Worst 2D to 3D Transitions In Video Games

When a game makes the jump from 2D to 3D it's quite a big leap, These games however just couldn't bear the weight of that jump.

The Top Ten

1 Bubsy 3D

A disastrous attempt at a 3D platformer with ugly graphics, tank like controls and awful jumping mechanics ensured Bubsy never had a chance as a video game mascot.

Agreed, bubsy was already bad on his own, but in 3D?! Dear god. This tried to copy off sm64 but failed! That's what you get Sony for coping Nintendo games

2 Earthworm Jim 3D

Loved the charm of the older Earthworm Jim games? Well guess what? This 3D game has none of that. Only clunky controls, boring level design and a high frustration factor.

3 Castlevania 64

Some of the later 3D Castlevania games were better efforts but the first one was a poor way to start. Uncontrolable camera and awkward controls ruined any enjoyment to be had in this game. I'd say just stick with the 2D games.

4 Contra: Legacy of War

Contra may be difficult in 2D but 3D is that wrong kind of difficult

5 Final Fight: Streetwise
6 Mega Man X7

The X series is well known for being more fast paced. This slow as hell game is not evidence of that.

7 Sonic 3D Blast

Not technically a 3D game but as it tried to take Sonic out of the second dimension we were left with a bad camera, slippery controls and a movement cycle that made Sonic look like he's waddling as opposed to running. Thank God his first proper 3D transition (Sonic Adventure) was successful.

8 Virtual Boy Wario Land

These games tried to incorporate a lot of 3D elements but they ended up giving gamers headaches and eye strains.

9 Altered Beast
10 3-D Worldrunner

The game was fun in 2D but when you added the 3D effeects it wasn't as good.

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