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381 The Angry Birds Movie

Here is my new rule: Never make movies based on video games. By the way, can Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage just quit partnering with each other same with Adam Sandler and Kevin James? Those four idiots joint together to ruin a film based on classic video games. Even Sandler ruined a Disney movie (Bedtime Stories).

Released on May 11 in my country. This film was ten times worse than Pixels but Pixels was bad.

I hated this movie but what I liked about it is that Sandler is not part of this movie.

The birds look fat lmfao. - TeamRocket747

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382 Doctor Zhivago

So incredibly over-rated! I watched it and waited, and waited and waited for it to get good, and then it was over. (And a horrible ending to boot! ) - heather

383 Men in Black II

I honestly thought they did a pretty good job with this sequel.

384 William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

This movie absolutely ruined the greatest play ever written! Everyone responsible for making such a mockery of the most memorable stories of all time should be punished! - Aceacles

Not a bad movie. They didn't change the dialogue from the Original book so it can be sometimes strange to some viewers ( they only changed the era of the book in nowadays times ). Leonardo DiCaprio and especially Claire Danes are a delight to watch. A masterpiece that doesn't belong here!

This movie should be number 1. The acting was horrible and there was no reason for the nudity scene. There is nothing good about this movie. It sucked

I'm Glad I'm not the only one that hates this movie. - kcianciulli

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385 Joe Dirt

I love this movie. But I won't go haring on you people who don't like it.

This movie is really terrible! It is about a guy who is white trash and lives in a boiler room - idolangelx13

Not to mention septic tank jokes, incest jokes, and buffalo bill jokes (silence of the lambs'd much? )

386 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

I loved the first movie, but the ending was disappointing. Everything else way okay, other than that Pocahontas dumped John Smith for some other guy. Why is this so bad? It happens all the time,in reality, but this twist shattered the first movie's entire plot. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Worst of the worst! Disney should stop ruining its own movies with crappy sequels. - mood333

387 Descendants

Simply peenchy absurd! They gloss over the fact that all the villains and heroes had their children at the same time, why and most mainly the reason anyone would name their sons so badly. The casting of Belle, Jafar, Cruella, her son and Audrey were poorly chosen, I dunno who the hell would have kids with villains and why aren't they in the story at all, who in their right mind would even let the villains have kids, Mulan is so ugly, the hypocrite fairy godmother should be played by an older actress with more talent, the plot was predictable, and the only song that seems to fit in the scenario is RIDICULOUS, that states exactly what the composer thought about the film. Not worth you money, nor the special effects spent on it, not to mention Disney seems to have lost faith in their own stories. The Maleficent I've seen in this movie is nothing like the original one should appear or act like, the Evil Queen's face is like a toad's when I was expecting no less than a beauty queen, same ...more

Why is Descendants on here? It is amazing! At least it's nowhere near the top. I saw Descendants 2 on the list as well, at 169. 2 is better than the first one! Sure, they gloss over what happened to the spouses of the villains who are shown in the movie, but who even cares about that. I can't wait for Descendants 3. YEAH! by the way, whoever put d1 and d2 on here are evil! Sorry. I meant silly.

Don't say the " It's for kids" crap. It's for teens. It's only going to inspire teens to steal stuff, and why are there no cameras in the museum? Why do they attack random people on the isle of the lost? Why does the beast banish the f ing nazis of Disney on a island? Why not kill them? I don't recommend this.

It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the sappy romance stuff and all the singing got to be a bit irritating. - LeiaSkywalker

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388 Room 237

LOL! what a joke. Just a bunch of losers with too much time on their hands over analyzing The Shining. Some of these theories are so far-fetched and unbelievable that I was literally sick to my stomach. Oh, 'Room No. 237'? You can spell "Moon Room" with those letters! The whole movie is obviously about Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landing! " You know what else you can spell with those letters? MORON! - Spark_Of_Life

389 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This is not a bad movie. People say there are plot holes. But they don't look deep, and see that there are no plot holes. And it's far more accurate than the other movies. SPOILER ALERT: All the heroes die. That's more accurate than "Good wins, and the heroes survive! " Look back on some aspects of history. The heroes don't always win. - LordDovahkiin

Overrated. Really boring and mediocre to me. - DCfnaf

My least favorite Star wars movie - Garoto_Oceano

Chirrut imwe and k2so are the only good things about this movie - VideoGamefan5

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390 Assassin's Creed (2016)
391 Good Burger

Welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order

I love it

I thought it was pretty good. I don't really know why most people hate it.

Take this off the list

It shouldn't be 1 on the list

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392 Balls of Fury

The Worst. The absolute worst. Cinema will never be this bad. Watching Paint Dry- The movie was less torture. Couldn't even bare about 29 minutes. Definitely, the absolute worst movie ever made.

After I watched it I was thinking to never play ping-pong again - BigZ

Everything about this movie was just so horribly bad!

Testicles of fury

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393 Jurassic Shark

Haven't seen the movie, but I saw a review on it. The picture on this page isn't the correct picture for the film. I heard this film has terrible special effects, like when a character gets eaten, they turn into a CGI character. - Punkrockandmetal

That name should be on a "Top ten worst puns" list

I don't know the film, but I think this must be a Jurrasic Park knock-off / rip-off

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394 Big Hero 6

Really? Big Hero is one of the best movies of Disney

This movie is trash - IsaacTheMann

10/10 best

Worst ever

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395 The 5th Wave

Worst movie ever. Why would she bring her phone if theirs no power. That part ruin the whole movie for me. I hate it.

Better than Star Wars. Better than Divergent. Better than other awful movies. The best movies among all terrible movies. You get what I mean?

Awful and is even worse than divergent - ikerevievs

This was very very dissapointing. Sure this will be #1 on worst films of 2016 followed by Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Critics hate it ok. Don't bother with it

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396 The Thin Red Line

This is to all the action loving, gore loving war freaks, this movie is about human life, not killing! Best war movie I have seen in a long time!

Could have expected a better action battle scene at the end then it would have been great - Rocky5

397 Watership Down

This is the ULTIMATE example of animation not only being for kids. show this to people so that if they were to become parents, they'll know that not all animation is for kids.


Why is this kick-ass film doing here? Just because it's dark and disturbing doesn't mean it's bad.

I could only imagine some parents thinking that this is a kid's movie and then their kids come out of the theater traumatized by the film.

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398 Caligula

326 position? Are you kidding me? Worst movie ever, this bull should be in the top positions. Is simply a porn with history. That's it! It's very boring. - Palmeiras

Very bad in historic details and facts but I suppose that people did go watch the uncencored movie version only for it's pornographic orgy scene at the end of the movie.

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399 Aladdin

Whoever put this on here either has never seen it or has bad taste in animated films.

Uh... The animation is NOT horrible. This is Disney for Christ's sake! It looks amazing!

Okay, lesson on history
This film was made FOR CHILDREN, so if your commenting and saying you hate it and your older than 11, remember that this movie was not made for your age group

I honestly can't stand this movie! But I don't think it belongs on this list!

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400 Hotel Transylvania

The first one wasn't the worst Sandler movie I've ever seen, but the sequel was making me feel suicidal. - LeiaSkywalker

This sucks. At my daycare me and my friends, Ruby & Jenson, made a book 'bout why this sucks!

Ruby Rooker from the butthurt comment section Hotel Transylvania review by The Blockbuster Buster never deserved to disrespect negative opinions on Hotel Transylvania. If she ever gets furious at people for hating Frozen, I'll beat her up!

Selena Gomez did not care to try in this movie. Why do people bash Big Hero 6 in favour of this?

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