Worst Characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All

The second game is usually considered to be the weakest of the series and a big part of that comes down to case 3 and 1 which are both known to have fairly weak characters overall.

The Top Ten

1 BenTrilo Quist BenTrilo Quist

A combination of both Ben Woodman and Trilo Quist, as they are both equally as terrible. They offer nothing of value to anything and they are both extremely obnoxious. - kempokid

2 Director Hotti Director Hotti

This guy is just extremely disgusting, his perverted comments are annoying, his character design looks really gross as well. His animations make me itchy as well - kempokid

3 Lotta Hart Lotta Hart

She appears twice in this game, and she is more unlikable than in the first game, at least in that one it was simply a lapse of judgement (and Von Karma is terrifying). In this one however, I see no redeem-ability in her character, especially since she messes with evidence twice - kempokid

4 Ini Miney Ini Miney

I don't care about plot twists when it comes to names, the version that you interact with is incredibly annoying. I don't really like the dumb/ airhead character in general, as I find their stupidity to be near insulting. - kempokid

5 Richard Wellington Richard Wellington

He's a pretty annoying character, but not in the funny, endearing way, just in a way that brings down an already bad trial. - kempokid

6 Regina Berry Regina Berry

She was just way too stupid for any meaningful, and the entire thing about killing Bat left a really bad taste in my mouth. - kempokid

7 Wendy Oldbag Wendy Oldbag

While I do love her in the first game, her reappearance here felt forced and ultimately annoying. - kempokid

8 Maggey Byrde Maggey Byrde

I prefer her in the 3rd game, in this one, I don't really find her that interesting, and is more of a stock, boring person simply there to be a defendant - kempokid

9 Max Galactica Max Galactica

He was just an annoying stuck up jerk who didn't really contribute to anything. - kempokid

10 Turner Grey Turner Grey

Another boring jerk, nothing else to say - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Acro
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