible servers

They forgot to think not everyone has great internet servers - codgtamk34

6 The quests are too easy

I remember in the last 3 console Fallout games, the quests were hard as crap. that's what made them fun - codgtamk34

7 Other players killing you

Online games in a nutshell - codgtamk34

8 If a nuke explodes in the game, it crashes

Its like I'm playing Lego games all over again, except something causes it to crash - codgtamk34

9 Player vs Player mode

These modes are a complete waste of time - codgtamk34

10 Bethesda's "apologies" for making this game are pathetic

They've tried everything, even going as far as remaking the first 2 Fallout games, for PC only. But that's not enough. Maybe remake Fallout 3 and New Vegas for the ps5 and make Fallout 5 with single-player - codgtamk34

The Contenders

11 It's A Cash Grab
12 They didn't put "Online" in the name

Fallout 76 Online would've made things better since it wouldn't have pissed off all single-player fans - Typical999

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