Worst Movies of 2020

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1 Cuties

This "movie" is objectively the worst film of all time ever made, and certain scenes, such as an 11 year old girl EXPOSING HER BREAST actually break multiple US child pornography laws, so it should be illegal to stream, upload, download or watch this film by US laws. And even if the child porn wasn't in there, the story is horrifically written and doesn't make any sense.

Anyone who claims that this movie is "coming of age"/"good" is not only an actual predatory pedophile, a pedophile enabler, or has gone loopy in the head from having taken too much hallucinogenic drugs, but needs to be put on a watch list, forbidden from being within 5000 ft of children and places where they congregate, and lose custody of any children they have.

And Netflix, nay, PEDOFLIX, and the National Society of Film Critics who were mentally challenged enough to claim that Texas indicting the former was "unfair", have proven to be evil, grotesque, sick, ...more

A disgusting, awful movie Netflix should've never released. This movie involves the ACTIVE exploitation of black 12-year-old girls and has them doing all kinds of naughty things like twerking and kissing. These young stars might have a VERY rough life ahead of them because now all of these pedophiles want to exploit them. I AM NOT DEFENDING THE FILM, but I am defending the director in this case, but the director made a bad decision and reached levels they shouldn't have. We can't allow something like this to be aired when child exploitation/sex trafficking is running rampant right now. Do not watch this unless you want to be absolutely disgusted beyond belief.

I hate this movie but for very different reasons than most people commenting here. If you actually watch more than just the trailer, only the girls themselves think of their overt sexuality in a positive light in-universe with everyone else being disgusted. Also, where’s the same energy towards traditional Islam (the home culture of the protagonist) which is notorious for child marriage, which itself is a plot point in the movie and arguably equally as sexual as twerking?

ANYWAY, the major reason I hate this film is that the protagonist, Amy, is one of the most vile people I’ve ever seen. The person we’re supposed to sympathize with acts out at school, starts a fight with a rival dance troop, stabbing a boy with a compass, causing a rift in her own dance group, and tries to drown a girl in a River. That is NOT a lead character I want anyone looking up to as a role model.

Yep, definitely this year's worst movie. It totally deserves the huge amount of that it gets, as it is very VERY wrong with the sexualization of minors, and it says sexualizing children is bad (which is true) EVEN THOUGH this movie is doing the SAME EXACT THING. Just everything about this movie is wrong. This is one of the worst movies in general, not just of this year. Don't watch this.

2 Mulan

Arguably more problematic than Cuties, because at least Cuties didn't gloss over the sexualization of girls, let alone condone it. Meanwhile, THIS featured the thanking of the same authorities who pretty much run a concentration camp where hundreds or even thousands of people are likely murdered everyday. Even worse that this movie was FILMED there and the lead actress supported police brutality in Hong Kong and the film glosses over all that.

Not paying $35 on top of the $8 per month for Disney Plus to rent this lazy ass cashgrab.

If you want to watch it, wait until December 4 so you can see it for no extra charge instead of $35.

If Black Widow goes straight to Disney Plus Premium for the same rental price or more, I will pirate the movie or wait another 3 months for it to become available to regular subscribers.

My gosh. I don't care for any of these Disney live action remakes, but this movie is easily the worst of its kind. This movie was a snooze fest, while the original was anything but boring

Literally thanked a Muslim contraction camp in China in the credits also there is no mushu and mulan is a shallow feminist like most Disney female protagonists these days like Rey and captain marvel. This movie is a waste of 30 and Is proof Disney+ sucks

3 Artemis Fowl

How is Mulan higher than this? People only hate on it because of nostalgia towards the 1998 animated film and forget or ignore the fact that the live-action Mulan is closer to its source material (the ballad/poem of Fa Mulan) than its animated counterpart. Not only does Artemis Fowl betray the original books more than either Mulan movie did to its source material, it has poor production values, directing, and acting that make it unenjoyable regardless if you’ve read the books or not. Audiences hate it more than The Emoji Movie and Cats for a reason.

Nothing at all redeemable about this movie, even if you hadn't read the books. It's so bad that its existence is pretty offensive, more so than Cuties.

Everything about this screams “Worst Movie of All Time” from the terrible direction to the terrible cinematography to the terrible script to the terrible acting. Everyone involved in this travesty should be ashamed.

All of a sudden, Cuties looks really good right now by comparison.

4 Dolittle

chris evans did knives out, johansson got 2 oscar noms and downey did a movie which would make corgis melt in horror

5 365 Days

So this movie celebrates sexual abuse and Stockholm syndrome. And you wonder why 95,000 people signed a petition for Netflix to get rid of it.

It's just a poor man's 50 Shades Of Grey except worse. It was top trending in so many countries because people were too lazy and horny to choose a better movie.

Another movie objectively worse and more offensive than Cuties yet this movie isn’t criticized as often because of hypocritical moral guardians.

Please get this to the top. Everything about it is absolutely terrible.

6 The Grudge The Grudge Product Image

Not even scary to be honest, just disturbing

absolutely dreadful, 2020 may had a tone of bad movies considering most were delayed

7 The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Product Image

the haunting of sharon tate levels of bad from the same director, not a shock

8 Fantasy Island Fantasy Island Product Image

Bad movie. The film is a poor adaptation of the TV show and the acting was grating for most of the main cast, with one of the actors doing okay. Watch Sonic instead of this crap.

why does pena only appear in movies with as much quality as an expired sandwich

9 Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

will ferrell is btec adam sandler I don't care

Lazy cashgrab.

What's next, the TikTok movie?

10 Like a Boss Like a Boss Product Image

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? The Adventures of Açela The Adventures of Açela Product Image
? Bobbleheads: The Movie Bobbleheads: The Movie Product Image

What you get if the Emoji Movie and Uglydolls had a baby. Yet another movie that glorifies the excesses of modern pop culture. And also yet another movie that should be ahead of Cuties. Not a fan of that either but at least it’s well-acted and tries to make a critique about our society, even if it’s execution is left to be desired. This is on par with Music in terms of offensiveness.

This looks like an uglydolls ripoff, and I thought that was the kind of movie you'd want to avoid trying to rip off of in the first place. Also is that an astronaut coraline in the bottom left of the cover

The Emoji Movie of 2020. Just trying to cash in on something that isn't talked about really.

This just seems pointless, and rather idiotic.

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11 Birds of Prey Birds of Prey Product Image

Why does everything have to be woke nowadays? Why can't we just make movies without having agendas being shoved down our throats

This movie was horrible woke trash if you want a good dc movie just watch joker. The plot was horrible and characters are forgettable and this movie was awful. And harley Quinn is very annoying.

yep. it wasn't good

12 The Turning

this movie's ending kinda killed it tbh

so many horror movies come out in january, all these movie delays have shown

13 Trolls World Tour Trolls World Tour Product Image

Insulting movie. Basically insists that rock music is evil

I hate the trolls franchise this is even worse than 1st movie

A very forgettable movie.

14 Scoob! Scoob! Product Image

If it weren't this faithful to the source material, it would suck.

simon cowell appears in this, all the issues with animated movies like those made by blue sky are shown through this

15 The Willoughbys
16 The Call of the Wild The Call of the Wild Product Image

This actually looked pretty cool.

17 The Kissing Booth 2

why do all these netflix rom coms hang out with this stud, and then go for their wet wipe at the end, completely waste of time

also longer than her, 12 angry men and rear window (along with the favourite)

They are making a third one.

I bet they are going to make at least 10 more of them and make an entire merchandise line out of them.

18 Go!

What a creative title for a movie. I'm sure the people who made Go! seriously racked their brains for the title.

Also known as Go Karts everywhere else on Netflix.

A very clichèd movie. This Australian movie would make an excellent drinking game.

Movies like The Emoji Movie had many clichès, and this movie has even more clichès.

19 Underwater
20 Onward Onward Product Image

Seeing as Onward even had advertisements on Spotify (way too frequently played,) you'd think Pixar would be able to make something more interesting, right? Wrong. This was even worse than [insert movie you hate here]. The lesson? If a movie is advertised on Spotify, don't see it.

Bland and generic dosen't feel like a pixar movie

21 Brahms: The Boy II Brahms: The Boy II Product Image

The movie completely throws away whatever the 1st movie had to offer and the thing is that it could have actually became its own franchise if they didn't mess up so badly with this. The voice acting was really good and the movie has its moments, but it won't be a pleasure for fans of the first movie.

22 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Product Image

2 Fortnite references, enough said.

(The first being forshadowed at the opening scene if you pay enough attention during the rewind)

Only because of the two Fortnite references.

I don’t see why anyone likes this garbage. Horrible movie and very stupid

23 Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman 1984 Product Image

Feminist trash and poorly written like birds of prey. Also the film is heavily anti trump

anti trump is good after the crap he did.

24 Chhapaak
25 Capone Capone Product Image

A disappointment, and I really like Tom Hardy.

go away

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