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41 Unfunny
42 Arrogant V 1 Comment
43 Generous

Any time there is a Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster almost anywhere in the world, Americans are there immediately with rescue equipment, medicine, and personnel to help in any way they can.

If generous means killing other people in foreign countries and ruining them in the process, then yes, they are generous.

44 Majestic

Some of the most spectacular geography and geology on earth!

45 Cool
46 Fun

There are many things to look at and do in america it is a fun beautifull place. U say it is fun to laugh at? Well I think u r jelous.

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47 Stupid V 1 Comment
48 Unfree
49 Immoral

Try reading the constitution before voting for this stupid option. America has changed but not by much. It is a great place. America was founded with great princibles it is human beings that can be immoral

50 Fascist V 1 Comment
51 Hot

California can get up to 45 Celsius...

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52 Scenic
53 Cold
54 Choices

This may be the most important item, you have far more choices in the USA than anywhere else.
You can choose to be successful, or you can choose to be a couch potato who plays video games 24 hours a day.
You can choose to let things that happened in the distant past dictate how you live your life, or you can choose to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that are present all around you.

55 Spacefaring

To this day, still the only nation to put a human being on the moon.

We don't even find our space program anymore.

56 Technology

America has good technology some used all around the world and medical advances used to help many people in other counties

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57 Sensational
58 Exceptional

This tears me down so much to actually see the opinions of people in other countries run us Americans down... I wasn't lying when I said I cared for everyone... I do not hate or dislike any race or ethnicity...U. you I'm sorry that us Americans aren't the best of people but some of us try... - CloudofMercury

Much like children with mental disabilities, Americans are "exceptional".

59 Free

Sure we were back in the day but that doesn't mean diddly squat anymore. we were free because we had a good and courageous reason to fight and we won. Now the only amazing thing us Americans do is get off the couch for more then 10 minutes.

Definitely. "Land of the free and home of the brave." People get to make there own choices,vote, control their own future.freedom of religion,and everyone is equal. In some places women don't have rights but in america they do. America is not perdectbut it is definitely a wonderfully free place.

60 Awful

"All the idiots who took potshots at the USA need to post up where they are from."

What if I told you I was from America as well? Now what'd you think? Probably going to get into a hissy-fit. But hey, that's quite expected from an overly patriotic American.

All the idiots who took potshots at the USA need to post up where they are from. Nowhere on earth is absolutely perfect of course, but more than anywhere else, in the USA, your fate is determined by what YOU do.

Definitely the least awfull place I can think of. And if u live in america and don't like it. Leave. Though I doubt u will because regardless of what u say you like it here because america can provide for you, give you the freedom to controll your own destiny and make choices, and is a beautifull place with kind people.

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