Top Ten Words to Describe Metal Music

The Top Ten

1 Epic

Power Metal especially - christangrant

2 Talented

Yes - christangrant

3 Heavy

This is Heavy Doc - Marty McFly - Back to the Future - christangrant

4 Legendary

I can name so many legendary bands it would take entire day to write out the list lol - christangrant

5 Powerful

Especially power metal. (That's when they plug their guitars in twice) - Merilille

More powerful than bloody pop artists and film industry.

6 Brutal

Brutal death metal? - Metalhead1997

7 Music

That vistior is a Pop elitist I'm sure of it but metal is indeed music but theirs no such thing as "Fake Music" - christangrant

Obviously... - KingSlayer93316

The one word that most POORLY describes it.

Look, we don't wanna start a comment war, so let's just let him have this. It's his opinion. - Metalhead1997

8 Amazing
9 Creative
10 Metal

Metal is metal - Brobusky

That'll do it.

The Contenders

11 Fast
12 Crazy

Crazy in a good way.

I accidently Voted but its Crazy but in a Good Way - christangrant

13 Unique
14 Complex
15 Angry
16 Brilliant
17 Intelligent
18 Cool
19 Underrated

Not really but its not Overrated either - christangrant

20 Satanic

Really Christians? Don’t poke me... - KingSlayer93316

21 Loud
22 Awesome
23 Divine
24 Fantastic
25 Artistic
26 Underwritten

I'm not angry that this was added but bands like Blind Guardian Dio Iron Maiden etc are not underwritten because all 3 of those bands have original lyrics in some way - christangrant

They're huge exceptions. Like, HUGE ones. Seriously, Blind Guardian and early Iron Maiden are awesome. - WonkeyDude98

Oh, a lot of Metalheads are gonna be angry at this - wrests

I don't wanna spoil one of my most hyped reviews, but listening to a lot of thrash has made me realize my biggest issue with a lot of metal: it's completely superficial. The lyrics are usually a bunch of pseudo-inspirational clichés at best, and it gets really hard to sit through when you consider that 5 minutes is short for a metal song. - WonkeyDude98

27 Boring
28 Pointless

Nah, it's pointed.

Finally got something right.

29 Gold
30 Original
31 Good
32 Overrated

Metal is the most overrated genre of all time. Seriously, nearly EVERYONE is praising it. Yes, it's overpraised. People treat it like it's so underappreciated which is wrong because nearly everyone treats it like Jesus made it. Honestly. This is all true. - AlphaQ

Especially metal from the 70s and 80s. - DynastiNoble

33 Pointful
34 Educational
35 Grating
36 Annoying

If its more noise than lyrics.

How is it annoying? - KingSlayer93316

37 Unoriginal
38 Atmospheric
39 Intense
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