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Red Bird

I believe this is the worst bird. He is the leader of the flock and yet, he has NO special powers? Almost useless

Red bird is the trademark and leader of the birds. Doesn't matter if he doesn't have a special power, because he's the most well rounded. Hands down probably the biggest fan favorite.

I don't know why those creators of angry birds decided to put red bird on here, he is USELESS, the only game where he can do stuff is Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Boring! Red does nothing! How dare the only person who commented on Boomerang Bird so far say he almost never works!

Wow so just because he has no abilities he completely sucks? Also the boomerang bird's name is hal! - GamingGoku757

Green Bird

Green bird/Hal is the WORST! He never works, he is hard to control, and he is very weak!

Hal actually does work also last time I check he could break stuff. - GamingGoku757

Way too hard to handle and it's practically useless when it hits anything... I normally just use it like a regular bird and hit the front

Red bird may not be powerful but he is the symbol of the game and should be respected.

The boomerang bird is way too hard to control and I almost never hit my intended target. He never even appeared in angry birds toons, so personality is out of the question.

Blue Bird

These are the worst birds ever! The only reason he was put there was because he can split into three. You can't destroy anything. Ever. He should be #2, right behind the red bird. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

First of all the blues are just KIDS, of course their going to be small and weak, 2nd they don't actually split, their actually 3 brothers that come together and split up to attack in the movie. In the toons their just 3 brothers playing around with the pigs until the pigs get knocked out. - GamingGoku757

The blues splits into three, but they are not strong enough for you to kill the piggies and I don't like that power.

The Blue Birds are so weak. They can only break glass and they can only kill small piggies.

The glass is called ice (as said in angry birds 2 if you go to the blue's card. and in the original it's glass, but their names are Jay, Jake, and Jim A.K.A. The Blues, also their KIDS! - GamingGoku757

Aren't so useful. It can't break a wood

Pink Bird

She's cool, but I think the Orange Bird is A LOT more useful.

She is so great! Not as good as Orange Bird, But next to it!

The orange bird should be the best because it can blow up a level. I think he is much better than the black bird. I think the black bird should be the worst. I want the orang bird to kick the black bird out of the flock.

His name is bubbles and bomb bird's name is bomb, and Bubbles can't kick bomb out of the flock, red can though because he's the leader! And why do you hate bomb, He's a good bird! - GamingGoku757

She is awesome! Sometimes she is useless, though...

Space Orange Bird

He is so useful. Just like the original Orange Bird.

No Hal Hal Hal Hal is the best

Ice Bird

All the other birds are awesome though even the pink bird.

His name is freeze

He is so selfish

Red Bird: Luke Skywalker
Orange Bird

He's exactly not the worst because even he is small but he could break glass and wood and he could blow the level up!

The orange bird should be the best! I think the orange bird should kick the black bird out of the flock

I don't think orange bird is bad at all because

Orange bird sucks. He can't even do some damage only pumps like ballon and will push something for 1 mm. Alongside with yellow and green bird, those 3 are piece of ****

White Bird


Look at the irony:The birds want their eggs back while she wastes eggs to attack pigs. - SamuiNeko

White bird aka Matilda just poops eggs and even worse there is one in every level that is challenging

The white one! Matilda is my least favorite angry bird!

Big Red Bird

Terence is by far the strongest of the angry birds. He can take down almost anything!

By big red, you mean Terence. I'm not trying to be rude. by the way Terence can destroy basically ANYTHING!

Big Red Bird isn't bad at all.

He Is A LITERAL Wrecking Ball, If He's On That Level, that level is gonna get its ass kicked!

The Contenders

Yellow Bird

I think he is the second best bird

Nice fastest bird ever he is my first favorite

He's cool but bubbles is better

Alongside with bubbles its worst piece of **** as well as orange bird

Black Bird

Bomb is great and he plays many acts in angry birds star wars. In angry birds epic, add a potion to him and he will blow up everything.

Bomb bird is awesome

Bomb is my favorite character of all time, why is he higher than Mighty eagle, King Pig, Lazer Bird

We love black bird because BOOM

Lazer Space Bird

Lazer Bird should be higher than Bomb!

What? You can choose where it goes and it does moderate damage!

Silver Bird

Worst - Hellohi

I like her - IceBearRules

Space Black Bird

Cool bird add this bird!

Mighty Eagle

This Bird is only for cheaters!

No it's for people who are stressing out on a level, and how is mighty eagle a bad bird, he wipes EVERYTHING OUT and kills ALL pigs! - GamingGoku757

Mighty Eagle should be higher than Bomb!

He's so selfish in the movie he should be 1

Angry Bird Sonic


King Pig

King Pig is just average, but he should be higher than Bomb

King Pig is the villain of the angry birds series

King Pig is the worst

Electric Black Bird
Angry Bird Mario

I like Mario and angry birds that is why I like angry bird Mario.

That doesn't even exist

Gray Bird

Her name is silver. - GamingGoku757

Mighty Dragon

I don't think they are bad I just hate that you have to vote to comment! - GamingGoku757

The eagle is better but scarier when it screams

Space Eagle
Tornado Bird

First off her name is Poppy! - GamingGoku757

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