Worst Characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All

The second game is usually considered to be the weakest of the series and a big part of that comes down to case 3 and 1 which are both known to have fairly weak characters overall.

The Top Ten

1 BenTrilo Quist

A combination of both Ben Woodman and Trilo Quist, as they are both equally as terrible. They offer nothing of value to anything and they are both extremely obnoxious. - kempokid

2 Director Hotti

Oh gosh, couldn't they have replaced him with a character who at least doesn't look disgusting?
Whose idea was it to add him in Farewell, My Turnabout? It ruins an otherwise perfect case!

He and Sal Manella (Salmonella, yikes) are my least favourite Ace Attorney characters!
And what's worse, Director Hotti also appears in Farewell, My Turnabout (one of my favourite cases in the entire series)!
The only thing I didn't like about Farewell, My Turnabout was that they decided to add Hotti in it!

This guy is just extremely disgusting, his perverted comments are annoying, his character design looks really gross as well. His animations make me itchy as well - kempokid

3 Lotta Hart

She appears twice in this game, and she is more unlikable than in the first game, at least in that one it was simply a lapse of judgement (and Von Karma is terrifying). In this one however, I see no redeem-ability in her character, especially since she messes with evidence twice - kempokid

4 Ini Miney

I don't care about plot twists when it comes to names, the version that you interact with is incredibly annoying. I don't really like the dumb/ airhead character in general, as I find their stupidity to be near insulting. - kempokid

5 Richard Wellington

He's a pretty annoying character, but not in the funny, endearing way, just in a way that brings down an already bad trial. - kempokid

6 Regina Berry

She was just way too stupid for any meaningful, and the entire thing about killing Bat left a really bad taste in my mouth. - kempokid

7 Wendy Oldbag

While I do love her in the first game, her reappearance here felt forced and ultimately annoying. - kempokid

8 Maggey Byrde

I prefer her in the 3rd game, in this one, I don't really find her that interesting, and is more of a stock, boring person simply there to be a defendant - kempokid

9 Max Galactica

He was just an annoying stuck up jerk who didn't really contribute to anything. - kempokid

10 Turner Grey

Another boring jerk, nothing else to say - kempokid

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11 Acro
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