Worst Marvel Superhero Movies

Not everything Marvel has made is good. With recent failures like 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' and 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance', we must realize that the golden idol that is Marvel can, amazingly, fail just like everyone else. Here are the top ten worst superhero movies made from Marvel Comics.

The Top Ten

1 Howard the Duck

Why is spider man 3 on here


Worst movie ever.

I thought it was good

2 Elektra

It's definitely not THE worst, at least it's visually pleasing

How is this the worst on a list with howard the frikken duck and fantastic 4 on it?

3 Fantastic Four (2015)

How is this movie 17? This movie should be number 1. The plot was horrible, too many miscast, and terrible acting. This movie was considered to be worse than Cat woman. Only got 9%.

Was there ever a good fantastic 4 movie

Why did the main antagonist strike at the last 20 minutes of the movie?

Awful - JPK

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4 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost rider chases the devil in a getaway car to save the 8 year old antichrist who wants Nicholas Cage to be his father figure. Does anymore need to be said?

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5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Deserve the one position, very boring and only two scenes of action for... 5 minutes? The other parts of the movie are fueled of peter x gwen moments

Worst superhero movie of all times - Ale9991

I am sorry to hear than you hate Spider-Man.

Put this movie off of this list, Spider-Man 3 is way worse than this.

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6 Punisher: War Zone

What happens is that this was very violent without reason

7 Hulk (2003)

Shrek becomes a superhero! And it made me sulk


8 Man-Thing
9 Blade: Trinity

It was funny and lost the touch of violence

10 X-Men: The Last Stand

Hey, the X -Men are bad only the best is The Wolverine

The Contenders

11 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool got ruined because he looked like I felt sorry for him. If the creators decided to make Deadpool look traditional, Wolverine and Deadpool would have worked together instead of turning against each other.

Ruined deadpool for me.

12 The Punisher (2004)

Here's the main reason it sucks, it's so emotionally clustered, it will literally go from someone getting brutally murdered in a really serious dramatic scene, to a bunch of guys dancing around an apartment with Opera music playing in the background. And when you make John Travolta the main villain do you really expect me to take him seriously? This movie just needs to pick a tone and stick with it

This movie is not that bad, just absurd scenes and best has parts made ​​in Puerto Rico

13 Spider-man 3

WHY IS THIS EVEN ON HERE? It was awesome! Even Venom was awesome. - Fury2

I enjoy this movie but agree that its terrible. Harry was handled okay, sandman and Venom was cool, but not as evolved as they could have been. They should have made it a two parter, in the first sandman is the villain and in the ending of that one harry attack peter. In the second one venom and harry is the villain, let harry sacrify himself was a good idea. No emo dancing!

Nah this movie was misunderstood. This movie was ok but not as good as spiderman 1 and 2. But hey at least it's better than amazing spiderman 1 and 2.

Come on! This movie is awesome!

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14 Daredevil
15 Ghost Rider V 1 Comment
16 Fantastic Four (2005)
17 The Amazing Spider-Man

Nah this movie was pretty good

EFF everyone who says this needs to be off the list

bad - Ale9991


18 Captain America: Civil War

Dull and forgettable music is the norm for Marvel films. Characters are too perfect and unrelatable with no flaws whatsoever. The writing can be absolutely cringeworthy at times and the numerous plot holes are to be expected when the director's sole purpose is just to pack in as much battle scenes as possible. It starts off whenever it wants, and has forced subplots with the government. Is this a superhero movie or a history lecture!

Oh shut up, this movie was epic

19 Iron Man 3

Agreed this film was garbage.

Epic Fail!

20 The Incredible Hulk
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