The 10 Worst Skateboarding Brands


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81 Urban Sk8er

Extreme pop. Good for a beginner. Their graphics are ok too. I have had one when I was still a little kid and now it is still around. If you just skate for fun, not like getting sponsored or something, then get an Urban sk8er

Snapped it and I'm only causal skater within 6moths of light skateboarding it snapped

82 Ocean Pacific

Pop is just terrible ugh the nose is chipping paint job sucks

Plastic Trucks, Sandpaper, 3 inch deck and plastic whells plus slow bearings = Ocean Pacific

83 BD Skateboards
84 Nash

They are good sturdy boards I love my Nash board

Nash is a good board and wont break easily

In the 80s this was the brand board that got you beat up by the real skaters. If you owned one of these you forfeited all street cred. "Alex just showed up on a loser". The base-plates on the trucks would always crack on hard landings...always. The wheels did not even have bearings, they shipped with bronze bushings. This was the K-mart special skateboard, and in the 80s shopping at K-mart was anything but cool. Seriously, Nash was a toy best left to the little kiddies, like under 8 years old.

It's a really good brand! This should not even be on top 10 worse sk8boards

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85 Heroin

Heroin rocks! I got a video nasty deck and it was sick. laugh out loud I said heroin rocks, well respect to dis and deer man of dark woods!

86 Creature

Creature boards use awesome graphics and strong wood

This one was razor tailed in a week and broke in a month...

Best all around deck lasted me 3 months and a normal deck lasts 2 weeks
Amazing boards

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87 Roller Derby V 1 Comment
88 Alva

Good old School rocking boards

89 Avigo

It's the worst skateboard brand ever

90 Winmax

So not buy this board, it has terrible grip tape, no pop and the wheels and trucks are just plane weird! I hate this board! If my friend didn't give me a better board, I probly never would have learned how to ollie. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!

91 Black Hawk

Blackhawk is a good board they are made professionally and I think this boards are one of the best on the market today.

They can take a physical beating like no other and they are really comfortable boards.

92 Civilian
93 Kewday
94 Heavy Metal
95 Anti-Hero

Me. I like them. They do get razor tail a little quick though but they are actually pretty good if you like skate parks. I had it for two months

I had a friend who had an anti-hero back when he lived in reno, the board was warped but he eventually cracked it near the back bolts and the warp went away

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96 Effigy
97 Supreme

Smaller than the average board and the tail of it is a little different but still amazing. Extreme pop and the board is very light. I had my board for about 4 years, I skate everyday and its chipped slightly. So worth it.

98 FEY8
99 Maloof
100 KFD

Love them perfect for streets of South Africa

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