Worst Computer Fonts

A list composing of the most irritating awful-looking fonts from (any) computer document program. These are design fails guys - NOT TO BE USED FOR YOUR COMPUTER PROJECT!

-List Made By Pikaroo -

The Top Ten

1 Comic Sans

I'm going to say it, comic sans not a bad font because it's not supposed to be used for the same purpose as most other fonts. It's casual and supposed to be used for more comedic properties, used less for a paper and more for a comic. Sure, people using it for a formal situation is bad, but that's the fault of the person using it in such a way, not the font. - ListerBlister

Comic sans is one of the worst fonts to ever exist. It is only appropriate to use in at a 5th birthday party invite or when you are making a funny parody of something and NOTHING ELSE! I don't get why people would use this anywhere else like a serious sad story or a business or something.

I like it in a birthday party, but only if the birthday boy/girl is turning 4/5/6/7. It is TERRIBLE if used at serious business or something. It is too comedic. - Furcorn-57

The stupidest font to ever exist. It's not good for anything. And for a font for 5 year old's birthday party, you can use century gothic instead. - TwilightKitsune

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2 Times New Roman

Why do we have to use this lousy font for EVERY PROJECT?!?! - OhioStateBuckeyes

This font is just extremely boring. Georgia is better in my opinion. Looks a lot more classy.

My teacher wanted me to use this... - DatBoiSquirtle

Actually worse than Comic Sans. Yeah, it's formal, but it's BORING. This, CS, and Papyrus are the worst fonts ever created. I prefer Franklin Gothic.

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3 Wingdings

It's useful if you want to put icons without any hassle.

4 Algerian
5 Wide Latin
6 Jokerman
7 Papyrus

Unlike comic sans, this font literally has no purpose, other than getting hipsters to think its "zen" - ListerBlister

2nd worst to comic sans - Not_A_Weeaboo

To be honest,I LOVE THIS FONT.

8 Helvetica

This Boring Font is worse than Comic Sans and Times New Roman. BORING! - computerfan0

Helvetica just takes itself too seriously - ListerBlister

9 Neutraface
10 Lobster Script

The Contenders

11 Impact
12 Curlz
13 Bleeding Cowboys
14 Broadway
15 Trajan
16 Brush Script
17 Arial

The misplaced spaces and the mediocrity of the font though...

The one we're speaking in right now... - Mooshry

18 Castellar
19 Calibri
20 Courier New

That's because it is around that time. This font is a programming classic, one of the earliest of its time, and it's what made all other fonts possible, you could say. - ListerBlister

This is TERRIBLE! It looks like this is 1985... :(

21 Bauhaus '93
22 Crafty Girls

It's so hard to read

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