Top 10 Wizard101 Spells

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1 Storm Lord

Storm lord has a great animation and does crazy damage and the stun is a nice bonus!

Great spell. Does lots of damage.

It's Strong And it does a lot of damage also beacause it kill's and can commit up to 1,000,000, In right hands.

Love it it's so op and you are unstoppable when you blade and crit!

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2 Fire Dragon

I love the fire dragon spell because it can deal up to 3000 damage with the correct buffs, to each enemy!

3 Orthrus

It hits two time and the senceasd time iy can be more powerful

4 Call of Khrulhu

Is there even a question?

5 Frost Giant
6 Triton

Well I really like the the triton because I have only seen it once and I thought it looked cool but it is not as strong as the fire dragon I think.

7 Wraith

Wraith is the BOMB! I mean look at it, it's a ' Skeleton

8 Rebirth

Very useful spell with the high healing dosage and the absorb shield.

Think about it. With 4 players, it provides not only more than 1.5x the pixie(400)/fairy(420) spell at 650 WITHOUT GEAR OR CHARM BOOSTS (worth over 12 pips) but also a better version of spirit armor for everyone, providing protection from 450 damage rather than the regular 400. (at 3 pips per spirit armor, worth over ANOTHER 12 pips). This single 7-pip spell for 4 people is worth 28 pips and 8 rounds (check my math at the table below, not to mention that the spell effects in each of those eight rounds pale in comparison. Even without four people, look at what this group heal is worth for each number of players...

1 person heal- worth 7 pips (pixie/fairy, 3 pips + spirit armor, 3 pips + better version of 2 spells, 1 pip) and 2 rounds (see, even with one person, it is a noteworthy spell)
2 person heal- worth 14 pips (2x pixie/fairy, 6 pips + 2x spirit armor, 6 pips + better version of 4 spells, 2 pips) and 4 rounds
3 person heal- worth 21 pips (3x pixie/fairy, 9 pips + 3x ...more

9 Glowbug Squall
10 Stromzilla

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11 Hydra

Fire and Storm are always powerful so I think look at the side effects. Does it do anything else like stun or depower.

12 Tempest
13 Scarecrow
14 Mystic Colossus


15 Storm Owl
16 Medusa

It stuns two times...if you used medusa followed by stun into another medusa that would be a 4 round stun!

17 Sun Serpent
18 Helephant
19 Levy
20 Earthquake
21 Ra
22 Meteor Strike

I have always used it and still use it in Mirage. Overall good spell at ending street fights and sometimes even boss fights.

23 Guardian Spirit

Come on thus spell basically revives you! You don't have to worry about dying!

24 Healing Current
25 Judgement

Its one of the best and a total pvp win because the only shield of it is a tower shield

26 Vampire

It can do up to3.000.00 damage if I cast it you should vote for vampire

27 Celestial Calendar
28 Frostbite

This spell is the reason I'm so good - Goatworlds

29 Skeletal Dragon
30 Lord of Winter
31 Sirens
32 Catalan
33 Deer Knight
34 Rain of Fire
35 Chimera
36 Abominable Weaver
37 Sacred Charge
38 Satyr
39 Supercharge
40 Triage
41 Mana Burn
42 Lord of Night
43 Luminous Weaver
44 Fortify
45 Winter Moon
46 Ninja Pigs
47 Tower Shield
48 Avenging Fossil
49 Fire Elf
50 Snow Angel
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