Worst Smosh Videos


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1 If video games were real

I disagree completely with this list. Sham on you! - Megalink

2 Superpowers
3 Lunch time with Smosh
4 If cartoons were real
5 Sexual Sun
6 If super heroes were real
7 Every Birthday Ever

These every blank ever videos need to die cause they suck

8 Mountain trip
9 New Ke$ha song

Does Ke$ha even have fans anymore? I mean really, who talks about Ke$ha now these days?

Does Ke$ha even have fans anymore? I mean really, who talks about Ke$ha these days?

10 The Mother's Day Rule

The Contenders

11 6 People 1 Donut
12 Driving me crazy
13 Sex Turban
14 Naked guy in the sky
15 The New Ant Man
16 If Barney was real
17 The Truth Behind Emojis

This is actually one of my favorites...

18 Hand Bomb
19 Every Vine Ever
20 Molester Moon
21 Real Mario Lava Floor
22 Anthony Gets Engaged

There is nothing redeemable about this video. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! NOTHING!

23 My Bathroom Disaster
24 Flappy Bird Ruined My Life

This video was just gross.

25 Hitchhiking Disaster

This video was CREEPY!

26 Magic Wipe
27 Driver's Ed Rap
28 Taylor Swift Dumped Me!
29 If Board Games Were Real
30 Anthony Is Dating a Fan
31 I have Kirby Powers
32 Goodbye Anthony
33 High School in 2008 vs. High School in 2018

Jesus Christ...this video is ridiculously lazy and inaccurate.

34 Horny Cellmate

Did the idiots not realize that Lorde was literally 17 at the time this video was being made?

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Top Remixes

1. Sexual Sun
2. Every Birthday Ever
3. The Mother's Day Rule
1. If video games were real
2. Superpowers
3. If cartoons were real


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