Worst Selena Gomez Songs


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1 B.E.A.T.

Title of this song kind of annoying. No more comments.

I just listen to the song...
"Lights in my Hand and beats in my face"...
Absolutely no comment

This song could better. Lyrics is so absurd, I don't understand. "Lights in my hand and beat in my face" Huh? Is this subliminal?! So changed and played on song. I like this song but I said, can better.

This... this is really the bottom of the barell. - ProPanda

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2 Bang Bang Bang


You the weakest singer

Gosh! Awful! No tune no rhythm! No voice just ups and downs! Failed

She’s good losers do not hear anything cause there deaf and if you are reading this and you hate Selena you are a deaf loser too! 💀🤡💩👿😛

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3 Shake It Up

Such a meaningless song

Irritate me whenever I heard this song.

So terribly written its sad

The 2 other crappy songs from Selena Gomez include Same Old Love and Hands to Myself.

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4 Come & Get It

Talentless, boring, autotuned to death, live performance was awful, and I hate how the combination of bollywood, electropop and tribal just clash so horribly.

I just don't think it is written good and its kinda annoying

Let me tell you one thing... What?
What sense does that make? She put Hindu culture! Why?
Please tell me because I don't get
The point. This should definitely be
At number 1. Her voice sounds so
Immature. Autotune is crack.

It's the best song ever

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5 Birthday

This song is so jacked! It's all autotuned and there's this moaning in the background for some reason! Ugh hate this song!

I love Katy Perry and hate Selena Gomez but she didn't copy Katy Perry This song came before the Katy Perry song but Selena sucks and I'd really like to say she copied Katy just don't judge someone when you see the song name. THIS SONG IS SO ANNOYING

Copycat. You copied Katy Perry. I love Katy. I hate Selena.

This is one of the worst songs in general,tell me please 1 reason to like this._.

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6 Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Most of her songs are worst but this one and Kiss n Tell is worsesttt

7 Kiss & Tell

I just hate this song don't have anything more to write about this disgusting song nab

I dislike this one very much. I did and. Will never listen to it

Bang bang bang is at least in mine top 5 best selena gomez songs. but kiss&tell is really boring

Idkrl why I love hate this song

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8 Undercover

Nothing eles she did here insted of making her voice perfect in the song she put a monster voice in this song and listen this line all to myselff her voice in. Selff is such freak voice?

Bad song such a cheap it has a good dj but not her voice listen this line all. To myselfffdfffd this yselffd is uch a cheap

9 Hands to Myself

She sounds like a chicken robot. I hate this song the most. Actually all of Selena's songs suck. She's like one of the worlds worst singer

This is the worst song ever! She can't sing! - sabrinafan

Probably on eof the best in her whole career - akdd_

HOLY GOKU, This song sucks in my opinion and it’s sexual as heap

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10 When the Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down the ghosts come out. I hope one decides to get revenge on her for being a singer and actress by bringing her in hell and never letting her go.

Ugly face with ugly voice

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11 Same Old Love

This needs to be removed from this list its amazing my favorite selena song - iggyjepsen

I love this song

12 Congratulations to Me
13 We Own the Night

Selena is okay for me but I dislike her songs. I don't think she is a singer. Her all the songs are worst. Some time I thought her songs making me to hate her. Very annoying you know!

I don't think people should even MAKE a list like this! Its terrible and mean to selena and all her hard work. I personally love all her songs no matter what the tune or lyrics.

Bad song like all the time

Look at the album cover. She looks like she's trying to be all Cleopatra like but failing at it so bad its funny. She looks like a duck.

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14 Slow Down

I enjoy the video. Cause she can't dance. Jump jump jump that's all. Ha ha ha

But I really liked this song

She can't sing
She can't act
She can't dance

I thought you r very bad in music but I think you r also bad in dance. Stop making such as shits

15 Body Heat
16 Stars Dance

Autotune autotune autotune. Will please shut up ?

Meaningless and a stupid song just like her. Go stupid selena go

You can't even sing. Why you are trying to be?
Your songs are too bad. And your live perfomance are too gross. Just stop singing. Too bad.

And shut up person who said she should die you should die - 1507563

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17 That's More Like It

I love the tune but the lyrics made it the worst song by her. She want attention throughout the song. I like chocolate and daisies and blah blahh... Totally not her style

Rumors that Selena Gomez died, I was like:That's more like it.

I find out its not true!

She can't sing. My bro who's 3 sings better than her

I love this song - sweetmadi11

18 Hit the Lights

I don't know why this is on the worst song list.. Anyways, I like this song

Worst song by far.

Who ever wrote this, is the most intelligent in this world. I support this.

Whoever put this song on this list r all jealous of Selena Gomez

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19 Bang a Drum

What's the point I. His dumb dumb song, GOD!

Bang a drum just doesn't sound right.

You bang a drum, so I can see you hurt your hand.

I like it it's not as bad as everyone is saying and it does make sense to bang a drum I have heard that in many hits so you should really think about it for a second it doesn't sound good but it doesn't sound bad either

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20 Bad Liar

I love her.I really do but this song is so boring and sucks.

Video & song,both sucks.Boring & creepy.Well if I have to compare with fetish than it is little bit better.No I can't say it is good.Bad bad bad song.

21 Love You Like a Love Song

This song is stupid and overplayed. Video is pretty good but selena couldn't sing well. Her voice is annoying.

This song does not deserve to be in this list

This song is literally saying everything good to say about love is already said so she's not even going to try to write creative lyrics... What

Very repetitive and gets on the nerves after a while.

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22 My Dilemma

My dilemma is that she's famous and all over the place.

23 Middle of Nowhere

I respect selena, but I kinda agree with this list, I also agree with the fact that she can't sing.But she's an amazing person.
I think in 'Middle Of nowhere' she was trying too hard, at least I think it sounded like that.All in all this song, alongside Shake It Up and Bang Bang Bang is pretty bad.

Why is this song in the worsts songs?
It is amazing, its really good!
I love that song, all her songs are great anyway!
I love you, Selena Gomez!

I hope she gets lost in the middle of nowhere and dies there.

I think that her songs are great I love them she also has a wonderful family you are my life

24 Whiplash

First "Hit the Lights," and now "Whiplash? " When will she stop ripping off Metallica's titles?

Stupid title. Stupid person. Need I say more?

Doesn't really suit her voice much.
It's not the worst song ever made though, because I love Selena and have since I was a child

She simply needs a high five in the face

25 Good for You
26 As a Blonde

Her voice is so strange at the beginning...

The top 10 are her best songs laugh out loud. I only dislike this from selena

Wish I could kick her lips

Learn to respect your hair, bitch. I forgot, she's too ugly.

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27 A Year Without Rain

A second with Selena is like a year without rain.

Boring girl with boring songs

This song is what inspired me to sing! I love selena so much!

I love this song very much. This is one of my ffavourite.

28 Like a Champion

Selena isn't a champion, and never will be. Demi Lovato is my favorite. She's a true champion, warrior, surviver. Check Demi out, please.

Well it's a good song like this Walk like a champion talk like a champion I love it

Why is this song on this list? What

Good song - 1507563

29 Fetish

This song is super creepy.Her fans are saying this is related to real life.I mean how can be this related to real life? Have you ever heard to eat soap because of depression?

I laughed hard how her fans defending her by showing some pointless logic.This song got no meaning neither is a party song.Should be top.

30 Outlaw

I hate Selena Gomez so much.

31 Trust in Me

Listen this song. You won't be disappointed to know how worst singer she is!

1940 boring selena. Yikes

This is real selena. I mean worst song by her. I know her all songs are worst but this worst out of the world. Trus in me :P

Worst singer she is

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32 Write Your Name
33 Who Says

Her fans are so dump just like her. They always praise this song. I thought it could be her best song but nope. I was wrong. Her all song worst.

She used so much autotune in this song.

It's sad that she's such an awful person, because this song can help with self esteem. But Shake It Off is what taught me I'm beautiful, and to ignore haters.

None of her album,her songs are good but actually bad.when she sing live,worst.good looking gorgeous lady but sadly she seems like no talent at all.

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34 Disappear

Most of the song are bad from her. But this is the worst.

I wish SHE would dissappear.

Great song selena keep on singing awesome songs

I hope SHE dissappears.

35 Round & Round

I hate her voice. It's so annoying and disturbance.

Why her autotune voice is also broken. Lol

Oh shut up. This is the worst song ever

Kevin Rudolf beats Selena Gomez, and yet he composed this annoying autotune crap.

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36 Crush

Horrible song - 1507563

Shut up Selena. Your a phony bitch, and everyone knows it.

37 The Way I Loved You

I hate her so much.

This song is amazing ♡

38 Spotlight

Selena Gomez is trash. She doesn't deserve fame or the spotlight.

Like, selena you should do better

I actually kind of like this song. It's catchy, the bass drums during the chorus make it feel big, and the pitched "Oh's" are quite fun to listen to. However, it's got the laziest message. It resorts to clichés such as "When you feel like nothing, everybody's something," and "No matter what you're outside, get in with your inside." Is this supposed to be empowering? This sounds like a text message you send on a whim to somebody that you don't care about, but you pretend to. I'm not a big fan of Who Says, but at least it sounds passionate, and it least it doesn't have the obnoxious flat tone that she sings with here. -Beth

39 It Ain't Me
40 Naturally

Nice video and one of her worst song.

Naturally is a bad song by a bad singer.

This song is horrible it needs some beat it's so boring! But I love selena!

41 More

I want more Demi Lovato, less Selena Gomez.

42 Summer's Not Hot

What the heck? How is summer not hot?

43 Off the Chain

Selena Gomez is overrated. She sucks. I love this list.

44 Love Will Remember

I... actually like this song. The instrumentation actually has some control over its volume and so does Selena's voice. The lyrics aren't great, but they're passable enough. This is the only good song off Stars Dance. - NiktheWiz

This song is an amazing way to emotionally connect with everyone in the audience. I think that it is a very beautiful song and I love listening to it

This song shouldn't be here it is amazing how can you vote for this song?

I hope the world sees how much of a stupid bitch she is.

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45 Ice

I hope she slips on ice and breaks her legs.

46 Welcome to the Jungle
47 Magic

If I could do magic, Selena Gomez would be hated by the whole world, and Demi Lovato would be the most popular singers ever.

Stop judging you haters are just jealous

What a stupidness gomez this song has only this ohh ohh ohhh its magic?

Hear this song it sucks oh oh oh its magic you know stupid please stay away from. This song because it the badest of all so let s make this selena mistake I was thinking insid making this song and wasting money on its recording and what ever she can give this money to begger because they need it ATUPID SELENA GOMEZ

48 We Don't Talk Anymore

Great. Now she made Charlie Puth look like a nobody. >:(

49 Brand New Day
50 Falling Down

I like this song. When your falling down the world start's spinning around, you, when your falling down now it's not all about you, when your falling down falling down. It's catchy and I love all her songs and movies and her beautiful face. She makes a good couple with Nick Jonas

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