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21 Mad Apple

Because it's an apple and not a real enemy, like something a little child did for a video game... with its fanbase mostly teenagers and adults. - GigaDrill

22 Belly Buster

When Kirby, Dedede, and Escargoon are swallowed by Belly Buster, Meta Knight states that they will slowly be digested. This is not technically correct; the stomach only physically and chemically breaks down food. Most digestion occurs in the intestines.

Clanky Woods was more of a real monster than this guy. - GigaDrill

That name though :P

23 Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia

I hate Sectonia (in the games) because she is portrayed as a spoiled, immature brat who stole another guy for no reason. In The Moretsu Pupupu Hour manga, she can be really bitter or really sweet. I like her in the manga better for that reason because she can be a good character and not so engulfed about stealing a king. - GigaDrill

24 Bandana Dee

He was a cute innocuous little extra that quickly got shoved in all of our faces and was never put down. He's not clever, he's not unique, we're sick of him.

Bandana Dee should be taken out of the series, and replaced with an actual waddle dee character. - GigaDrill

25 Meta Knight Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

I like him, but we need more focus on his Galaxy Soldier Army instead of a couple overused guys. - GigaDrill

Well some people say he's bad luck.

He is amazing. HE IS THE TRUE HERO!

No,no,NO! Take him off,take him off! Oh, Meta Knight, my sweetheart!

26 Tuff

Tiff and Tuff/ Fumu and Bun should be replaced by two human brothers in Kirby: Planet Robobot. - GigaDrill

27 President Haltmann
28 Star Dream

How do you turn "let me see my daughter again" into "destroy all organic life for no reason"? - Garythesnail

29 Cappy

He's a stupid living mushroom do I have to say more?

They could stay a little longer if seen doing different actions/working like the Wado Wado Builders in the first KPR game. They had an unused attack by throwing their hats at the player. - GigaDrill

30 Dark Matter

Because a blob of paint with an eyeball could be okay for one or two games, but Hal just sticks to the old plots. - GigaDrill

31 Mr. Frosty

Frosty is from the early Kirby franchise, which was really poor at the time and stuff. He is an annoying cartoonish thingy who just farts out ice cubes and slides on his stomach. - GigaDrill

32 Acro

The way Acro moves really bothers me for some reason, and hopefully Acro's remake in KPR as an Acrobot will be its final appearance, at least until he can appear in a 3D cutscene as a good character or something. - GigaDrill

33 Fire Lion
34 Clone Dedede

A rehashed version of the WORST Kirby character! - GigaDrill

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