Worst Disney Movies of All Time


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1 High School Musical

This Movie is Dumb. Like, I Though Musical Movies Stopped 50 Years Ago. I Hate Ashley Tisdale, Because, One, She is a Terrible Singer, and two. She does the annoying voice of Candace on Phineas and ferb. I guess Phineas and ferb is an okay show, but Ashley Tisdale is Dumb.

Ashley Tisdale isn't even bad. She was Maddie from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. - Anonymousxcxc

Annoying songs, Annoying characters, EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING!

My sister watches this one a lot! I hate it! Gabriella and Troy are very annoying and the songs are so annoying they make my ears want to bleed. WORST MOVIE EVER!

I saw bits and pieces of this movie and it reinforces stereotypes in regards to high school. I stopped watching it after a few minutes. I was very disappointed.

2 Mars Needs Moms

Biggest flop in cinema history

Honestly, I don't think that movie was all that bad. Unfortunately, nobody remembers it.

The cgi is horrifying

None of it was salvageable and I loathed that whiny little brat Milo.

3 Teen Beach Movie

Just no. The only reason this movie is popular is because of the 12 year old girls who have a crush on Ross Lynch. People in the 60's werent stupid, yet all the characters acted stupid, especially Leyla and Tanner. Dialogue was crappy, the random advanced technology with the weather machine screwed up the whole era. There's no way any of them can sing that good. Not all of them anyway. Either someone else sang for them or they were vary auto tuned. - dragonfly99

I know, it ripped off ton of musicals like Grease, Hairspray, and West Side Story. - Connor360

What happened to the old Disney Channel movies?! Smart House, the Thirteenth Year, or even Luck of the Irish. I watched this movie because of my sister. I really don't understand why it's so popular. Do 8 year olds need to have boyfriends/girlfriends? It's putting an impression that they should have one because they're favorite movie character has one. The movie wasn't all that great anyways. The acting on Disney Channel sucks now...

This movie sucks. It's made for 5 year old girls and The main characters are a couple already and they don't even kiss. Not even at the end! I hated chi chi the biker. she sounded so annoying THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE! - MinunLink7

Imagine West Side Story, Hairspray, Back to the Future, Beach Party, Rocky Horror Picture Show, High School Musical, Enchanted, Grease, The Wizard of Oz, and Beach Blanket Bingo all rolled into one. That is Teen Beach Movie. The characters have little to no personality, The musical numbers are mediocre at best, and the story is not original at all. It ripped off some of my favorite movies of all time! They shouldn't be allowed to call it an "original" movie since it's anything but original. The only thing I like about it is the character Mack. She is the only character I can actually tolerate in this poor excuse for a movie and I think her character pretty much saved the movie.

4 Home on the Range

I actually enjoyed watching home on the range! The songs are great, the humor is funny, and they animation is beautifully done with classic animation and CGI. Chicken little deserves to be here. Not home on the range. Chicken little sucks. Home on the range is a good movie

OH MY GOD! HOW CAN LION KING BE IN THE TOP 12 WORST YET THIS IS ONLY 30! This should replace The Chronicles of Narnia in the Top 10! Chronicles of Narnia doesn't deserve to be on here and neither do The Princess and the Frog or Bolt and ESPECIALLY NOT LION KING! Please people MAKE THIS IN THE TOP 10 WORST! My mom doesn't even give this a 0 out of 10, but a -200! AlfredJones is right, THIS IS DISNEY'S WORST ANIMATED FEATURE! And I actually liked Chicken Little. But this mooovie is moooronic!

I think the city where this was created will be destroyed by you...where was it created? - GodFlowey

This movie wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, but that don't mean I liked it. To me, it was just annoying and the story was nothing special.

Why do people even hate this movie?!? Is it because of the Villain Song? Is it because of the Villain?... Well shame on you! I enjoyed this movie!

5 Hannah Montana: The Movie

It's bad enough she releases recordings of her screeching, but now she's made a MOVIE?!?! Eyes, it's your turn to bleed

I remember when Disney was actual raw magic, now it's just stupid, manufactured cheesy teenibopper crap, I mean seriously

I liked this movie when I was younger but when I re-watched it when I was older, I didn't like it as much and found that most of the main characters were really off-character compared to the show. Fun fact: the guy that played the paparazzi in the movie is on a soap opera in the UK now called Coronation Street! - tinytootsierolls

I don't get the plot of this show AT ALL. So, she's a teenager who is really a pop sensation, and the only person who knows it is her best friend? And the only difference in the way they (Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus) look is an ugly blonde wig? How can a wig cloud your eyes into thinking that you are seeing two separate people, but actually they are EXACTLY the same (apart from the wig)? Oh yeah, and when I listen to Miley I want to tear out my pancreas.

6 Chicken Little

This movie is TERRIBLE! Seriously! Why, you ask? Well, let's make a small list of the reasons.

1. Why Are People So Mean? : Chicken Little was trying to save them, but when it turned out to be a false alarm, they treated him like dog crap. For about a year, right? For about a year until he won a baseball game. A BASEBALL GAME. This idea was just stupid and a terrible message for kids. Probably one of the Top 10 Reasons Some Kids Are So Mean Today.

2. The Dad: Chicken Little's dad was probably the worst character in the movie. He treated ALSO treated his son like dog crap after a false alarm, just like the rest of the town. He didn't stand up for him or anything. A year later, he was STILL so embarrassed and ashamed, they he didn't even let the poor guy do what he really wanted to do. Play baseball. I don't exactly remember how it happened, but somehow Chicken Little ended up playing and won the game. And THAT is where his dad (and the town) actually had a bit of respect ...more

God I hate this movie. Disney turned a beloved fable into a mean spirited and bland "adventure" that just scraps the original plot HALFWAY through. Chicken Little's Dad is terrible as he is mean to his son and dosen't believe him when he needs his Dad's help. That is only the tip of the iceberg as well, they force the girl into the relationship, have a lot of talking head scenes, many annoying pop culture references and all kinds of crap

High School Musical is not a good movie, but there's no harm done or being done with that. This has the worst message in a DISNEY movie, all they do is harass and torment the main character because he mistakenly led everyone to believe "the sky was falling". And the pop culture references are obnoxious. At least "Let it Go" was original and kinda sounds/sounded nice. The only music in this is just pop music that is way too good even for this movie. And GEEZ the father is a prick. I'd much rather watch High School Musical, Cars 2, AND Planes back to back than watch this movie for a whole minute. This movie is without question the WORST Disney movie of all time!

This film wasn't that bad - jameshoward

7 Frozen

People say it's the next Beauty and the Beast and that its as good as Lion King, but honestly, I think it's really overrated. It's not terrible, but it doesn't deserve all the praise it gets. There were also too many songs, most of which I hated.

Disney what have you done? Why can't you make something quality of wreck it ralph? They probably bribed the academy awards people to give frozen best animated feature and they got the rights to air it on abc. This singlehandedly explains why pixar is better than disney animation studios.

Worst film I've ever seen so many problems with this movie I don't even want to point it out I mean seriously this movie just has a bunch of flaws. It's like Disney do doesn't care about story as long as it makes good money. The Frozen Fanbase is the most annoying Fanbase I have ever seen too. The only counter argument they would say that "it's critically acclaimed" "it's the greatest animated feature of all time" they themselves cannot admit as to how ridiculously flaws this film actually was only a few folks besides me realized it.

Alright haters you just need to take a chill pill. Seeing how it's overrated is not the reason to hate on a film. If you don't like the movie, then don't think you are being forced to see and watch it everywhere. Just calm down, stop jumping onto conclusions like when you see someone watching Frozen and they like it doesn't mean you have to ALWAYS assume they are little kids and are brainwashed. I mean you always do this anyway by being so intent that everything in this movie would top as the literally every possible worst list that you don't pay attention to the actual worst movies calling out a specific year, so by talking about how bad it is, it is still getting even more popular and as long as you don't stop, I don't think everyone else would stop talking about it. Have you even thought of that?

8 Planes

Planes is basically a clone of cars! So unoriginal, what's the chronicle's of Narnia doing on this list?

Okay, I liked this movie.

But the fact that Disney was trying to make a cinematic universe set in the world of Cars was really weird. Cars was good enough already! It doesn't need a cinematic universe to me... - sonictiger

Planes is an awkward story that basically copies cars. Nice try Disney to try and copy one of Pixar's most popular movies. - doctorman

I don't like this movie, but there are worse... - funnyuser

9 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

A penguins memories censored this movie

Oh my gosh I'm watching this with my 8th grade class as our prize for a reading contest. I first watched this at a birthday party in first grade and hated it. Two hours wasted of my childhood.

This movie honestly sucked and the originals are a whole lot worse.

Saw this in theaters and literally waited 4 hours for them to graduate already (plus there were probably a thousand boring trailers, I forgot what movie I was watching)

10 High School Musical 2

Honest to god this movie is super cheesy and not worth a cent. Disney waist way too much time in the recording studio making these rubbish movies that nobody give's a rat's ass about.

The problem with this movie is it sucked and Disney mashed these different stars up into this god forsaken movie. Ashley tisdale, Zac efron efron, Vanessa Hudgens.

Disney makes way to many musicals and this has to be one of the worst.

This movie was just Disney trying to make some extra cash, the plot is twice as boring as the first movie. AND SHARPE IS THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER IN THE WORLD.


The Contenders

11 James and the Giant Peach

Don't kill me but this is one of my favorite Disney movies.

I will never watch this movie again. It was so damn scary! - sonictiger

This freaked me out I liked the book and all but the claymation is creepy in the movie.

The book was so much better. Whenever Disney makes a movie based off a cartoon or a book, they absolutely mess up. The characters and movements were ugly, and it was very unrealistic. I know that Disney's all about magic and all, but most of their magic movies made sense. - SheepBuggy

12 G-Force


"Yeah, let's make more than half of the main protagonists annoying comic reliefs! "
"Let's also make one of the comic reliefs secretly evil because 'BOO HOO DEAD FAMILY! '"
"But that would take away one of our comic reliefs! "
"Yeah, you're right. Let's replace him with a fat comic relief that makes fart jokes! "
"Ryan, you're a genius! "
"I know, right, Todd! " - WarpZone64

When I first herd the name G-Force I originally thought G Force as in Battle of the Planets the old anime series instead we get a terrible movie about a bunch of hamsters saving the world. - egnomac

G force is the best movie ever don't talk

It was amazing - ArcticWolf

13 Inspector Gadget

Just watch the Nostalgia Critic's review of Inspector Gadget. I can't make a true and honest comment without quoting him.

Some of the movies on this list are Disney Channel originals and some of the movies on this list are not Disney Channel originals. This 1999 live-action adaptation of the popular cartoon show is one of them. They made two of these crappy movies by the way, but I guess you only wanted to include one, because this movie definitely was horrible! Even with Matthew Broderick as Gadget.

What was Disney thinking when they made this movie? It's so horrible! It tried so hard to be funny, but it failed.

To quote the Nostalgia Critic this film is 3 components Doctor Claw is seen all the time when in the show you never see him, the editing/effects are god awful, and the Mathew Broderick formula "Slapstick Huuh Idiot".

14 Cars 2

This was a good cars movie - trains45

Ahh! It brings back memories of when I was a young child. I use to watch it A LOT! - ArcticWolf

The main difference between this and Cars 1 was that Cars 1 never had a prequel to improve upon. And it didn't suck.

Do NOT make the comic relief character the main one. - Cyri

15 The Cheetah Girls 2

Its too girly and weird and chezy. All the way its just spoiled girls who sing. God I love being a critic

Its really a lame version of a bratz movie in my perspective. They have poor talent and this movie is just too snobby. I feel that disney should be ashamed for making this film.

The characters were hard to relate to and it was very cheesy. All three of these movies were. I think Dorinda (the blonde one) was the only good character because some people could relate to her and her backstory. - tinytootsierolls

Sometimes it's too annoying, but most of the time is kinda cool. Those girls at least know how to sing.

16 Camp Rock

This movie is just a piece of garbage that has way too many outgoing characters and I'm not a fan of these outgoing people and just some stupid music camp with the Jonas bros

In my opinion, this was just another rip off of high school musical. Disney should be ashamed to have released this rubbish trash. The characters are fruity, and the Jonas brothers suck ass.

I know people are going to hate me but I loved this movie when I was 8... - marshmallow123

This movie is a piece of crap movie for jonas fans that can go to hell!

17 The Wild

This movie is way more off before Madagascar existed, but here are several or few problems in this movie:

-It's a story about a cub who have a weak roaring sound against a buffalo. enough said.
-The storyline was the same as Madagascar but with a Finding Nemo and Dumbo twist.
-The sound effects we're very cartoonish and unrealistic to here. It feels like Looney Tunes in 3D (except most movies like Space Jam or Back In Action).
-A squirrel fell in love with a... wait for it... giraffe? Don't say. The giraffe's off-spring has weirdest cross-breeds ever. Why Science!? Why!?
-Humans did covered their faces for no reasons. That's a huge insult to humanity. Some cartoons like Tom and Jerry (Mammy Two Shoes and human characters in nowadays version) did occasionally have human faces. Humans did'nt even get a face reveal in some ways.
-That Koala needs to shut his mouth already.
Also he's completely arrogant sometimes. He's very annoying character.
-Speaking of ...more

This is a horrible Ripoff of Madagascar! It's the same storyline (I loved the Madagascar movies but I hated this movie) Animals are in Central Park. They get leave at the middle of the night. They are put on a ship to Africa (Or Madagascar since Madagascar is in Africa) They have adventures and then try to return to New York! It was too cheesy! Its like the creators weren't even trying on this movie! All it was about was a lion trying to find its son in Africa but it was trying to get a good roar only! Also a ripoff of Dumbo! 50% ripoff of Madagascar and 50% ripoff of Dumbo!



18 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Just because it doesn't have songs doesn't mean it's boring and not good. I really loved this movie. But, treasure planet is better. Either way, Atlantis is an amazing film.

Are you kidding? This is the only good Disney movie out there.

Yeah right! This movie is totally underrated. Just because it's not full of mushy songs and cutesy princesses does not mean it's a bad movie. Everything about this movie is awesome and it deserves a lot more credit

This is one of my favorites! Kida shows the capability do something other than sing about their feelings and act useless the whole time. Yes, Kida's outfit was too revealing, but she kinda SAVED HER ENTIRE CULTURE and did it without anyone's help (except Milo of course). The main character, Milo, is NOT the stereotypical hunky meathead people seem to be so fond of. He is a nerdy wimp who helps his love save her people and the whole world. He even has a backstory, unlike most of the Disney male characters. This movie has a breathtaking musical score, fascinating animation style, ITS OWN LANGUAGE (yes, atlantean was invented just for this movie), and don't even get me started on the script and characters. SO UNDERRATED. The only reason Kida isn't an official princess is because it did poorly in the box office. What does that tell you about Disney's main focus? It certainly isn't storytelling, inspiring dreams, or bringing families together anymore.

19 Treasure Planet

This was another one of those movies that you'd have to watch the complete full movie to understand. If you even miss just 1 second of the beginning, then you'll completely have no idea on what's going on later on in the movie.

To be honest, I only watched this movie once, it was super confusing, everything was happening way too fast, I was just confused. It's not a movie to watch popcorn with, it's a movie to leave you scratching your head in confusion.

I don't know anyone that understands this movie, and the Bio for this movie didn't help. I think people only like this movie because of it's animation. I'm a lazy animator, but I can still make a better movie than this! - SheepBuggy

The only thing even keeping this movie in the public eye is people pairing Jim Hawkins with Ariel. Even the song is long forgotten by now.

This is often considered underrated when really it's OVERRATED! It's boring and plotless. Why do people like this trash? Just because it looks good?

I am truly disappointed at how underrated this film is. It has amazing visuals, the most amazing actors I've ever seen. It is really emotional as well, and I love the father-son bond between Jim and Silver. Jim can easily be seen as a "cartoon crush"

20 Blank Check

More like Bland Crap.

Worst Disney movie of 1994.

Richie rich is a better then blank check

I think I seen Blank check and it is the worst

21 Teen Beach 2

I watched this movie in fifth grade. Gosh, it was two hours wasted of my childhood.

I honestly didn't think this was that bad. I'm surprised that I actually didn't hate this movie given the fact that the first movie is one of my least favorite movies of all time, but this movie seemed to have fixed everything wrong with the first one. The story was more original, the songs were better, and Tanner had a lot of character development. In the first one he is seen as a self obsessed moron who doesn't care about anyone but himself, so I was surprised to see him actually caring about people other than himself. Most of the characters still weren't very likable though and the only ones that I really liked were Lela, Mack, and Tanner.

Why. Why did they have to make a sequel to Teen Beach Movie, AKA (one of) The Worst Disney Movies Of All Time? - RiverClanRocks

There's a sequel?! - money_face

22 Twitches

Original movie? It's the Prince and the Pauper... - Daviddv0601

The twitches is good, its not thst bad! - Vipbunny

When I watched this I was 4. It gave me nightmares for a month. - marshmallow123

Rich girl stereotype and average girl with no personality meet because of everyone having to over complicate everything and shot happens. Nothing good.

23 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

She did cheat on Jon Smith what a hoe

If it focused more on preventing the war her people had with the others,Didn't cheat on John Smith and didn't go out with a random dude that rode her here,I would have made my opinion more decent on it. Even though she kissed John Ralph on the lips, I will ship Pocahontas and John Smith no matter how many or how much people ship her with John Ralph! Come at me Fans! - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

It completely destroys the first film with Pocahontas marries John Rolfe

It basically ruined the masterpiece that is "Pocahontas". They made her narcissist, cold hearted and shallow. What happened to the amazing ending of the first movie that showed us how she had to make a choice between her love and her roots, putting willows's advice in heart, which made us so emotional? The love for her family, country and John Smith, was neglected and ruined by this silly sequel. I wish I haven't seen it. - mood333

24 Frankenweenie

I wasn't the first or the last person to see Frankenweenie. And I'll presume I'm not the first to say it was actually somewhat decent. Yes, it was macabre in some manners and may be unappealing to younger audiences, but the story itself was charming. After all, who hasn't wished they could bring their pet back? Overall, Frankenweenie isn't the best Tim Burton movie, but it also isn't the worst movie on this list. Thank you for hearing me out. - Synchronocity

It was talentless, way too emotional, and gave my poor six year old daughter nightmares.

The girl with the cat is awkward, I mean when her cat poops letters and whoevers initial in the classes it was, it meant that something bad was going to happen to them.Tim Burton is kinda weird too.No kid is going to like a movie that is in black and white, they wont understand why it is...

Why was this made its terrible I mean did Disney have a budget cut I hate mary poppins but it's better than this for one its in black in white the only one good thing is that the dog that dies is so cute

25 The Country Bears

This is a very good movie

Just by looking up the cover you can definitely tell that this movies going to suck

Never heard of it - SheepBuggy

This reminds me of FNAF

26 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

The most entertaining part of this movie is when I went to the toilet about forty minutes in and I found myself not wanting to go back downstairs to catch the rest of it. My toilet is more exciting than this movie is what I am saying.

The only good part of this movie is the faces Belle makes when she pauses while reading the book.

At least this is a midquel, if it's a sequel, it would suck even more

This makes both The Enchanted Christmas and the Emma Watson movie seem like Best Picture Oscar-worthy masterpieces by comparison.

27 Brave

The ultimate black sheep of all Best Animated Feature winners.

This movie is so bad that it makes Happy Feet look like Into the Spider-Verse.

Brave?!?!? Brave was voted the best movies of all time! I saw it on Megashare and it was awesome!

Why is brave so overrated?! In my opinion, it did not deserve an Oscar, It did not even deserve to be nominated. Wreck-it-ralph deserved an Oscar. Whoever thinks this movie is good and deserves an Oscar is drunk.

I didn't like brave so much. I like some of the top ten movies on this list better than brave, mostly because brave has nothing to like about it. There's only a couple of funny moments, and a lot of the moments are supposed to be funny, but aren't. There's also a lot of mindless shouting and crap, and I didn't like all that war crap the king was holding in the room. Also, it's just not classic enough. It is just too far out of the box.

28 Planes: Fire & Rescue

Planes 2 basically undid all the good stuff in planes 1 - sonictiger

I honestly like this film and you all don't have to agree with me, but I think this film is best and is one of my favorite movies of Disney. - Badabooo2

I think this was better than the original planes which was a ripoff of this

The first planes movie was absolute crap. This one was better, but still overrated. The good thing about this movie is that it's something original, and the first movie was unoriginal and is a Cars ripoff. The bad thing about it is that some characters are stupid and annoying like Dipper and Cad, and also probably the side characters as well.

29 Frenemies

I liked this movie, but I didn't like the acting. - Luckys

This is horrible. The acting is bad and there's too many plot lines. There should only be one main plot in a movie, not three different ones that all tie together. -_-

Basically, there is no plot. The actors are terrible at everything including dancing. The movie was boring too.

Eh, its okay, the acting is okay too, but remember I said okay that doesn't mean I didn't think it was good. There are definitely some things they should have changed.

30 Girl vs. Monster

Life is not all about blonde pretty gymnastic girls who think their perfect.

Olivia holt is weird movie is puke - doctorman

This is one of the stupidest, cheapest movies ever and "Olivia" is so annoying!

It hasn't aged that well.

31 Inspector Gadget 2

Why is the first Inspector Gadget higher than it's sequel? The sequel is FAR worse!

This is the worst movie I have ever witnessed

This movie doesn't deserve to be considered a sequl and should just be renamed Inspector Garbage. This is an embarrassing excuse for a movie, and was indeed FAR worse than the first one.

I liked the fist inspector gadget the 2nd one is stupid and had no plot

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32 Flubber

How the hell is this film on here? I know it's very cheesy but it's the good kind of cheesy.

Yeah... this movie was pretty meh. But it's Robin Williams, so I'd better study it if I wanna be a voice actress like him. Super weird movie. Not awful, but far from good. I just watch it for Robin.

Never heard of it - SheepBuggy

Doesn't make sense

33 Fantasia

Fantasia is one of the best animated movies ever made (just saying) - levtomas1998

No, this is one of the best! - NickXH

WHAT?!?! This movie rocks, and its not supposed to have a plot people, its classic Disney shorts. Gosh, have a heart. These shorts are timeless and beautiful, and the music is amazing.

Oh sure, and while your at putting good movies on this list, why don't you throw the Shaw Shank Redemption, (the highest rated movie ever) on here

But The Shaw Shank Redemption isn't Disney, so it CAN'T be on the list. They already have every Disney movie on here anyway. - Disney1994

34 Operation Dumbo Drop

The name sounds like a elephant about to take a poo

The name makes me think that dumbo the elephant is gonna be dropped and splattered everywhere

Lord, it sounded like it was a load of elephant dung, and that's exactly what it was.

Never heard of it...

35 The Lion King 1½

Why all the hate? I find this movie absolutely hilarious. Plus on the DVD the bonus features are awesome.

This movie was horrible. It was filled with dumb pop culture references and fart jokes, and it ruined so many memorable scenes in The Lion King (ex. Pumba farting during the "Circle of Life" sequence)

It kinda confusing. - ArcticWolf

This movie was pretty funny

36 Zapped

This movie should be first. It has the most annoying Disney star yet as the lead, she can't even dance for her life. Trust me I would know, I dance, and have won three different titles at National Competitions. I was also Junior Miss Dance of New England. She can't dance and can't sing and has zero sense of style so... Why is she on Disney in a movie where she supposedly can sing, dance and has good fashion? I really don't know.
Anyways, back to the movie. There was really no real plot to this script. It was just about a girl who moves in with her step dad and siblings and gets an app that for no reason at all, controls boys which is the worst idea Disney has come up with yet!

This is the dumbest movie I've ever seen. A girl gets an app on her smartphone that allows her to control boys? That alone sounds very stupid. This movie is sexist, with the girls having "control" over the boys and with the men in this movie representing dogs.
I've also noticed disney is trying to move towards the "female demographic" by making more and more shows and movies starring girls and less about boys, with each one getting worse and worse. I'm a girl, and I would consider this to be the worst disney movie ever, even worse than high school musical, because at least HSM had a plot and not random junk thrown into it. I'm disappointed, because I wouldn't expect disney to screw up this badly and I hope they never do anything like this again.

This is just flat-out sexist. Disney Channel in general has gotten really sexist towards men nowadays, and this movie is the single-handed proof of it. I mean, an app that controls boys? How stupid and unoriginal can you get? It would be one thing if it had a hint of morality, or if it wasn't sexist, or if it wasn't so horribly unfunny. Going to be honest, this is probably the worst thing Disney's ever made. - Garythesnail

This movie is very offending to boys at parts and doesn't even follow the book "Boys are dogs" at all - doctorman

37 Into the Woods

It's just awful. If it wanted to be a Broadway Musical, then just DO that! Do it in Broadway! Making a play in a form of a film just DOESN'T work! - Daviddv0601

This movie was AMAZING

I could answer your question on why this is in the list. It was that bad.

-The end had a really huge plot hole. The only thing that happend is the characters just agree to live together, with a song.
-The beginning was a waste of time and didn't have a promising start. 30 minutes of their theme song just repeating the same lines.
-I hated the idea of making a crossover from some of the Disney princesses and fairy tale characters. Even the main character was the villain from Tangled. This is unoriginal.
-I cannot believe what Disney has done to the Little Red Riding Hood. She is out of character and is an annoying whinny brat.

There are more reasons om why this movie was bad, but the only good thing about this was Chris Pine's singing voice.

This was amazing and outstanding

38 Mulan II

Worst Disney sequel ever! I loved Mulan 1, this is an insult to it.

Shang literally runs away in fear from forrest animals.

Think about that for a second.

I love mulan but what is this? - doctorman

Augh, every Disney movie has the film of fighting, then the film of love and peace, somebody replaced the original writer with a hippie

39 Atlantis: Milo's Return

I like the original Atlantis movie for several reasons.

1. The story is creative and original. Disney has never done anything like it before or since.

2. The animation was beautiful, whether it was depicting the fairy tale-like city or the terrifying mythological monsters they encountered on the way there.

3. The characters had distinct personalities and good development, especially Milo.

4. It had the right balance of humor and seriousness and was complex enough to keep the older adults interested without confusing the heck out of children.

5. The pacing is excellent and flows well.

I feel the sequel lacks everything that made the first great. My main critiques are:

1. Many of the mini-stories were boring, cliche or felt borrowed from other works.

2. The animation was not bad, but not nearly as spectacular as the first.

3. Most of the characters were flat or stereotypical. Some of the recurring characters had excellent ...more

Yup. Not 1% as good as the original

Somebody please tell me how the original is higher? - 445956

Why is this on Netflix yet the original isn't?...

40 Cars

This was a good movie I used to watch it as a kid - trains45

Y u no bully cars - sonictiger

This movie has a good message and delivers it very well, yes it isn't Snow White or the lion king, but it is not horrible.

This was my childhood how dare you

41 Pocahontas

Some stories to good to be true. When we think of history or wrongs of the past we don't fabricate them. This movie definitely portrays insults to people who lost their language, homes, traditions, families, history, and voice. If this was any other cultural background it would be frowned upon. Yet, still, Native Pride is keeps most silent and entertainment reigns on..

Fantastic movie! Also it is not supposed to be historically accurate... It is an animated Disney film. good grief!

Great and seriously underatted

I'd like all the people who dislike this movie to TRY and write a soundtrack and musical number that is half as good as the ones heard in this movie. Or if music isn't your thing, how about you try to develop characters as strong as this? Not historically accurate except for the racial divide. But who cares? Good story, better music, and unstoppable characters.

42 My Favorite Martian

Why have I never heard of this?!

Only a Martian because he looks black

Never heard of it? - Gamecubesarecool193


43 Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

Anyone who hates this movie is evil... - Daviddv0601

I thought it was okay - money_face

This is the worst movie in the world. The Characters are so annoying.

I thought this movie was interesting because Phineas and Ferb finally discover that Perry's a secret agent, plus can we agree that 2nd dimension Candace is 10x better than regular Candace? Though the ending was extremely dumb.

I can agree on this too. 2nd Dimension Isabella is also way better than regular Isabella. - Anonymousxcxc

44 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

Just because this is a time travel movie, doesn't mean it's bad. At least it doesn't repeat the first movie, it shows that "happily ever after" can happen to the bad characters just to make it obvious that not all good characters get good things. And we know that the prince is not going to marry Anastasia, seeing that she's different compared to Cinderella. You guys don't really have a good reason for hating this and you are so intent by putting this on top that you don't pay attention to the actual worst picks.

Take it off here! Your reasons of putting it here because of the "time travel" is not enough to justify your reasons. Or you are just being bias.

It was one of the best Disney sequels so screw whoever put it on

I hate This movie! Everything was AWFUL! Don't take it off on the list! It's a HORRIBLE Cinderella movie! This movie deserves on This List! Make it number 1!

45 The Nightmare Before Christmas

How is this on the list? It's a masterpiece! - levtomas1998

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great film. (It is also the best stop-motion film ever made). It's a Tim Burton movie. This film has one of the most original stories of the entire Disney universe. I mean it, this movie must be 100 or higher (I mean 101, 102, you know? )

This is an awesome movie with really great music story and everything! It's by Tim Burton but that's not why people like it. People like it because it's a really good movie. Even if you don't like it you HAVE to admit it's better then "Chicken Little" or "Hannah Montana." smh

This gave me nightmares but this was a masterpiece

46 Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

I had to watch that multiple times at my daycare, absolutely sucked. - Luckys

Is not a movie

Who asked for this? - Garythesnail

Why isn't this movie higher this movie insulted star wars - VideoGamefan5

47 Alice Through the Looking Glass

This movie is bland as ever. It has the same old characters, the plot is not understandable at all, and it's just a bad movie. Waste of money and time.

The only thing I actually liked about it was the song Just Like Fire. That's all I'll say... - Cindity

I haven't even heard this film. I've only heard of that unbearable 2016 one.

This was boring

48 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

I agree here... The only two great Cinderella movies are the classic original and Cinderella 3

Did anything actually happen in this? I mean the whole film was such a non event that you have to ask yourself how does it even exist.

I hate Cinderella's Third movie

(UPDATE: Nope, nope, nope, this movie's dumb, I rewatched it in July and wow it's horrible. The third movie actually sounds slightly better.) Eh it wasn't that bad and Cinderella's an okay movie, but the third Cinderella movie just sounds stupid. - Anonymousxcxc

49 Tinker Bell

The tinker bell we all fell in love with was the jealous and short tempered one from Peter Pan. Then the tinker bell movies came. In them, tinker bell is a nicey-nice fairy blah blah blah. A lot of her fairy friends are really annoying too. The only good ones are fawn, vidia, and possibly Zarina from the upcoming movie "the pirate fairy". The plots are stupid and ruin the character of tinker bell that us true Disney fans know and love.

I'm a girl and I hated this movie. At my school, the teachers forced me to watch this movie just because I'm a girl. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I like girly crap. This movie would've been fine if my teachers didn't force me to watch it. But they did, and whenever someone mentions this movie I'll just remember my stereotypical sexist teachers that forced me to watch this crap. - SheepBuggy

This movie is for babies

Tinker bell is a selfish, Bratty, Obnoxious, " Little miss get it all girl"
She trys to get everything she wants and gets mad at people for no reason

50 Ralph Breaks the Internet

One thing about an earlier comment I otherwise agree with: Vanellope didn't even really find "a better game and family". Slaughter Race is ugly, uninspired, and just about mindless killing and destruction. And you're not even trying to save the world/some living being; just steal "the best car in the game" which once you have it you won't need it. And the "better family" was a bunch of ***-kissers, who really just want to make their already crappy game literally impossible to win at all.

I was so excited for this, until I saw the ending and was devastated. Vanellope was desperate to become at least A PART of her own game for the longest time, then finally becomes the main character - now she's just tired of it and is willing to leave poor Ralph alone because she found a better game and family? Sorry, but no. Makes Ralph look like a baby and Vanellope too selfish. What a shame, Wreck-it Ralph was incredible and this had such good potential. If only they didn't decide to alter their character development; didn't make sense.

Mario8 brought me here.

Shameless memes and self-deprecation

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