Worst Godzilla Monsters

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1 Gabara

Technically he's not real, but he's still stupid as hell

Christ! Just looking at him or hearing his roar makes me sick to my stomach. He deserves to be number 1.

What is he supposed to be? He looks like a green moldy corn in the cob with claws, legs and a ugly cat face

He looks rediculous he does not really have that much so this monster is the worst

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2 Giant Condor

This is such an annoying and weak monster.

The name is all you need to know.


Weaker than Mothra and every single Kaijus! Should be number 1

3 Minya

Looks like the pillsbury doughboy but made of poop

I mean, the final wars one wasn't so bad. Showa, however... - TheCriticalCritic

He looks terrible. He's the real stinker! It's sad he has to be the son of Godzilla. The Heisei Son of Godzilla looks better than this one. Little Godzilla can kick Minilla's ass. - asantalo


4 Ebirah V 1 Comment
5 Zilla

Seeing this iguana Godzilla makes my stomach sick. I'm glad Godzilla 2014 didn't turn out to be another random lizard like Zilla.

"I knew that tuna-head wasn't up to much! "

Japan bought the rights to zilla and had Godzilla kill him

Haha there is so much worse.

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6 Kamacuras

This insect monster is the weakest out of all of them. Replace him with Mothra now!

It's literally just a praying mantis

Please get more creative with the design.

7 Kumonga

Nothing really special or outstanding about this one.

Like I said with Mothra please get more creative.

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8 Varan

Hey varan is the best

Like Baragon, but 10 times less cool

9 Baragon

He's on of the cutest monsters ever - JDagger500

He's cute but dangerous

10 The Giant Octopus

This thing sucks

A terrible Kaiju that King Kong just killed. He's almost as weak as The Giant Condor.

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11 Megaguirus Megaguirus V 1 Comment
12 Anguirus Anguirus

Why would someone hate this guy? He's amazing! - asantalo

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13 Hedorah Hedorah

This one is just complete trash.

I guess you could say, he's TRASH? Ayy, get it? But seriously he sucks. - TheCriticalCritic

He's litteraly just a giant poop

14 Mothra Mothra

Mothra doesn't deserve to be here. If you hate Mothra, then you're not at all a Godzilla fan.

Mothra is a complete joke of a creature. By far the lamest opposition for Godzilla. Oh no, here comes Mothra to flap at me! Oh the horrors! I am shocked Godzilla didn't die from laughter at the sight of this thing.

I don't hate mothra but it gets annoying seeing her be set on fire and die and then have her larvae wrap Godzilla in silk and he gets in the ocean some way it's just to repetitive - Mewingmew

It's a moth.

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15 King Kong

Just a giant ape - Mewingmew

16 Dagahra

My least favorite kaiju in the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy.

17 Titanosaurus Titanosaurus

Pretty creative design, but annoying roar

His design is creative, but when he roars he sounds like he's got a cold.

18 MUTO 1 and MUTO 2

Little too American, great movie though

Screw you all, Ebirah is the man. You all have no lives. Ebirah will kill you in your sleep.

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19 King Caesar King Caesar

Eh, he's pretty cool, but you have to sing an annoying song for 10 minutes to summon him

King Caesar s half dog half lion what do you expect.

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20 Moguera

He gets his butt kicked by spacegodzilla easiest villain ever! - JDagger500

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