Worst Movies Between DC Comics and Marvel

The Top Ten Worst Movies Between DC Comics and Marvel

1 Fantastic Four

This movie was awful. I can't believe my brother likes it - TwilightKitsune

Worst Superhero movie ever - christangrant

What is the plot?

2 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Willingly watched this film, paid the consequences after..

Garbage movie - christangrant

3 Elektra

Makes Daredevil seem like a masterpiece - christangrant

4 Catwoman

This movie was awful - christangrant

5 Batman & Robin

This movie sucks Ice But at least its laughably bad - christangrant

Worst movie of all time!

Bad acting, bad story, and a complicated looking weapon Mr Freeze had created.

6 Suicide Squad

Extremely Overrated and Terrible Movie - christangrant

It's a little bit better than BVS, but that's not saying much. It's still a very bad movie. - Jackamalio

Overrated pile of crap - DCfnaf

What an awful waste of my entire life! - VideoGamefan5

7 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bad movie but not the worst - christangrant

Worse than Suicide Squad. - DCfnaf

This was the movie that killed the DCEU. Most of the characters are ruined through awful characterization. Batman KILLS PEOPLE, Superman is a jerk with a god complex, Doomsday is completely wasted in this movie (plus he just flat out looks stupid), and Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor is the worst casting decision I've ever seen.

All this is in addition to a terrible script, uninteresting/bland visuals, and a forgettable story with stupid character motivations. Even the fight scenes, which were excellent in man of steel, are painfully boring in this movie. - Jackamalio

8 Steel
9 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Makes the first Amazing Spiderman seem like a masterpiece - christangrant

Just An Abomination Movie, How Anyone Could Like It Is Beyond Me - VideoGamefan5

10 Howard the Duck

The Contenders

11 Captain America (1990)

Dear lord... this movie. Just watching bits of it will make you realize just how awful this film is. This is truly up there as one of the worst films not only concerning superheroes, but overall.

Red skull looks creepy and THANK GOD MCU did The First Avenger better than this crap

12 Thor: The Dark World
13 Thor (2011)
14 Superman III
15 X-Men: The Last Stand
16 Thor: Ragnarok
17 Avengers
18 The Dark Knight Rises
19 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
20 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The movie itself wasn't that bad, but all the decisions to not respect the comics was a bad idea especially for the fans - Olive855

Ruined Deadpools character thankfully the Deadpool movie saved the character - christangrant

21 Daredevil
22 Guardians of the Galaxy

The name is also copied (guardians of the universe-dc)and the worst story, just a man can hold a infinity stone and just for that reason he is called a guardian.
The acctual guardian are the people seen in green lantern, they are actually the boss of whole universe not like these people, even don't have the powwer to fight with a criminal Yondu.

23 The Dark Knight
24 Spider-Man 3

Eh it's not that bad actually.

25 Captain America: Civil War

Somewhat decent.

26 Ghost Rider

A So bad, it's good superhero movie. Probably because Nick Cage is the hero. - cjWriter1997

27 The Avengers: Age of Ultron
28 Avengers Infinity War

Worst I have ever seen, Heroes are dead, Fighting with each other, and because of a mad fool (star lord), the mighty boss won.

I thought iron man and captain America will come together but nothing like that. Even vision didn't fight at all.

The most simplest way to stop Thanos was that-

Dr. Strange with the power of time stone went back in past and gathered all infinity stones and never let Thanos get a single stone also. Or he could also do like that, Thanos was never born only, But he didn't use his power in the whole movie.

I thought every one will come thogether but the can't even, so foolish they are.

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