Top Ten Words to Describe Metal Music

The Top Ten

1 Epic

Power Metal especially - christangrant

2 Talented

Yes - christangrant

3 Heavy

This is Heavy Doc - Marty McFly - Back to the Future - christangrant

4 Legendary

I can name so many legendary bands it would take entire day to write out the list lol - christangrant

5 Powerful

Especially power metal. (That's when they plug their guitars in twice) - Merilille

More powerful than bloody pop artists and film industry.

6 Brutal

Brutal death metal? - Metalhead1997

7 Music

That vistior is a Pop elitist I'm sure of it but metal is indeed music but theirs no such thing as "Fake Music" - christangrant

The one word that most POORLY describes it.

Look, we don't wanna start a comment war, so let's just let him have this. It's his opinion. - Metalhead1997

8 Amazing
9 Creative
10 Fast

The Contenders

11 Crazy

Crazy in a good way.

I accidently Voted but its Crazy but in a Good Way - christangrant

12 Metal

Metal is metal - Brobusky

That'll do it.

13 Unique
14 Complex
15 Angry
16 Brilliant
17 Intelligent
18 Cool
19 Underrated

Not really but its not Overrated either - christangrant

20 Loud
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