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1 Shrek

This is the best Shrek movie - PeeledBanana

It's fun, but seriously overrated - darthvadern

Lol this is so bad and overrated


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2 Shrek the Third

So bad, ruins the shrek memory, should be removed from the shrek franchise, made me barf

This one is the worst. - Tia-Harribel

Its just god awful, please burn it, I see it in my nightmares, thanks

The best one? - darthvadern

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3 Shrek the Halls

Eh.not bad enough to be #2! I respect your opinion though. - itskenny

4 Far Far Away Idol

Shrek 5 gone wrong - itskenny

Ion was great

5 Shrek 2

Eh, I think it's a masterpiece - darthvadern

This is great! oh wait,its trash! what! - itskenny

6 Donkeys Shrektacular Christmas (Special)

This is fine,not bad enough to be #4.I respect your opinion though. - itskenny

7 Shrek the Musical

Eh... - itskenny

Bad - itskenny

8 The Ghost of Lord Farquad

Shrek 6 gone wrong - itskenny

9 Shrek Forever After

This is the second worst in my opinion, I liked the plot and found myself enjoying the movie, I'd say Shrek the Third is the worst. - PeeledBanana

This movie is actually pretty bad, I'm surprised it's only #10, it should be #1

I don't think any Shrek movie is bad, but I think this one's the weakest - darthvadern

I love this movie! so underrated... - itskenny

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10 Shrek 3D

How come "All Of Them" isn't an option on this list?

Lol... This is basically shrek 1,but 3D version - itskenny

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11 Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

Puss in boots 2 gone wrong. - itskenny

12 Shrek 4-D

Ooh,this is messed up. The same as shrek 1,but 4D instead - itskenny

13 Scared Shrekless

Good.Really Good.I'm glad it's bottom - itskenny

14 Puss in Boots

Not really a Shrek movie but eh, I like it - darthvadern

This ISN'T A SHREK MOVIE! - itskenny


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