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Foodfight! Foodfight! Product Image

EASILY should be #1.

The horrible voice acting, the TERRIBLE animation, the LAUGHABLE storyline, and the fact that this had a $65 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET?!

Am I dead yet?!

Oh god, this movie could easily be one of the worst. The premise does sound like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? But with product placement which would have made for an interesting film, but what we got was a terrible film. Enough Said.

Terrible animation for a $65 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET FILM! This movie is THE WORST MOVIE EVER! (even worse than The Room)

I refuse to believe 65 million dollars was put into this piece crap, the movie clearly was even finished the animation is lazy and ugly.

Mars Needs Moms Mars Needs Moms Product Image

This film clearly shows that these people have run out of ideas


It's sad that the people that came out with this stupid crap made "The Polar Express"! I am very ashamed of them.

The animation is way more similiar to Polar Express except with aliens. It's like Johnny Test on CGI platform with creepy character (aliens) design and much no sense plot. But the concept is really bad and the title say it all. Mars Needs Moms? Get a life, director!

Norm of the North Norm of the North Product Image

I've seen a better animated movie with snow, Rob Schneider and potty humor. There is only one movie, and the infantile humor shows why I hate Eight Crazy Nights, the movie I was talking about.

Worst movie ever. I will never watch this movie ever again because it made me sick.

The Sanjay and Craig of animals

Why does this atrocity exist?

The Nut Job The Nut Job Product Image

It did worse than escape from planet earth and free birds the two independent cgi movies of 2013 and is getting a sequel? Proof every animated movie gets a sequel, and movies in general.

A blatant rip off of Over the Hedge Hollywood has really run out of ideas for new Computer Animated movies.

This movie makes me want to rip off my face, throw it off a cliff, then jump off the cliff after it. Really bad

The "protagonist" is a self centered jerk.

Cars 2 Cars 2 Product Image

I wasn't really a big fan of Cars so when I heard a second one was in the making I had one question... WHY?! I'm so sick of non-stop sequels can SOMEONE come up with a good original movie already! Not to mention Planes and now Planes 2. Let's just make Boats and any other transportation we can think of a movie!

The first "Cars" film is not that great because it dragged itself midway for too long. That is why kids want more racing scenes and more car action, and Cars 2 worked well with them. Just enjoy the film, please.

I don't get why so many people hated Cars, I loved it. But I agree Cars 2 was rubbish, pointless, heartless and deserves to be number one! Cars 3 better be better!

How on earth did Pixar have to create Cars 2! It sucks! NO MORE CARS!

Frozen Frozen Product Image

I did not really like Frozen. Here are the following reasons why:
The characters are melodramatic.
The snowman is not the main character.
The songs are very annoying.
The scene in the teaser trailer does not exist in the film itself.
It is definitely overrated.
It cannot compare to the creativity of Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph.
Hans does not follow the tradition of other Disney princes and true love.
Elsa's dress is ugly.
The ending is corny.
It gives snow and winter a sad tone. Even Olaf, a snowman, hates winter and anticipates summer.
Elsa creates an eternal winter because Anna is going to marry a prince she just met that day.

I was actually looking forward to Hans and the dudes from Diesel Town defeating those weaklings. Unfortunately, one of the weaklings I am talking about is the queen. Also, another stupid thing is that three of the character's names are based off of Hans Christian Anderson (Hans, Kristoff, Anna).

Here are five reasons it is bad:
1. it's stupid
2. stupid songs
3. it sucks
4. story sucks
5. characters poorly written

Overhated because people didn't like the little girls singing the songs 24/7

The song "let it go" is so annoying! More like " let it burn! Let it burn! Let's throw Elsa in some lava! " (No offensive)

Alpha & Omega Alpha & Omega Product Image

I saw the trailer and thought to myself, "Enough! No more! " I could tell it would be effortless and uninspired.

The 1st one's a guilty pleasure of mine but it should've had Garth and Lily as the main characters.
The sequels are awful.

Get ready to dislike this comment but I don't find any problem with this movie. At least Alpha and Omega wasn't as bad as Foodfight (which was actually made in 2012 while this was made in 2010). I don't like this movie or anything but I think you should stop hating it.

A mediocre love story that's been done a million times!

Doogal Doogal Product Image

I’ve always hated this poor excuse for an American dub. This is like 4Kids, but a movie. Just voting this over Puss in Boots.

This movie sucked! Why is Puss in Boots on here? That film is one of my favorite animated films ever! It came out on opening night on my birthday!

I remember seeing this when I was six and the characters gave me nightmares because of there hard to look at faces

Deserve to be the one, actually cars 2 isn't so bad, it was something funny, but THIS? Oh god what you expect of a movie than the little kids don't liked? (Taking into acount than the little kids like other craps like batman and robin or superbabies)

Emoji Movie

Number one at least cars 2 had great animation

Get it higher immediately.

Should be 1

Let me guess why did they make a movie about Emoji's.
But what would be the worser? How about..
The Meme Movie.

Ratatoing Ratatoing Product Image

A horribly bad quality animation rip off of Ratatouille.

They ruined ratatouille!

Rip off of Ratatoullie.

This movie sucks! Really Video Brqurie. You need to make a better movie and stop ripoff idea from Disney, Disney pixar, Disney princess, Dreamwork and Blue Skys studio!

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Bee Movie Bee Movie Product Image

One of the most boring DreamWorks movies I've ever seen, the story didn't really hake a whole lot of sense, it felt like I was watching an episode of Seinfeld.

It's also really stupid and really mean spirited. This movie just makes me question our embarrassing existence. I can't even watch seinfeld anymore because of this movie.

The Bee Movie is such a great movie, I really enjoy the juxtaposition of such a small, seemingly inconsequential bee, and the accomplishments he alone does. It is very novel.

A Pointless story with awful characters.

Planes Planes Product Image

It's just a robbery! This movie shows how people are runninn out of ideas. First cars, then planes what comes next boats!

I'm ready for the new movie called "Trains" or "Trucks" or, or, "Boats".

The Wild The Wild Product Image

The ugly and copycat version of Madagascar, who would wanna watch overrated movies like this?

Well this at least not a total rip off of Madagascar its really a slight rip off of Madagascar but this is even better than that stupid movie transformers! But at least it's better than all the transformers movies but at least the animation style is better than Madagascar but I think this can't exist it just can't!

This is disney ripping of Madagascar in an unfunny and boring way. The cgi is terrible.

I started watching this movie, but had enough after 10 minutes. That's how boring it was.

A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure Product Image

This is what happens when you ship Cars & A Bug's Life

. It looks like someone took Gumby and Cars and combined them. I never seen it, but it looks pretty stupid.

Like Ratatoing, it rips off pixar again.
Bug's life and Cars with Gumby had a child.

The Little Panda Fighter The Little Panda Fighter Product Image

This should be at 2

The bear doesn't even fight in the movie

Video brquire stop stealing dreamworks idea!

I want Kung Fu Panda to beat up this guy

Rango Rango Product Image

I don't give a crap if this movie has good animation. This movie still sucks and feels like it was only made for the cash. Explains why it was so rushed.

Rango is by far the ugliest movie I have ever seen I could never get into it This movie didn't deserve to win the award for best animated movie of 2011 hell it didn't deserve to be nominated at all.

This movie won an Oscar because of Johnny Deep.

This film didn't deserve to win an Oscar. Everyone who pick this film to win was on drugs!

Saw this movie when it was in theaters and walked out half way through it, I have no intention in finishing this garbage.

Gnomeo & Juliet Gnomeo & Juliet Product Image

Wow if Shakespeare were alive, I'm sure he would be suing these people that made this movie.

No offense, but I found this movie incredibly boring. It might have been because the only time I ever saw it was about 4 years ago. But still. Even now I don't think I'd like it a lot.

This movie should have never seen the light of day.

Oh god I hate this thing...

Puss In Boots Puss In Boots Product Image

What? This movie is awesome! Take it off!

Why is this movie on here!? AND WHY IS IT IN THE TOP TENS!?

It was good!

Agent F.O.X. Agent F.O.X. Product Image

It's a terrible movie, don't let the cover fool you. The animation is awful and zippy, the protagonist's voice sound childish and whiny, the plot is uninspired and boring, and anyonewho gave credit to this movie is completely inexperienced.

At first I thought this movie was going to be cool, but I was wrong...!

Oh look, a bad quality animation of a O.W.C.A agent wannabe

Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar Product Image

This movie is made for little girls. Why do you even put them on hate lists? If you don't like little kids movies, don't watch them.

Ya know, they made two films with a similar plot, The Princess and the Popstar and Rocking Royals. Which just shows how lazy they are.

Yuck. I can't believe I used to watch this.

I saw a comment say "I hate Sesame street cause it is for babies", and now this.
Some obsessive Call of Duty fanboy..

Barbie & the Secret Door Barbie & the Secret Door Product Image

Should be low cause the boys say it's bad cause it is for girls.

Happily N'Ever After Happily N'Ever After Product Image

It was made by the producer (not DreamWorks) of shrek, so I guess he can't come up with a new movie idea?

This movie is a rip-off of Shrek!

Shrek but without the ogre.

Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale Product Image

Stop making Barbie movies, we want more princess movies, not the same girl over and over.

Barbie is running out of ideas.

They only made one, I repeat one Sindy movie Sindy The Fairy Princess in 2003.

Where the Dead Go to Die Where the Dead Go to Die Product Image

Oh my God! Someone actually did it! Some sick, messed up person actually made an animated movie that is WORSE THAN FOODFIGHT! I didn't even think such a movie could even exist? This is like "the Lord Voldemort of Animated Movies," because it would make people shutter when saying or even hearing the title!

Why would Frozen, Zootopia, and Cars 2 even be in this list?!? They had great animation! WHY WOULD THEY BE HIGHER THAN THIS ABOMINATION OF SATAN?!?

I'd even say this movie is worse than Garbage Pail Kids, Caillou, Son of the Mask, Drawn Together, The Drawn Together Movie, The Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, anything made by Video Brinquedo, the Alpha and Omega sequels, The Neverending Story 3, A Troll in Central Park, A Car's Life, Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, anything made by Jason Freeberg and Aaron Seltzer, Teen Titans Go!, and even the God dang animated Titanic movies! How low is that?!?

This movie is so bad you can actually wanna break all horror movie Copies after you watched it

This is below Megamind, I was already having trouble in school and you made me more depressed.

Scoots chair away from computer

Ice Age: Collision Course Ice Age: Collision Course Product Image

Next: Ice Age: The Evil Cavemen


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