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41 Unfair

Unfair because all people want to do is work and have a better life here in the United States. But certain races find that, that is the worst thing so they blame and criticize people who want jobs that no one is willing to do/work.

42 Uncultured
43 Generous

Any time there is a Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster almost anywhere in the world, Americans are there immediately with rescue equipment, medicine, and personnel to help in any way they can.

If generous means killing other people in foreign countries and ruining them in the process, then yes, they are generous.

44 United

Ironically, the United States is far from being United. As an American myself, it seems as if each state is actually its own little country, but all fifty of them are supported by a bigger government of some sorts. And nevermind that civil war we had between the Nirth and the South.

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45 Stupid V 1 Comment
46 Boring V 1 Comment
47 Unfunny
48 Dumb
49 Arrogant V 1 Comment
50 Scenic

If u lived here, u'd understand

51 Majestic

Some of the most spectacular geography and geology on earth!

52 Fun

It's fun to laugh at them.

In someways yes but in the rest nooo!

There are many things to look at and do in america it is a fun beautifull place. U say it is fun to laugh at? Well I think u r jelous.

53 Immoral

Try reading the constitution before voting for this stupid option. America has changed but not by much. It is a great place. America was founded with great princibles it is human beings that can be immoral

54 Fascist

Best place to live

55 Hot

Depends on which region you live in.

California can get up to 45 Celsius...

I'm in Arizona, close enough lol

52 degrees Celsius

56 Cold
57 Uneducated
58 Choices

This may be the most important item, you have far more choices in the USA than anywhere else.
You can choose to be successful, or you can choose to be a couch potato who plays video games 24 hours a day.
You can choose to let things that happened in the distant past dictate how you live your life, or you can choose to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that are present all around you.

59 Spacefaring

To this day, still the only nation to put a human being on the moon.

We don't even find our space program anymore.

60 Technology

America has good technology some used all around the world and medical advances used to help many people in other counties

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