Worst Kirby Games

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1 Kirby: Squeak Squad


Squeak Squad is easily the weakest mainline Kirby game. The devs played it too safe, ns we ended up getting an unoriginal game that had barely fleshed out mechanics. The story is one of the franchise' series worst, and the game also feels rather lazy. Many assets, songs, and sprites are reused from the past two games, so it feels dull. I can understand why this game was played so safe, though. It was the first mainline Kirby game released after Sakurai left the series, so I can understand why it felt so safe.

I don't get all the hate for this one. It's pretty fun to me. - Garythesnail

This list shouldn't exist, no kirby games are bad, how dare yoy disrespect my boy kirby and yo boi king dedede - B1ueNew

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2 Kirby's Block Ball
3 Kirby Tilt N' Tumble

The 3D sequel should be remastered and remade for the PS4. - GigaDrill

4 Kirby's Avalanche

Kirby is so annoying

Kirby is kind of a dick in this game

It's the same thing as PuyoPuyo or Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine. Puyo Puyo is a fun game itself but why on earth would Kirby need his own version of it?

Its the same thing as doctor robotnics mean bean machine which sucked

5 Kirby's Toy Box
6 Kirby Slide

Tee-hee! Funny! Like Dora the Explorer

Look it up. Its on e-reader.

Just a sliding puzzle minigame to promote the Anime! As a free ad, I'll forgive them, though that could be inspiration for a bigger minigame with several Kirby puzzles for a future upcoming Kirby game. - GigaDrill

7 Kirby's Pinball Land

WORST KIRBY GAME EVER! Along with Air Ride. You just keep losing as you play it, and should've never been sold as a main game. It did become a minigame in Mass Attack, which even that was better and had some great graphics compared to this overpriced thingy. - GigaDrill

8 Kirby's Blowout Blast
9 Kirby's Dream Course
10 Hotel Mario

Uh, this goes to whoever put this on the list: This list is about KIRBY games. NOT Mario games. I can see why people hate this game though..

When a game is so bad it's considered one of the worst in an entirely different series

This is Mario not Kirby but it is still bad

This one just sucks.

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11 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Why does this game have 4 levels on each of the only 7 worlds? Anyone can beat this game in a day or 2! The storyline is poor, the bosses are too poor, there's too many Drawcia ripoffs already! (You get what I mean? ) And don't get me started on the ANIMATION. My god..

Okay, true. We know the animation was supposed to look that way... but it's ANNOYING in my opinion.

Why is this on the list? It's A GOOD GAME!

Why is this so low?!?
This is the worst Kirby game ever! The way you move sucks, and basically the whole game is just rolling around. This deserves to be #1 worst kirby game!

12 Kirby Star Allies

My Favorite Video Game But I Know No One Really Liked It (But I Found It Perfect In Every Way - Pugfan3756

>kirby star allies in the list of worst kirby games

The new update made this game harder I like it

I just hate how easy it is to it’s 3DS counterparts.
The CPUs basically carry you through boss fights, and the fact it’s lacking a series of main collectibles other than “Rare Puzzle Pieces” and the fact I finished this game with 108 lives is ridiculous, especially since robobot I only finished the game with 12!

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13 Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Why did you put this on the list? This is one of the best. Obviously you don't know what fun is.

Why is this so high on the list?! It’s the best game in the entire series!

14 Kirby Super Star Stacker

Even for a puzzle game it just felt way too easy. - Garythesnail

At least it had better controls than Air Ride... it should have a sequel, but more geared towards 12+ aged players and be like Halberd battle combined with puyos, released for the PS4. - GigaDrill

One of the only Kirby games that are not great... IKR, Garthesnail!

15 Kirby Super Star Ultra

This game is one of the best kirby games. Who doesn't want to battle the masked king?

The best Kirby game made in the 2000's. And Dedede and Whispy Woods (two of the worst characters in the franchise) only appeared in about one or two main subgames and mini games. Milky Way wishes was the best along with Revenge of Meta Knight, and the 3D cutscenes were fantastic. - GigaDrill

What? This is my favorite Kirby game! This game introduced things such as arenas and new ways to play the game(Milkyway wishes)

16 Kirby Super Star

The sprites were painfully lazy, and the only reason why I played was for the Great Cave Offensive, but then I collected every treasure. So then I just played dreamland 3 and put this one back in the box... - Blueberrycheerios

17 Kirby Air Ride

I don't get why everyone loves this crappy game.. I HATE AIR RIDE. Bad graphics, flimsy controls, a ripoff of classic racing games that are actually fun and good... If Hal makes a sequel to Air Ride it will only send the company and its Kirby series much more downhill. - GigaDrill

Nah, this is one of the best and its extremely fun. Wish they made a sequel

Why isn't this game on the top of the list for Worst Kirby Games? - GigaDrill

18 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

This is a joke isn't it, because this is not a kirby game

19 Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Played it for a bit and still don't get it. The colors are painfully bright, game is too fast paced, too cartoonish and it takes forever to reach the actual plot. - GigaDrill

The plot is meta knight has a doppelganger named "dark meta knight" and he duplicates kirby and you have to stop him. It's rather simple. - Trans-species

Too confusing. In Metroid you get to progress with new powers. Here, if you choose a wrong power, too bad. You lose a power? Too bad.

20 Kirby Triple Deluxe

This game is great why is this low

This game is bland, boring, and the music is terrible.

21 Kirby: Canvas Curse
22 Kirby's Epic Yarn

An easy, boring game. Music is also really cringe-worthy at times.

23 Kirby's Dream Land 3

Game felt too floaty (even for a Kirby game) and was a serious step back from the excellent Super Star. Going back to single use style abilities was a terrible idea.

24 Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe
25 Super Mario 64

Nah jk this ain't a kirby game it's joke

26 The Great Cave Offensive

60/60 best sub game

27 Kirby Battle Royale

This game is trash. The only real stinker for Kirby. - Drawbox

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