Top 10 Worst Animated Movies of 2016-2017

2016 was a great year for animated films and 2017 was a terrible year for animated films. Still, they’ve both had some pretty bad animated films.

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1 The Emoji Movie

It gives me the same feeling I get when a commercial break comes on: disappointment. You know why? Because it IS just a big commercial after all! - RaccoonCartoon

I hate this movie so bad, I can barely call it a movie but more of a commercial. - Phillip873

This movie is crap

Hey, it's the best animated film to feature emojis

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2 Norm of the North

It's a direct to DVD crap fest that somehow got into the movie theaters. - Phillip873

I'm only voting for this in order to comment on a certain item. - Cartoonfan202

Worst movie ever

It's even worse than Emoji movie. - AlphaQ

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3 Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Obvious cash grab. - RaccoonCartoon

Seriously what the hell was this made for? Lmao - Phillip873

4 Ice Age: Collision Course

I remember someone mentioned this at my school and the other guys were like "wait they made 5 of those? ". Seriously Ice Age needs to die out before it manages to get worse - Phillip873

The storyline of Ice Age makes no sense anymore. This movie is cliche, and there is way too much romance for me! - RaccoonCartoon

I hope this is the last sequel. The franchise should’ve ended after two. I don’t how there were this many sequels. The first two were good enough, but the ready were garbage. And DreamWorks is doing the same thing with Shrek since there’s a Shrek 5 coming out. Ice Age gets worse with each movie it puts out. Collision Course is the worst one. At this point, the writers have run out of ideas. This story doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. They even put in such childish jokes! I doubt even kids would find this funny! Good news is a lot of people seemed to have forgotten about this movie after it came out. Hopefully we won’t get anymore of these pointless sequels. - MegaSoulhero

5 The Boss Baby

I hate, H A T E this movie! It is so, so cliche! Dreamworks keeps getting worst. - RaccoonCartoon

This is DreamWorks’ worst film by far. It’s also their most unoriginal one. We’ve seen this kind of plot tons of times. It’s been done in Toy Story and Secret Life of Pets. A character loses attention to a newcomer and gets jealous. Then the two characters stop hating each other and become a team. I didn’t even like Secret Life of Pets yet that movie did the trope a lot better than Boss Baby. Despite Secret Life of Pets being an absolute ripoff of Toy Story. The characters are uninteresting, the story is uninteresting, and the jokes are very terrible. DreamWorks seems to be falling apart. Let’s just hope that How to Train Your Dragon 3 will be good. - MegaSoulhero

6 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

It's atrocious in every way. - AlphaQ

Can anyone explain to me how the first movie was so popular that it got a sequel? On the bright side, they managed to make the sequel better. The sad thing is it’s still a bad movie. Just the title alone makes it hard to take this movie seriously. The voice actors must’ve been desperate for a paycheck. Jackie Chan was in two bad animated films this year and Maya Rudolph was in two bad animated movies this year. Actually, she was in three bad animated THINGS this year if you count the Big Hero 6 series. Which I consider the worst cartoon of 2017. Nut Job 2 pretty much has some of the same problems as the first movie while also creating some more problems. A very average plot with one dimensional characters. I like that they made the animation look better than the first one. I thought that was actually pretty good. But sadly, the story is still very weak and there’s nothing in it that made me think that it was worth watching. - MegaSoulhero

7 The Star

Looks awful, I don't think I'll watch it - Gangem

Also mediocre, but not GREAT. - Drawbox

Garbage. Absolute garbage. - RaccoonCartoon

Garbage like sonys other creation the emoji movie - ikerevievs

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8 The Wild Life

Just as bad as norm of the north - ikerevievs

In the UK it is called Robinson Crusoe, based on the famous book - Gangem

Awful. Absolutely awful. 0/10. - RaccoonCartoon

9 Surf's Up 2: WaveMania

It's been 10 whole years. This idea has died out by now, too late for a sequel. - RaccoonCartoon

This must be higher - Phillip873

10 Sing

Thankfully I'm not alone on my disliking of this movie. The characters were all one note, the story was so simple it was boring, yet it had too many characters so it was also exhausting keeping up with them. And the animation wasn't even that good either (I dislike Illumination's animation style for the most part), and the characters were animals for literally no reason other than "oh people like animals let's make the cast animals! ". It sucks though because this movie did have an all star cast as well, and I feel bad that they were in this. I thought Secret Life of Pets was slightly better because at least that movie had funny moments at times, this movie did not make me laugh. - Phillip873

This film was mediocre, but the Secret Life of Pets is worse. - Drawbox

What's the worst trailer you've seen this year - Trollsfan536

I would say Sherlock Gnomes or Peter Rabbit, they were both unbearable to watch - Phillip873

It's a good movie.

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The Contenders

11 Rock Dog
12 Spark: A Space Tail
13 The Lego Ninjago Movie

I get the story line but what I don't like is that is is lego animated. IF it was like the regular show, it would have not been on this list. - WorldPuncher47592834

Stop hating on it, it rocked - 445956

I find it decent for a movie - BoyGenius234

Well they can’t all be masterpieces. This is almost exactly what people feared the Lego Movie would be like. I was in the 1% of people who thought the Lego Movie was gonna be good whereas everyone else thought it was just gonna be a cash grab that only exists for product placement. I had a fun time laughing in people’s faces. Unfortunately, I can’t defend this one. This one actually feels more like a cash grab than the Lego Movie did. They didn’t even try to come up with a good story here. They have all these characters in one movie, but the only ones who really get any development are Lloyd and his father. And this has become a common thing in the Lego movies. Each of them involves a father and son storyline. It’s becoming very tiring. There are some funny jokes, but not laugh out loud funny like Lego Batman or the Lego Movie. But just like those movies, the animation is excellent! Sadly, the animation doesn’t save the movie. It’s still a very boring and cliché cash ...more - MegaSoulhero

14 Despicable Me 3

Should be higher

Burn in hell DM franchise

Blech, minions.. - RaccoonCartoon

15 Trolls

I thought Boss Baby was worse, I liked the animation styles in this movie, but dreamworks can totally do better. - Phillip873

I totally respect your opinion, at least you have reasons to hate this and to love Coco. - Trollsfan536

I hate Troll dolls anyway, so this movie was plain annoying to me. - RaccoonCartoon

I like this movie - Gangem

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16 Smurfs: The Lost Village

I never knew what was so special about the smurfs either. I really wasn't interested in this movie - Phillip873

Take this off the list it better than that crap two live action movies - BoyGenius234

The live action Smurf movies are worse, but this is better.

Awful. - RaccoonCartoon

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17 Sausage Party

It wasn't THAT bad surely? Or was it just that there wasn't that many animated films coming out? - DapperPickle

The end scene is disturbing! - RaccoonCartoon

Never seen it but I'm perfectly fine with that. - Phillip873


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18 The Little Prince
19 The Angry Birds Movie

Cash grab. - RaccoonCartoon

20 Finding Dory

Get this off the list!

/This is pretty boring. - WorldPuncher47592834

Great, girlcool found the list

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