Top 10 Best Wii U Games of 2015

The Top Ten
1 Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker Product Image

An incredible game that changed how we look at nintendo and mario, as everyone can finally create whatever their heart desires - YOSHIA2121

This game is awesome, creating your own Mario levels? Nintendo hit bullseye - Martinglez

It's awesome how you can make levels and play others!

Yeah, this game is MEGA fun! by the way cool list! :)


2 Splatoon Splatoon Product Image

Should be number 1 because unlike super Mario maker you can ink people

This game is amazing! Deserves #1!

The best. Enough said.



I'll replace SMM with Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival in my head, but SMM 3. Simplez!


Please B # 1 - ChiefMudkip

3 Yoshi's Wolly World Yoshi's Wolly World Product Image

Defs gonna buy this.


4 Freedom Planet Freedom Planet
5 Xenoblade Chronicles X Xenoblade Chronicles X Product Image
6 Gunman Clive HD Collection Gunman Clive HD Collection
7 Fast Racing Neo Fast Racing Neo
8 Runbow
9 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Captain Toad:  Treasure Tracker Product Image
10 Don't Starve: Giant Edition
The Contenders
11 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Product Image
12 Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Product Image
13 Adventures of Pip
14 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
15 Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Product Image
16 Mario Party 10 Mario Party 10 Product Image
17 Lego Dimensions Lego Dimensions Product Image
18 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Product Image
19 Skylanders Superchargers Skylanders Superchargers Product Image
20 Minecraft Wii U Edition
21 Just Dance 2016 Just Dance 2016 Product Image
22 Legend of Kay Anniversary Legend of Kay Anniversary Product Image
23 Typoman
24 Devil's Third Devil's Third Product Image
25 Rodea the Sky Soldier Rodea the Sky Soldier Product Image
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