Worst Music Comparisons People Make

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1 Drake or Eminem

Not even close. - TheFourthWorld

I mean, Drake at least sings better than Em. Have you HEARD 'Hailie's Song'? - PhenomentalOne

2 Jay-Z or 6ix9ine

This is easy. But remember, even Jay isn't perfect. A perfect guy wouldn't need to make an apologetic song like '4:44'. - PhenomentalOne

Why, the pedophile with no talent of course!

Nah, JK. Jay-Z is obviously better - DCfnaf

3 Lil Pump or Eminem

Eminem is so much better than Lil Pump.Eminem was a legend who had many hits while Lil Pump is just a 1 hit wonder.Also Eminem is a good rapper and has good music which is something Lil Pump doesn't have.-LitSavage

4 Drake or Dr Dre

I really don't know about this one. I haven't heard much of Dre's rapping. - PhenomentalOne

5 River or Gucci Gang

Look, Lil Pump is dumb. He drinks too much lean and it messed with his brain. But River is essentially Eminem being desperate to stay relevant by having Ed on his song. You know I'm right too, why do you think Em dissed Trump at the awards right before his album released? Yeah, Em's a total sellout - spiritofhiphop

I don't know the song River, but it's probably so much better than Gucci Gang. That song sucks. - TheFourthWorld

6 Gods Plan or Lose Yourself

Don't crucify me, but I'd take God's Plan. In terms of structure, Lose Yourself is actually very basic. Basic flow, basic rhymes, basic everything. Despite sounding like he's about to fall asleep on his own track, it's still more audibly engaging. Really, if you ask me, God's Plan takes every win except meaning. - spiritofhiphop

Yes, but every song does that. In fact, the more divided flow made it easier to make the rhymes flow along with the song. It's actually surprisingly similar to another song of his "Till I Collapse," in the structure. In terms of rhyming and flow, "Stan," would probably be his best song. - spiritofhiphop

I'm not such a fan of those songs, but I think Lose Yourself is better. - TheFourthWorld

Lose Yourself >>> God's Plan - DCfnaf

Don’t get mad at me for liking God’s Plan...

7 Old Rap or New Rap

Old Rap but there are some good new rappers like Kendrick Lamar,Lupe Fiasco,Hopsin(I don't know if he counts as New rap),$uicideBoy$ and Lil Peep but yeah Old Rap is better.-DarkBoi-X

Really depends on the rapper.

Good modern rappers: Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, post 2017 XXXTentacion, Logic, the weeknd

Bad modern rappers: *Every rapper who ONLY raps about sex, money, and drugs* - Not_A_Weeaboo

8 21 Savage or Eminem
9 Nickelback or Led Zeppelin

At least Nickelback write their own songs. - spiritofhiphop

10 AJR or Micheal Jackson

I don't know who AJR is. - TheFourthWorld

Michael Jackson is greater than a TØP rip-off with no redeeming qualities - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 Revival or MMLP

Easily MMLP (though I'm not a huge fan of the album). Also, why is this list mostly Eminem-oriented? If we're talking music, we need some diversity over here. - PhenomentalOne

Of course it’s MMLP - DCfnaf

12 The Beatles or Justin Bieber

Someone actually asked this question on this website. Is he/she serious? - TheFourthWorld

13 Drake or Nick Drake

You know what it is - 445956

14 brokeNCYDE or Pink Floyd
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