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1 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 2
2 Twerkerina

Behold! The new Disney star, Twerkerina! She twerks, and she, uh... twerks? Yep, it's the new Disney princess Twerkerina! Coming in theaters soon! - Turkeyasylum

What a innapropriate idea.

There was a princess named Twerkerina
She twerked everyday. The end

3 Total Drama: The Movie
4 Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball Tales

We really don't need to see a movie about Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball. The video was painful enough. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Big Brother: The Movie

Yes needs to be number 1 - BigBrotherSucks

6 A.N.T. Farm Movie
7 Victoria Justice: A Life

That would be a really good movie - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

8 Frozen 2

This film would cause mass genocide

From Disney animation, and the directors of frozen. Comes thawed! This time, a evil fire queen heats up the entire Kingdom! Not only does Elsa's powers don't work, Olaf had melted! How will they they save the kingdom and Olaf? Coming 2016

They've already announced it, so suck it up haters!

Disney will probally make bad movies until nobody sees them - Frouze

9 Kim Kardashian: Behind The Blow
10 Breadwinners: The Movie

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11 Ugly, Stupid, Dumb, Idiotic, Crappy, Horrible, Awful Movie (Starring Justin Bieber)

Oh wait, this already is a thing.

It's called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Nooo! Justin Bieber no! Please!

12 Disaster Movie 2
13 Mewberty The Movie
14 The Kinder Egg Man Movie

Choka Doobie!

15 Sanjay and Craig: The Movie
16 Stuck To A Pole

Bridgette is stuck to a pole again?


17 Shrek 5: A Shrektacular Adventure

Unfortunately Shrek 5 is happening.

18 Paper Clip the Movie
19 The Emoji Movie

Why didn't someone put The Teletubby Movie on the list. Cute as they are it would be a dumb idea, it only works as an episode, they behave silly and watch little kids, a baby sun giggles or cries.
It did return possibly not the same popularity as the 90s.

It got cancelled and everyone was happy but those crackheads making the damn thing was like NO we have to annoy the hell out of these people and make them suffer

What a ridiculous idea who would make this movie?

Why would you make a movie based on a bunch of small drawings of simple yellow faces?.

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20 Big Brother Sucks: A 4 Hour Movie

That would be a great movie.also that was the biggest, bluest, cleanest, brightest, quickest, newest, roundest, nicest, softest, tallest, toughest, lightest, smoothest, kindest, flattest, tightest, most amazing adjective I'd ever seen! - TheKirbyCreeper999

That would be a great movie

Would be a great movie

21 The Last Airbender 2
22 Fifty Shades of Green

No thanks, It will be be far more weird than before I'm sure... At least leave the nature - Ananya

Starring Mike Myers!

23 Boxtrolls 2

Why would anyone think trolls that kidnap a baby and force him to wear a box would be a good idea?

24 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale 2
25 Why Splatoon Is The Worst Thing In The Universe: A 14 Hour Movie
26 Marvin Marvin: The Movie
27 The Booty-Shaking Jennifer Lopez Story
28 UFO Movies
29 The Fidget Spinner Movie

Just wait until you hear the fortnite movie. That will suck so bad that I will question my reason for even existing.

30 Norm of the North 2: Norm of the South

It happened - myusernameisthis

31 The Condom Movie
32 Michael Bay's Boom Chicka Boom Boom


Lol, wait, transformers 4 aren't that movie?

33 The TOWIE Movie
34 MLG Cinema
35 The Dora Movie: Girl Goes Live Action
36 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure 2
37 Fred 4
38 Home on the Range 2
39 Open Season 4
40 Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja: The Movie

And the worst part, is the creators had a couple of ideas to made a movie about this piece of crap

41 Batman Triumph

This was to been the sequel of batman and robin

42 The Legend of a Dead Bean in Boringland
43 The Knife of Poo Trilogy
44 Pointless - The Movie
45 Adventure in Nothingness
46 Excite Excitement Adventure
47 A Documentary on The Documentary Of Doom
48 Staring at a Blank Wall for 25 Hours a Day
49 Madagascar 4
50 Charlie Puth: A Whiny Journey


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