Worst Rap Songs of 2019

While there are good songs from hip hop artists in 2019, there are also ones that suck. Here are the Worst Rap Songs of 2019

The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat
2 Stinko Foot - Submarine Man

"About to eat some good tasty food, like dog poop (YUMMY YUM)" - xandermartin98

Everything he made sucks! - Userguy44

3 Neckst Big Thing - Daddy Long Neck
4 Original 2 - Unkle Adams
5 Commitin Tax Fraud - Lil Meerkat
6 Meerkat Rap - Lil Meerkat
7 I'm Upset - Ipipeyahhoe
8 Foot in Your Nose - Submarine Man
9 Shave That Stinky Head - Submarine Man
10 7 Rings - Ariana Grande

This counts as rap.

The Newcomers

? Shake It - Lil Xan

The Contenders

11 Old Town Road - Lil Nas X

A terrible rap song with uninspired lyrics and no hook to keep you engaged.

Why is this Billboard #1 again?

This is by far the most pathetic excuse for a "song" I have seen

Not only does one of the people I know best have one version of this song, but multiple and PAID Lil Nas X money. You heard me, this rapper got $5 off one person. This is the Hit or Miss and I Love It of 2019. Worst song ever. Don't play it in the next YouTube Rewind along with Hit or Miss, EVEN MORE FORTNITE REFRENCES THAN LAST TIME and Momo.

When you really think about it, it's nothing mindblowing. - CEFBW

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12 Watch Me Fall - Lil Xan
13 Racks on Racks - Lil Pump
14 Flex Off - The Homie

YOU ARE BAD AND EVIL - Itbethehomie

15 Thotiana - Blueface

How many more remixes of this garbage song are we going to get - ShrekTheGoat

Jesus doesn't exist
grow up cracker
the song was truthfully overplayed and was never good to begin with though

Trashiana has got to be the most disgusting song ever. It’s about a hoe trying to f the gang by busting it open for everybody. And the fact that BlueFace hired disgusting sex rappers like YG along with feuding prostitutes Cardi B and Nicki Minaj to make their alternate versions of the song is just a flat out sign that the world is ending and Jesus will have no choice but to come back and automatically take all us Christians who believe.

Blueface is just vulgar. Cardi & YG made the entire song 1000000000000000000x worse.

16 I Eat My Own Ass - Lil Meerkat

What the f5k

17 Intro - Lil Mosquito Disease
18 Banger - Tom Sawyer
19 Bleed It - Blueface

BLUEFACE IS THE NEW SLIM SHADY! Listen to The Real Slim Shady, then listen to Bleed It or Next Big Thing

20 Squidward Nose - Cupcakke
21 Please Stop Eating My Feet - Submarine Man
22 Babyface Savage - Bhad Bhabie
23 Be Like Me - Lil Pump

This one is nauseating. I was actually disgusted when I first heard it. Not even Lil Wayne's decent verse can save this garbage. - MetalFoREVer1228

24 Heck Colorado - Yung Schmoobin
25 Lanes - Lil Ak & 6ix9ine

This was probably post-jail material he made with lil ak. I’m worried he has a lot of those

26 YT Reloaded - Yung Schmoobin
27 Robbery - Juice WRLD
28 Thicc - Papa Thicc
29 I See Poop - IpipeYahHoe & Kanye West
30 Grow Up - Submarine Man
31 Bust Down Barbiana - Nicki Minaj
32 DeMar DeRozan - Comethazine
33 Glock & Uzi - Lil Flexer
34 Girls Have Fun - Tyga
35 One Call - Gunna
36 Twerk - City Girls
37 Iced Out Soul - Lil Shizz
38 We Lit - Lil Shizz
39 Middle Child - J. Cole
40 Butterfly Doors - Lil Pump
41 Big Boom - Fly Rich Double
42 Biggest Comeback - SkinBone
43 That's Crazy - Wide Neck
44 Barefoot Worlds - Submarine Man
45 Slippin - Yung Fizz
46 Keanu Reeves - Logic
47 Slide on the Blocc - Lil Mosquito Disease
48 Trombone Attack - Lil Mosquito Disease
49 Skrrt Away - Yung Dush
50 Position to Win - Migos
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2. Stinko Foot - Submarine Man
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