Top Ten Best Wii Party Minigames

The Top Ten
1 Hide-and-Peek

I really liked this one. I remember the first time I played Wii Party was with my cousins and this was one of the first games I played. I remember it more because I was the solo player.

2 Barrel Daredevil
3 Zombie Tag

YES! I love this game! It fills you with excitement and anticipation, because you never know when you'll be caught in a corner. It's one of those games where it's just as fun to lose as it is to win!

Now this is a fun one. You are being chased by zombies and you get to tag the other players if you get tagged. Brilliant

4 Roll to the Goal
5 Popgun Posse
6 Back Attack
7 Rope Sling

I loved this one. I like the ones where you get to swing the wii remote.

8 Tropical Punch
9 Splash Bash

Another one I remember from back in the day.

10 Delivery Duel

One thing I like about this one in particular is that it's similar to Mario Kart.

The Contenders
11 Cry Babies

I was a master at this one. If it's a rhythm based game, you don't stand a chance against me.

Guys before you start saying"wHaT? tHiS tHe WoRsT mInIgAmE"
This game is not that annoying,you also were cry babies in the past,and it's kind of fun,THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT SOME BABIES ARE TERRYFYING,but well I consider this one a good minigame

12 Flap Hurdles

I really love this minigame! For the goal, we have to jump over logs, barrels, and a group of logs, in the end, there will be three large logs, sometimes, you have to keep shaking the remote to avoid some logs! It is so fun to play!

13 Crash Balls

Yeah, like bumper balls from Mario Party. you try to push the other com to pits to win the game, it is so fun to play. There is one flaw to this minigame, to control your character in this minigame, you need to only use motion garbage controls!

14 Spotlight Fight

I loved this one because of the race to get a spotlight. I remember there being a lot of screaming, but it was very fun.

15 Shutterpup

This is my favorite 4-player game. Who wouldn't want to take photos of an adorable puppy?

16 Rodent Rundown

This is probably one of my favorites. (it's either this one or Shutterpup) I think it's harder by yourself because you can't tell the computer what to do and then they just start chasing the mouse all over the place.

17 Maze Daze

I always win this one. Would be bad if I was doing Spot the Sneak though because then everyone would think it was me. LOL

18 Chop Chops

I liked this minigame! It's very satisfying to get the carrot or onion all chopped up. I swear this minigame is also very fun! The only issue is that it is an easy minigame.

19 Strategy Steps
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