Top 10 Worst James Bond Movies


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1 Die Another Day

Decent bond but the films went down hill quickly, culminating in this disaster

OK. I'm actually upset that I have to do this.
OK then.

Die Another Day has to be one of the WORST action movies ever to be released in cinemas. The story is unbearably far-fetched, combining silly ideas with dark moments and the pure overabundance of characters and subplots to make for messy and inconsistent writing.
The settings in which the characters go to are completely overutilised and the CGI is appalling. The characters either have no brain like Jinx, are dumb pantoesque villains like Gustav Graves and Zaal, or have no purpose like pretty much all of the MI6 regulars.
The only recommendation I would have is that you had better believe what the Internet is saying about this movie. If you want to feel over two hours of pure torture and agony by simply watching this film, you be my guest. But heed my warning - it really is that bad.
And if you don't believe me, or what anyone else has said about this -

Ha. See it for yourself then.

Story: ...more

Aside from having the worst title song and that idiotic invisible car, I don't get the hate for this. Then again, my least favourite Brosnan Bond is everyone else's favourite one. - truckturner

I think everyone should come together and see that even Quantum of Solace is a good movie if you watch this, all of Moore's movies except for The Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die, and For Your Eyes Only, all non-Goldeneye Brosnan movies and Diamonds Are Forever.

2 Quantum of Solace

If you thought Timothy Dalton is scary as a revenge-driven Bond in 1989's License to Kill, Craig is worse in this one. This is the Bad Apple in an otherwise flawless line of cinematic gems that is the Current Craig Era. He's not Bond in this flick. He's essentially a British variation of Jason Bourne! No romance, no humor, no fun. At least License to Kill has a stronger villain and a happier ending (oh, a head exploded in that film. Oops). Quantum of Solace is the absolutely worse of the SERIOUS Bond entry. And arguable the most darkest.

I can't understand why Daniel Craig is so popular with audiences. Ok, so Casino Royale and Skyfall weren't that bad, but this one was just awful! Even the scene with the plane was so fake and it was released in 2008. The older films have an excuse for fake looking backgrounds etc. But this part looked ridiculous. The older movies pulled of these type scenes so much better! The theme song is unbearable to listen to. Its not the worst film in the world, but its certainly the worst Bond. Good luck trying to get engrossed in this one.

I liked this one. It was unique. It was briskly paced and minimalist. It had beautiful vistas and some great scenes. It avoided many of the standard Bond cliches. Plot had some realism, believability and political element to it. - marmalade_skies

I would have put all Daniel Craig if I had the choice. This is NOT James Bond but a reflection of the 2000's. Depressed, dark etc... like the grunge music of the james bond. James bond was funny and cool...

3 Moonraker

This is by far the worst bond movie I ever seen, it had some cool gadgets but it couldn't save the film. Drax was a boring as hell bond villain, chang should of been the main henchmen in this film I mean he was doing so well to pose a threat to bond until he got killed in the first quarter. The bond girl was unmemorable, and then they turn jaws into a good guy and was laughable. Ill give it some points, laser fight and gadgets that's about it also roger moore was good to.

If people say this is the best Bond Film or if it's good, here's a piece of advice: DON'T BELIEVE THEM! This Bond film takes place in Outer Space, a very bad summary! Acting is very childish (meaning it's bad)! It wasted my time. Don't make it waste yours!

Much love for Moonraker and Moore - his best performance in the role and the most over the top, fun movie in the series.

This movie was SO unrealistic with the laser fight. And I thought Jaws was a bad bad guy. Bond

4 Octopussy

I really liked it - TheOneMan

Easily my favorite Moore movie. With Live and Let Die, I think Moore had a really good handling on the role, but then there was pressure for him to be more like Connery.

Golden Gun tried to copy the classic elements of the earlier Connery films while playing up the comedic ones too. Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker tried to copy the fantasy epic of You Only Live Twice. For Your Eyes Only tried to copy the sparseness of From Russia With Love.

With Octopussy, FINALLY, Moore had a chance to be himself! - marmalade_skies

I quite like the 3 above this, die another day could have been a great film the first third is damn good, moonraker is ok and quantum of solace is awesome. I would rather watch my face melt then see this again. How can you get worse than a view to a kill? Octopussy

One the one hand it has a serious plot of diamond smuggling and nuclear disarmament. On the other hand... That Tarzan yell? Really? James Bond doing the Tarzan yell? The ape and clown costumes? (Gasp! ) What the hell kind of tone is this movie really wanted to make? At least we have a climax full of scantily-clad girls kicking ass! :D

5 Never Say Never Again

Although I don't agree with a few things on this list (one or two movies I thought were sort of decent), I definitely agree with the top 2 spots.

This movie is a joke

If you remake a bond remake a good one, like from Russia with love

This is an unofficial Bond film, it shouldn't be on here!

6 A View to a Kill

Definitely the worst. It plays like Goldfinger in slow motion...and with a 58 year old man seducing a cardboard cut out. Christopher Walken is surprisingly dull, and Duran Duran's title song is awful. - truckturner

I only think this because Moore was too old for the role (58). All Brosnan films are good especially Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough. Dalton added a much needed hard side and what is From Russia with Love doing on this list?

It was just so dull and tired

The 80's were a bad period for the series in general.

7 Diamonds Are Forever

Bad follow up to ohmss

Filmed on the wrong side of the wrong four years, Connery has aged out of this role and no one has told him yet. And yet, despite the negativity, this film isn't boring, quite the contrary, it is the funniest Bond film in the series! With beautiful camp, laughable moon buggy chases, and even Sean Connery pretending to make out with himself in the corner, and to top it all off, you've got Blofeld in... I wont spoil it. This sad, sorry mess of a film is a joy to watch... Just make sure your well acquainted with the character first. That said, enjoy the ham.

I just finished viewing a 007 marathon over the span of several weeks. This flick was by far the most boring. No real action. No real character development. The action was flat and disjointed. There was absolutely none of the "edge of your seat" tension. There were, disappointingly so, several junctures where I almost dozed off. I remain a Roger Moore as Bond fan; I enjoy his style as well as his quirkiness. I juts can't make the personal connection with Connery. As for the movie itself, it has not one scene which will stand out in my mind a month from now.

This list is so stupid. "Moonraker", "The Man with the Golden Gun", "Licence to Kill", "A View to A Kill", "Never Say Never Again" were brilliant Bond films

'Diamonds Are Forever' is definitely the weakest Bond movie - Irina2932

8 The World Is Not Enough

Why does this get such a bad rap? I really like The World Is Not Enough.

Yeah its awesome

No jokes, no good action scenes, no good

Worst? No. But on the bottom half of the ranking, unfortunately so.

I think it had some really good ideas but the directing just didn't make any of the scenes pop out at all. - marmalade_skies

9 Thunderball

This film was 25% underwater. Enough said.

The story was so fast you couldn't follow.

Who on earth put this here - captainwill

Not that bad

10 Tomorrow Never Dies

I hate this list! This was a great entertaining bond film. Not only that, the top 3 on this list are wrong. I think the worst Bond movie ever is on her majesty's secret service. That one was boring and the ending sucked!

Around 9th would be correct

Good action parts

Two words... Jonathon Pryce. Rupert ' Murdoch dressed as Neo from The Matrix Trilogy. Some Bond villain.

Also, an overkill of gunfire and explosions? Who the f*** directed this? Michael Bay?

And finally the biggest sin this movie has is that it was release the EXACT SAME WEEKEND as a movie about a little boat. (Hint, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio) :(

The Contenders

11 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

I didn't even know who Bond was looking for until halfway through the movie.

Lazenby had the charisma of a couch and one facial expression. Stopped watching this a few times before I took the conscious effort to suffer through this. Oh yeah, Moonraker, Diamonds and Forever and Die Another Day suck too, but you can vote only once. - tommydeath

It got the 6 out of the ten best Bonds but the james bond actor in this movie sucked - spider857

Stopped watching after 10 minutes. Insufferable.

12 The Man with the Golden Gun

This had a bad plot and, strip clubs? What happened to the old bond

I love bond but this is bad

Should be 6th or 7th

Good movie good badguy

13 Licence to Kill

I is cold hearted it's bloody but I like for those reasons around 5 or 6 for me

Wooden acting from start to finish... Really the worst Bond ever

Licecne to kill isn't bad. It timothy dalton's best outing as bond

14 Live and Let Die

Cheapest made bond ever

I hate this. Third worst. Only good actor is Jane Seymour and this makes die another days ending seem normal

Um. Try saying this is the best bond film along with tomorrow never dies.

I know I'm gonna be criticised for this, but personally, it's the worst.

15 Casino Royale (1967)

It's not even an official movie, but it's definitely terrible. Jimmy Bond's motive is hilarious. Make all women beautiful?
Kill all men so he can get the girls?
My ribs have officially cracked and there's milk all over my shirt.

Goofy dumb comedy

16 Casino Royale (1954)
17 For Your Eyes Only

Bond descended into mediocrity and thus is mediocre throughout

Most boring Bond film hands down.

18 You Only Live Twice
19 Dr. No

It was the first and set the pace for certainly the Sean Connery Bond. All very entertaining for the 1960's

Amazing movie plus the original

Could be a lot more action in it.

Not to much action in it.

20 Skyfall

List of flaws in Skyfall.

1. No gunbarrel.
2. There is no way Bond could have survived that fall.
3. Severed birds in the title sequences which somehow
Melt graves.
4. How come M lets Bond get away with failing the tests?
5. There's no Bond girl in this film and the person who's meant to be the Bond girl appears
For a maximum of ten minutes.
6. Silva seems to know the time of some random train in a random date in the future.
7. Silva seems to know M is in a hearing on that very same random day.
8. Silva's been planning this step-by-step for years and everything goes to plan, which is even
More ridiculous than the events which definitely had not been scheduled for years in the
Future, especially a Tube train.
9. Bond drives all the way to the Scottish Highlands without Silva and his men knowing.
10. Bond turns into Kevin McCallister.
11. A rat can't stand.
12. Why would M bequeath a bulldog ornament in her will?

Surely some ...more

Why is this here? It's the best Craig film and one of the best ever, a triumphant return for bond on his 50th anniversary.

Brilliant Bond movie! Great one

Skyfall is absolutely terrible, but it's nothing compared to the abomination that is Die Another Day.

21 Casino Royale

Fantastic film. Smart and edgy writing. Craig as Bond added a huge return to the awesome franchise.

This film is seriously overrated, I was a massive bond fan until this rubbish came out, the second half of the film is so boring, he's supposed to be a spy not a gambler, and Daniel Craig is more wooden than groot

He is a spy not a casino player

Daniel craig is an overrated bond

22 Spectre

What this is awesome! Better than Skyfall. Tis is James Bond's best movie.

Another solid bond movie!

Just tell me that you didn't see the twist coming... - Lord28

Awfully boring

23 Goldfinger

I think it's overrated

24 From Russia With Love

Way too much romance, incredibly boring, no action, and incredibly overrated. - Gunner224

This movie is so amazing

Yeah I didn't really like this one.

Also a great movie so shut up

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