I've never read the books or watched the movies, but just from watching clips and hearing bits from the books and movies, it's horrendous. Maybe the books are better, but I'll never read them to judge. I know people say "don't judge a book by its cover", but I'm not going to pick up a movie/book with the cover of expressionless, stone-faced, bored-looking "protagonists".
I despise Bella. No, despise doesn't have the capacity for the amount of hatred I have for Bella. She's a selfish, whiny, self-centered brat, and even worse to boot, a damsel in distress. She's SEVENTEEN, and she wants to become a vampire and get married to Edward. Everyone's saying she's throwing her life away, and she hasn't even finished high school, but she's so ignorant and delusional she wants to marry Edward. And when Jacob seems supporting in the second movie, (or whatever movie they hook up, I lost count of how many times Edward and Jacob argued over a whiny hypocrite) she throws him away for a guy who ...more

I saw it the first time because my sister had full control over the television and won heads to watch this movie first so I had to sit through it since I had nothing better to do. It was painful.

You know all those decent vampire and werewolf horror movies that were made before? Such as Lost Boys, An American Werewolf in London and so much more? They were terrifying and had romance at the same time!

This is fangirl fanfiction in a nutshell. You take something that is meant to be terrifying and turn it into something you should fall in love with. Even Warm Bodies managed to make a love story with a zombie! However, at least THAT movie had emotion!

So aside from the cringey out-of-character thing with the vampires and werewolfs, what about the characters? They have NO emotion! The main vampire character - Edward - is more about being sexualized and emo that acting is not required at all. He is just good looks. What about Bella? The main protagonist is a robot! She ...more - Daviddv0601

You have no idea how much I hate. Vampires do not sparkle in the suns, they burn. Also, as much as I know about "love at first sight", this went way too far with it. It's technically saying "Hey, I just met you, saved you from a car crash, but acting like nothing ever happened. Also, I hated you before I saved you, so wanna get married now? Also, don't mind if I strip down in your room and act like a drunk rapist as I push you onto the bed and unzip my pants like a thirsty hoe." Thanks, but no thanks. I would at least want to get to know a guy first before I decide to even try to kiss him, yet they just met and already almost "went there". Therefore, this movie is mostly a cheesy romance that doesn't make any sense and is nonfactual.

I run a movie blog on Tumblr, so I have to deal with a lot of bad movies. My tolerance rate for those is extremely high. But I quit before half of this had even shown up on screen.

To say that this movie was underdeveloped would be the equivalent of praising it.

Twilight is like if a drunk (modern standard) M Night Shyamalan movie and a bad Nicolas Cage film got together, made babies, that generation of children committed incest for many generations to come, and then somewhere along the line something mutated. Then they abandoned that child in a vat of amino acid, and it came out with half rotted sparkly flesh, ten meters tall and the bones had terribly twisted calcium growths sticking out at odd angles.

I like the books like, a lot. I was extremely hyped when I heard that a movie based on the book will come out and I'm pretty sure I ran to the nearest theatre to buy a ticket and was skiping when I went to sit down on the theatre seat. Two hours later... I was nearly at tears. Not because the beautiful romance story, but because how butchered up it is, how bad the actors is at characterization and how plain the script are.

The only thing worse than Twilight is The Host. If I was Stephanie Meyer, I would have cried myself to sleep for a month because of how the movies decapitate the true meaning of the story.

(UPDATE FROM 2017: Oh the irony of the last part of that last sentence. Oh the irony indeed.) I only saw one scene of this movie with no knowledge of the books and the other movies except for the fact that it was a romance series and it had love triangles and then I decided that it sucked and just the plot of the entire series makes me want to avoid it. - Anonymousxcxc

This movie is horrible. Kristen Stewart's acting is cringe worthy and horrible. They could've at least bothered to produce a good movie to try and cover up for the stupid books, but no they couldn't even do that! This should be removed from all of T.V..

The fact that this movie is the best in the entire franchise and is still awful, is saying something. Kristen cannot act, Rob looks constantly constipated and its just... Terrible. The only thing I like is the Soundtrack.

Stupid. Vampire and human romance should never be in a movie again. The acting isn't even that good, it is boring and agreeing with everyone else who says this is one of the worst movies. I think of the day of watching it as one of the worst days of my life. The glistening vampire. The spoof movie was better

This movie is pointless. Vampires are supposed to be bad, hot and naughty. This movie refers to vampires as someone who is boring and shines in sun and likes to hook up with weak and useless girls. This movie destryed half of my brain cells. So don't watch it, unless you want to spoil your life. If you want to watch some vampire flicks, see vampire diaries or something. It's better that twilight. Everyone has their own opinion. But man, for this movie, things are different. It should be number 1

For teenage girls not smart enough for the Hunger Games...This catatonic teenager will fall for the world's gayest vampire...A film that teaches young girls that the only thing that matters is finding a man. A hundred year old man. But don't worry, it's not pedophilia because he LOOKS seventeen. -Honest Trailers

Worst movie ever, with worst cast EVER, most boring plot EVER, most annoying characters EVER. And it's so creepy to fall in love with a vampire. I wonder how the hell the 90% of the teenage girls think that's a cute/romantic story.

Someone should just put a stake through Edward's heart. When they're done, they should turn and shoot Jacob with a silver bullet. No more sparkles. No more heartache for Bella, (although I hate her too, the only humans I could wish death upon are terrible people and Justin Bieber) and no more Robert Pattinson's career.

I never understood why this movie was so popular back in the day. It's so cliche and stereotypical it's actually laughable. Its plot is generic (the female character is the weak one, she needs a guy to "save her", she falls for the bad boy etc etc). Plus, there is no chemistry between the two main actors (despite the fact they dated in real life).

OH JUST GO AWAY! Please let the next movie in the series BOMB! - BKAllmighty

The original isn't that bad. Over the top and ridiculous? You bet! But not terrible, or at least not enough to be declared one of the worst films ever made, especially this high on the list. The sequels are admittedly atrocious, but the original is not that bad, and one of the better franchise starters out there. - Mrveteran

The fact how pointless this movie is makes me laugh. This movie is a shame to vampires. I mean, even belieber girls can not imagine sparkling vampires. The cast is horrible, kristen's face, alive or dead, remains the same throughout the whole movie and pattinson looks like he swallowed five lemons at a time. I do hate beiber but this movie deserves to be number 1. Bella is a disgrace to girls. Is there a time when bella is NOT unconscious.

I used to like this movie but then I realized how terrible it really was. Kristen Stewart can't act at all. No emotions can show on her face. It's the same facial expression every movie she makes. Its terrible.

Twilight is 100% stupid, it's about a girl name Bella who is in LOVE with a VAMPIRE name EDWARD! The worst character is Jacob (werewolf) he's annoying, stupid, and so bragging about he is better than Edward! Wrong, I think Edward is better than that stupid Jacob! The movie was bad and I'm never watching this again!

One of the dumbest, stupidest movie I have ever seen. Main plot: A freaky helpless girl falls in love with a stupid white vampire who saves her from dying. Why couldn't the car just hit her and all of this would not have happened

I hate this entire franchise, it's garbage! The books are so slow and boring to read, and I absolutely cannot stand Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Worst movie ever!

I seriously don't know why people like this movie, I mean the series is HORRIBLE, the woman who wrote it needs a thesaurus, how many times do you need to use "beautiful" or "pretty" or even "extragevant" seriously, only people who write good reviews on this movie don't have brains or think sparkling vampires are cool. All in all, Stefanie Meyer doesn't have an imagination.

I made a couple of grammatical mistakes please forgive me. (I'm kind of a grammar Nazi). - Anonymousxcxc

The movie wouldn't be so bad if they got an actress with some form of facial expressions to play the lead role because you know there's this thing called a smile...

All twilight and Justin Bieber stuff is horrible. - Anonymousxcxc

Hey the cast of this movie hates this movie as much as the Twilight haters (which include me and millions of other people) do. Especially Robert Pattinson (the guy who played Edward and who also played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie). Although the Honest Trailers channel has the perfect nickname for Edward and that would be Shovel Face. - Anonymousxcxc