Top 10 Worst Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-man & Mega Man Games

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21 Mega Man 7
22 Sonic Unleashed

Who would put this on the list? I love this game it's actually my favourite Sonic game I've played software apart from the werehog levels as you get through the game.

23 Super Mario Galaxy

I love the music but this game SUCKS! Princess peach just stand there like a dumbass not even defending herself, the water levels are so sluggest and rip off Sonic's air bubbles, and holy crap the voice acting is... Barley there. I made a list on how much I hate this game so yep. Also, space junk galaxy music for the win (seriously I love that song) - Chaotixhero

I don"t get it. Why are you hating on good games like Galaxy and liking on cheap games such as hotel Mario?

Chaotixhero would comment about this game.

Man, this game is terrible whereas Princess Peach let herself be the lost princess once again & guess what?! This game has this god stuff seldom seen in its sequel like the penguins in Beach Bowl/Sea Slide Galaxy (alongside its music track)! Also, why were the Koopalings not in this game?! & why was there no 4Kids/4CHAN/DIC/Jetix television series adaption such as "The Adventures of Super Mario Galaxy"?! It is more known why here was no Archie Comics adaption to this game - because Nintendo has unbelievably said no to Archie Comics! What the heck?! AUGGH! And this game has more than 1 pedophile in this game! GODDAMNIT!

24 Pac-Man World

A hateful Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures fan-brat put this here, right?! Or are you a sane person who is referring to the GBA version?! Pac-Manused to have such awesome soundtracks from Pac-Man Arrangement to the Pac-Man World trilogy! >:(

25 Sonic Battle

Sonic Battle needs to be replaced by Mario Battle & Pac-Man Battle & even Kirby Battle, Zelda Battle, etc...

The game kinda rip off Super Smash Bros. If you see closely - Chaotixhero

Well, Chaotixhero? Please tell us why you hate Sonic Battle! I know we hate Sonic Battle.

26 New Super Mario Bros.

If anyone could put this on the list...THEY MUST BE JOKING! , this game is not bad it's just the gameplay the way how it looks and the moves have strange sound effects. Still! Why would someone put this on the bad list?

Because of Princess Peach. Yes, I know. It's all former. Princess Peach being a silly priss is nowhere near the most important apect of the game. Are you calling this like bad because Modern Sonic games are higher than Classic Sonic games, Modern Mario games are higher than Classic Mario games, Mega Man games from other series are higher than Mega Man X/Classic Mega Man and Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures games are higher than classic Pac-Man games?!

27 Mario Party DS

SHut up! We are ready know that super princess peach is a crappy game!

But it's not that bad although it is a very unique game, but the lasting appeal wears away fast.

28 Sonic & the Secret Rings
29 Pac Man World 2

This game is awesome

This game really sucks for a pacman. Do better next time Pac-Man because this is not a great game. It's just a waste of money - Chaotixhero

30 New Super Luigi U

Just looking at the title of the game and you will know something wrong. Another terrible Luigi spinoff - Chaotixhero

31 Mega Man X7

Burn! Burn to the ground

Burn Burn Burn Burn Wowho burn to the ground - Txdinoboy89

32 Pac-Man Fever
33 Namco Museum Remix
34 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Yes the games suck because you're not playing as pacman you're playing this stupid slingshot all you have to do is protect pacman

And the music still looping like Hong Kong 97

Words can't describe how terrible this game is, just go look it up for yourself.

35 Sonic Heroes
36 Mega Man: Battle Network 2

Old 2nd millennium Mega Man projects are less boring than modern 3rd millennium Mega Man projects. Also, what's with Sonic & Mega Man projects? Why is there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet? Why is there Sonic & Mega Man instead of Sonic & Pac-Man?

I would strongly prefer a Super Mario: Battle Network franchise.

37 Mario Party 7
38 Sonic Advance
39 Sonic Colors

This is awesome.


40 Shadow the Hedgehog

Every since I heard about this game I was always wanting to by it with my pocket money but then my friend told me that the game was bad,the voice acting and the controls

I like his game

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