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1 Gabara

Gabara is so dumb like look at his orange hair

He looks like a dog with Down Syndrome

His design and noises are lame and lazy and is too weak to fight any other kaiju but the fat Chicken nugget runt named minilla

Technically he's not real, but he's still stupid as hell

2 Giant Condor

Don’t even get me started on his roar

This is such an annoying and weak monster.

The name is all you need to know.


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3 Minya

Ya I hate fat ugly gross turd

I hate this son of a godzilla.

He looks like a Retarded version of SCP-106

He is too gross

4 Ebirah

It's literally just a lobster

5 Zilla

It's a disgrace to godzilla - Dvafan2

Don't even talk about that monstrosity

Seeing this iguana Godzilla makes my stomach sick. I'm glad Godzilla 2014 didn't turn out to be another random lizard like Zilla.

"I knew that tuna-head wasn't up to much! "

6 Kamacuras

Get this thing higher than Zilla. Is super weak! - asantalo

This insect monster is the weakest out of all of them. Replace him with Mothra now!

It's literally just a praying mantis

Please get more creative with the design.

7 Kumonga

Nothing really special or outstanding about this one.

It's literally just a spider

Like I said with Mothra please get more creative.

8 The Giant Octopus

This was only in Kong vs Godzilla because they couldent afford a dinosaur

This thing sucks

A terrible Kaiju that King Kong just killed. He's almost as weak as The Giant Condor.

9 Baragon

He’s not even that special. Anguirus is a better Kaiju than Baragon. - asantalo

He's cute but dangerous

He's on of the cutest monsters ever - JDagger500

10 Megaguirus Megaguirus

A dragon fly Kaiju? She must be weaker than Mothra and Battra.

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11 Varan

Hey varan is the best

Like Baragon, but 10 times less cool

His name means a
Giant squirrel that fly's that's not cool

12 Anguirus Anguirus

Why would someone hate this guy? He's amazing! - asantalo

His design is creative

I love anguirus he's amazing and cute and he's godzilla best friend he's one of my favorite kaiju

Anguris shouldn't be on here... He's my 8th favorite...

13 Hedorah Hedorah

He looks like Cthulhu on marijuana after swimming in a swamp

He looks like s***!

He is complete garbage. But seriously, when I was a little kid, this guy scared the hell out of me. - asantalo

This one is just complete trash.

14 King Kong

Just a giant ape - Mewingmew

King Kong isn’t a Godzilla character so no King Kong doesn’t count

15 Dagahra

My least favorite kaiju in the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy.

16 Mothra Mothra

Mothra doesn't deserve to be hated

Mothra doesn't deserve to be here. If you hate Mothra, then you're not at all a Godzilla fan.

Mothra is a complete joke of a creature. By far the lamest opposition for Godzilla. Oh no, here comes Mothra to flap at me! Oh the horrors! I am shocked Godzilla didn't die from laughter at the sight of this thing.

I don't hate mothra but it gets annoying seeing her be set on fire and die and then have her larvae wrap Godzilla in silk and he gets in the ocean some way it's just to repetitive - Mewingmew

17 MUTO 1 and MUTO 2


Tries to look up to orga and fails

Female Muto is my Least favorite kaiju because it's a rip-off of mah Boy Cloverfield and is such a bully to Godzilla.

This movie was great

18 Moguera Moguera

He has stubby little Ballsack legs and walks like he has broken his back

Oh my god, just looking at this thing makes me want to vomit. - DarthZilla

He has to pause in the middle of battle to RECHARGE!

He gets his butt kicked by spacegodzilla easiest villain ever! - JDagger500

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19 Titanosaurus Titanosaurus

Omygosh like they made his roar A ELEPHANT!

Pretty creative design, but annoying roar

His design is creative, but when he roars he sounds like he's got a cold.

20 King Caesar King Caesar

Eh, he's pretty cool, but you have to sing an annoying song for 10 minutes to summon him

King Caesar s half dog half lion what do you expect.

Is he a dog or a monkey?

21 Destroyah

He too thicc

22 Ichirô Miki

Why tf was he here?

23 Baby Godzilla (Godzilla 1998)

Doesn’t even deserve to be called baby GODZILLA - Granton8ter2

24 Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster

How is a dragon not cool?

No... HE'S the BEST!

Cool enemie but I wish he had arms - JDagger500


25 Battra Battra

An evil mothra! STUPID! - JDagger500

26 Biollante Biollante

He's ugly as F***!

27 Jet Jaguar

One of the coolest heroes! Sure I laughed when I first saw him but he has amazing powers - JDagger500

28 Rodan Rodan

He’s great, but becomes a pushover in KOTM. The movie is so perfect. But Rodan was really weak after his fight against King Ghidorah in Mexico, and Mothra during the final battle in Boston. - asantalo

He's a pterodactyl, but he's unbelievably strong.

In Final Wars he kicked ass, but that's about it

29 Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu) Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu)

What kind of a name is kiryu any way? It's mechs godzilla! - JDagger500

This guy is just too overkill with the backstory and weapons it's just too much - Mewingmew

30 Mechagodzilla 2 Mechagodzilla 2

Doopy face. And terrible design of Mechagodzilla.

31 Godzilla Godzilla

I use to hate but not anymore

You can't put GODZILLA on here he's the main monster godzilla is definitely amazing he's the king of the monsters

WHOA! WHO PUT HIM HERE! He's the main point of the franchise.

Ironic that this is the worst Godzilla monster list but Godzilla himself. He is the main monster in the franchise.

32 Vampire Plant
33 Servum

Just a stupid lazy looking monster from that horrible Anime trilogy that’s a mixed ripoff of Ghidorah and Gyaos. LAZY! - asantalo

34 SpaceGodzilla SpaceGodzilla

Yeah I know he’s unique but his roar is just bad also he can only make crystals and I see him as an overrated kaiju and he’s just a piece of 💩 I’m so sorry the cousin of Godzilla wasn’t that old he had less attacks yep and how did he get a trap to trap Godzilla son anyways?

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