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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


Ok, this is gonna be a long rant, but not towards Bieber. It's towards his haters. Let's start.

You guys hate Justin Bieber because...why? He is a little girl? You all cannot be that dense, use common sense. He is a jerk? That would put him at #1 (where he is) on the list of artists with the worst personalities. Personality and music NEVER go hand in hand. I don't care if he was an axe murderer who killed 1,000 babies, that has NOTHING to do with him as an artist. Also, as for you saying he sings like a girl, have you never heard of Where Are You Now? What Do You Mean? Or Sorry? He's immature? Again, What Do You Mean? and Sorry. Now that I've squashed the reasons for hating him, let's see comments directly from haters.

"He is a jerk! fart! "
Again, nothing to do with his talent. And this comment showed how unintellectual Bieber haters are.

"I may respect him a little after he grows taller than the girls in his music videos, but until then I cannot handle this ...more - WonkeyDude98

In all of my life Justin Bieber has to the most overrated, pretentious, talentless, Ear-bleeding, mind boggling, immature, unthinkable, excuse for a musician I have ever seen. And he is NO Kurt Cobain. Its not just him I'm sick of, but all the other talentless excuses for musicians who most of them sing about drugs, sex and getting into trouble. And yet this is the music mainstream people love to listen to these days? WAKE UP AMERICA! Those of you who are reading this WAKE UP! Stop worshiping these idiots as though they were gods! That includes YOU tmz! There are people out there in other countries dying of hunger and natural disasters! We should be honoring the ones who fight for our country especially in the wars going on right now! For those of you Justin Bieber haters who are reading this right now or any people for that matter, go watch Alex Jones's rant on Justin Bieber and everything wrong with the media today. I highly recommend it to anyone who dislikes Justin Bieber and this ...more

Why is Justin Bieber still alive? Seriously, okay? I wish that I was joking when I say that a couple of years ago, 4chan started a comic campaign saying that Bieber had cancer or something. Said campaign was called cut yourself for Bieber. Search that on Google images, SafeSearch off. These 10-16 year old girls actually cut themselves for him. Now, a review of this scenario. Aside from the fact that this is not an entirely good thing for 4chan to have introduced to the world, who believes this bull? And secondly, who has so much love for a kid who lacks both balls and testosterone that they would willingly slit their own arms to pieces for him? Oh yeah, I know. a bunch of mindless, brainwashed teenagers who listen to this sort of music because its "cool". Well let me tell you something. This sad excuse for music is not "cool". Metal is cool. Jazz is cool. some electronic stuff is cool. Blues is cool. Rock is cool. Anything else?
If you are reading this, Bieber, you are an evil, ...more

When I was in eighth grade (2015) I tried being a Belieber because the stupid media says he's changed and dropped his bad boy ways. But then I watched the music video for what do you mean and I was like "he's terrible. A nasty as hell rapist." That pervert is NO role model. Whoever said that either has to get their head checked or is seriously on drugs. Come on people if you think Justin Bieber is the king of pop and the best male singer, you're wrong. I hope he disappears. I guarantee he's only famous because stupid horny girls like to buy his stuff and look at his FAKE abs. Is there any girl who's gonna say "I don't care about his fake looks he still sucks as a singer"? Who doesn't care about his fake abs and biceps? Nobody wants him, nobody asked for him. He needs to go away. His music is overrated and not even one bit good, the lyrics are degrading to women. They emphasize the fact that he's a perv. In the music industry talent is what matters, not looks. And Justin Bieber doesn't ...more

As a maniac for rock and metal music there is little space for any other genre. However at times I may enjoy a nice pop song such as those of Michael Jackson or ABBA. Justin Bieber though is something I would never listen to and I can't help but frown whenever any of his songs is being played and everyone is singing the lyrics and really seems into it and feeling it! What on earth?! There is no passion is he singing or sleeping?! I won't talk about the beat and musical complexity of his songs now because I will become really mean! I can't tolerate his music and worst of all : the way he thinks he is number one and has talent! Go back to sleep kiddo! Let Ozzy and Lemmy rule and don't make today's music much worse than it actually is!

Seriously? Demographics obviously dictate niches such as the teenie bopper genre, but to get that popular proves that it's not about music anymore. Imagine introducing Bieber into the music scene back in the 50s when there were no videos. It wouldn't happen.

Okay, I am not gonna lie that I listen to a couple of his songs, still I don't consider myself a fan. It is what he DOES. It's like almost every other day he is always doing something. He was late to TWO concerts on his Believe tour by two hours (rumors say that video games was the reason for his first concert), he's been caught smoking (or drinking), and his music video "Baby" is currently the YouTube video with the most dislikes.

There are many other things he'd done, and therefore, I absolutely despise him with a burning passion. Sometimes I wonder if he should even be famous anymore...

That freak has been ruining the face of good music. He sang a song that says the word baby 54 TIMES! All of his fans are little teenage girls or house keepers. The worst part of him is that people are comparing him to Michael Jackson and John Lennon. The only reason he is famous is because of Usher and auto-tune. Also people think he is a really good musian because he is cuter than Michael Jackson and John Lennon. If they judged him on his voice they would hate him. The day he stops singing will become a holiday.

I have no respect for him at all. He left his fans waiting for two hours on a school night, spat on his neighbors face, abandoned his pet monkey at the airport. Does he even know what a bad example he is setting for his fans? And please don't get me started about his music!

To be completely honest justin bieber's music isn't the worst. But what gets me is the cockiness and that he thinks he's a s good as kurt cobain and beat people up we all know a fourth grader could beat his ass. JUST to sum this up he's basically the stinky toilet no one wants to poop in when you go camping

Just in case you don't think he's THAT bad watch his music video for what do you mean (the worst song ever made plain and simple). It's incredibly misogynistic and degrading to women. Who wants to see stupid Bieber stumble into a random girls hotel room have sex with her and then orchestrate an attack on her? It's trashy and inappropriate for kids. Therefore Justin Bieber is the worst artist EVER

To the guy who wrote the comment below me, I absolutely agree with you. Artists used to be something and those few artists left have been neglected over and over. Bieber's songs are hallow and meaningless and he probably doesn't even know what they mean

Well I hate all first 20 artists same after that I didn't checked the list because I was fully satisfied so I hate all these because of non sense lyrics like today's breakup songs or like swag types in hip hop but I voted this kid because I REALLY HATE HIS MUSIC HIS STYLE AND HIS EVERYTHING IN THE SONG AND WHO KEEPS A FAN FOLLOWING BELOW 13 AND GAYS HA HA

I have never understood why so many people like him and think he's so great. His music is downright HORRIBLE and "Baby" isn't even a song; he says the same thing over and over again. He's a sorry excuse for a musician. He SUCKS!

Well, I don't really like his music, considering that it sounds obnoxious in my opinion. But what pisses me off even more is the way he acts outside. He has no concern about the people and goes around doing things that endanger the people. Music isn't as passionate as it used to be... - comradebilly

If you people want real canadian artists, then go listen to three days grace. They actually tall about life and never giving up no matter how hard you try. They are definitely worth listening to. Not Justin Bieber.

he is a bellend, he may be good looking for a wee boy, but he has ruined the music industry and this generations childhood after theres no decent music being produced, they are all in it for money and fame!

seriously dude you are so on! Besides the fact that he sings like a sissy... I mean hello! even my grandma can sing better than him!

His songs are poor pieces of writing.
His voice has no soul and has no emotion.
He can't drum anything more complex than a backbeat.
He doesn't know the names of each of his guitar's strings.
If he was ugly nobody would have ever heard of him.

Well I can say that this prepubescent girl certainly deserved her place on this list, as it is the only thing she deserves. I am happy that more people hate her than like her, thank goodness.

Kids seriously look up to him after all the trouble he's done? Kids should be looking up to real idols, real heroes. heroes like Thomas Jefferson, or Nikola Tesla, or Magellan. as Alex Jones would put it.

His music sucks, and "Baby" is the worst of them all. It's not even asong, really; it's just one very stupid and very annoying line being repeated over and over. Justin Bieber is the sorriest excuse for a musician that ever lived. And he's a major ass. Why anyone even likes him at all is beyond my knowledge.

1/4 of all voters cannot be wrong. Out of well over 200 other choices, Justin Bieber has 25% of the vote. Gentlemen, this is proof enough. This guy deserves some kind of reward for his position atop the mountain of terrible musicians.

Sigh. You don't need talent to be famous in this day and age. You don't need to have meaningful lyrics. You don't need to appeal to a wide demographic of people. Only animals, and rabid teen aged girls.

This was a really tough choice. Everyone in this list suck so bad that I had trouble choosing. Well I just voted Bieber because his personality and music completely suck to the core. Pitiful how he has such a fan base.