Worst Animal Jam Items

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1 A Necklace

Not badly designed, but sort of an item included with being a noob

Can be often used for scamming.

Yes there the most worst ones

Fman uses these what can be worse

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2 Plushies

Some r hard to get. Like gecko plus goes but
Whatever I like them!
My opinion

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3 Action Figures

Other than the beta ones, obviously

4 Mats

Other than the beta ones

5 Pillows
6 Rare Spiked Collars

Yes, I agree with the person who put this item on this list.

Aw, Come on! Rare longs are SO GOOD!

Spikes burn my heart

Spikes and arctic wolves... don't get me started.

7 Moon Necklaces

If you have one that you don't want send it to Glitter9587 or Catsarecute9587

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8 Welcome Mat
9 Bunny Hats

They just look really ugly except maybe on bunnies. They are MASSIVE on foxes, too small on some animals and just really ugly on others. The worst animal hat in the game.

If you wear them especially on a bunny, it looks like a zombie bunny is eating your head.

Yes thanks for saying this because they r so ugly and big

They look super ugly on every animal, and the eyes on that hat just make you look creepy. :(

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10 Star Glasses

They do look weird on some of the animals - GoldMagicAJ

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11 Gazelles

I put these here because I'm rlly mad at AJHQ for bringing them back!

Yea why ajhq why D: so sad I had them back when they were rare and it was so sad when they came back out and I'm faolanwolf0 if ya wanna check me out :/ - Faolanwolf0

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12 Eagle Hat

It's so ugly and it looks horrible on all animals starssophie and mayatiger1 agree with this check them out!

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14 Rare Founders
15 Alpha Archway

Want a bunch of ugly square heads knitted together staring at you? Then this is the item for you! Just lag, glitch, and stumble your way through the party to get this item! It's really ugly, so ugly it isn't even funny!

That thing is HIDEOUS. I do NOT know what they were thinking making this piece of garbage a JOURNEY BOOK item.

16 Freedom Fox Hats

Once I had an orange fox hat and I went advertising Trade me different colour fox hat! Then nms were offering freedom fox hats. Note to self: When advertising for a fox hat, say a rare fox hat.

There just annoying when people trade it 2 ya :/ - Faolanwolf0

Yeh kinda someone wanna trade me a freedom fox for a rare fluffy fox hat mayatiger1

17 Beta Tiara

Beta tiara?! They are beta, for crying out loud! They are really good items, I have no idea why they're on the list of bad items! A NORMAL tiara is bad, not a beta one!

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18 Moon Hat
19 Rare High Heels

They look so strange and weird on all animals especially rhinos and giraffes by: mayatiger1 and starssophie buddy us on animal jam

20 Cheese Hat

They are available in jamma clothing store and r nm they r sooo ugly and don't LOOK GOOD ON ANYTHING please buddy me I'm mayatiger1 my sis is starssophie

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