Top 10 Wizard101 Spells

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1 Call of Khrulhu
2 Mystic Colossus
3 Orthrus
4 Scarecrow
5 Sun Serpent
6 Rebirth

Very useful spell with the high healing dosage and the absorb shield.

7 Storm Lord

Storm lord has a great animation and does crazy damage and the stun is a nice bonus!

Great spell. Does lots of damage.

It's Strong And it does a lot of damage also beacause it kill's and can commit up to 1,000,000, In right hands.

Love it it's so op and you are unstoppable when you blade and crit!

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8 Fire Dragon

I love the fire dragon spell because it can deal up to 3000 damage with the correct buffs, to each enemy!

9 Earthquake
10 Glowbug Squall

The Contenders

11 Frost Giant
12 Triton

Well I really like the the triton because I have only seen it once and I thought it looked cool but it is not as strong as the fire dragon I think.

13 Abominable Weaver
14 Wraith

Wraith is the BOMB! I mean look at it, it's a ' Skeleton

15 Medusa

It stuns two times...if you used medusa followed by stun into another medusa that would be a 4 round stun!

16 Stromzilla
17 Hydra

Fire and Storm are always powerful so I think look at the side effects. Does it do anything else like stun or depower.

18 Tempest
19 Storm Owl
20 Helephant
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