Worst Animated Movie Franchises

The Top Ten Worst Animated Movie Franchises

1 Planes Franchise

The sequel was better. - PeeledBanana

2 Shrek Franchise

People diss the third and fourth too much.
It should've just stayed one movie with the happy ending "I'm a believer"
Shrek movies overhate is..
1. Shrek the third.
2. Shrek forever after
3. Shrek (How can you think the sequel is better than the first. Meeting Fiona's family? There is fairy godmothers in the first film but are not evil like the sequel.)
4. Shrek 2 which will be number 5 on the overhate when the fifth film comes out.

Memes killed it off.

You know, I didn't like the first three films except the last one, Shrek Forever After because it was an emotional and serious one! - Victoryboy

I'm going to be totally honest here. I like Shrek, but what I really like it for is for the movie itself, not the memes based off of it. Seriously, even if its memes can be addicting, that shouldn't really determine the quality of a movie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 A Car's Life franchise

They have more movies in this franchise then the movie franchise they originally ripped off!

4 Smurfs franchise
5 Ice Age Franchise

The first one is the only good one.

The first three films are the best ones in the franchise. The fourth and fifth are just awful.

Ice Age is one of the best animated movies of all time. - PeeledBanana

We DO NOT need another movie! Especially the cringey trailer with Scrat doing the #RunningManChallenge. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Happy Feet Franchise

This is not the Worst franchise, despite the sequels failure. We want part 3!

7 The Nut Job Franchise

Wait, this is a franchise now? WHY?

They Changed The Release Date For The 2nd Movie, - VideoGamefan5

8 Happily N'Ever After Franchise

The first two are both bad.

9 Despicable Me Franchise

I don't really hate minions they are very funny! - Victoryboy

Actually, I was to keep The Lion King franchise in the place of Despicable Me because The Lion King was very very good but the second was awful and third one was average! - Victoryboy

First 1 & 2 were good.

10 Alpha and Omega franchise

The Contenders

11 Hotel Transylvania Franchise

I'm sorry I put this item in the list. - Victoryboy

Oh, come on. Animation legend Genndy Tartakovsky directed th- *Sees that Adam Sandler is in this movie* Just stick to animated T.V. series, my man Tartakovsky. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Space Chimps Franchise

Well, the sequel was worse.

Why? - 445956

13 Open Season Franchise

The first film was the only good film in the franchise. The sequels were god awful.

Open Season isn't that bad - XtremeNerdz12

14 Cars Franchise

Cars 1 is good - XtremeNerdz12

15 Rio Franchise
16 Monster High Franchise
17 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Franchise

The second one was not so good but the first one was so nice! - Victoryboy

Cloudy is good - XtremeNerdz12

18 Alvin & the Chipmunks

What the Hell were these filmmakers thinking?! It's really awful!

Horrible. - VideoGamefan5

19 Bratz Franchise
20 The Little Cars franchise

There was EIGHT installments in this rip-off franchise.


21 Secret Life of Pets Franchise

SLOP IS CHILDISH! - Victoryboy

22 Scooby-Doo Franchise

Phantom Strider was right! When will this franchise ever end?

23 Sing Franchise

Don't hate it, ok? I mean... why are you guys hating this film?!? That doesn't make any sense! I don't care about Sing 2 but Sing 1 is the best Animated Musical! - Victoryboy

24 Norm of the North Franchise


25 The Land Before Time Franchise

The first one ended fine. Why give it so many unnecessary sequels?

26 The Lion King franchise

Worst franchise on this list

Why the heck is this bottom of the list?! TLK is easily the WORST animated movie franchise with the WORST characters. It deserves to be boycotted.

27 The Swan Princess Franchise
28 Wreck-It Ralph Franchise

A superb movie was given a crappy sequel that hardly even felt like a sequel (more like a bad fanfic some Tumblrina wrote and posted online) *and* ruined the Disney Princesses in the process. Rumor has it there is more material with the so-nicknamed "wrecked Princesses" (i.e. the Princesses in those stupid "modern comfy" outfits acting like vapid parodies of themselves) to come, God help us!

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