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1 Ganryu

He is a cheap character and is very hard to beat in Tekken 2 and Tekken 5 because of his foolish moves. But I beat this guy many times since Tekken 6 in Ghost Battle. I always pick him as an opponent whenever he is on the choices.

Terrible story, terrible fighting, contributes to no major plot. AXE HIM.

Why is he on here? He's one of my mains though... But I see what you mean by "terrible story" but he is strong!

Tekken 7? Ganryu is only good in Tekken 2 and 5. - maradona108

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2 Lars Alexandersson Lars Alexandersson Lars Alexandersson is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, introduced in the 2008 game Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, an updated version of the original Tekken 6 Japanese arcade game.

Why is this here he is the best!

With the already huge Mishima/Kazama family, all the karate fighters in this game he is totally redundant and superfluous. The character design, his background, his story is too flimsy, too inconsistent to be credible. - Toshin

Hate him. He came in to Tekken and ruined it

He's a pedophile

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3 Tiger Jackson

Tiger Jackson (Along With HeiHachi) Are Playable Character in the Party Game Pac-Man Fever - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

We already have an eddy, tiger was an extra in tekken 3 so its cool but not as a separate character plus the other copy aka christie

He reminds me Disco Stu - fuadmondeo

I can't believe no one ever complains about him he's so lame I mean he's has no story and you can't even customize him - GamerGirl

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4 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

Why she is here
She should be at the best female characters
She is so good
Kill the one who added her in this list. - Aakash2002

I completely disagree that she is worst because her fighting skills are so nice and I think she will be one of the female protagonist of tekken series pairing to jin kazama

I completely agree, she is very overrated and annoying, who fights like Jun Kazama! I've always preferred using Jun to this cocky git! Its like they have created to try and replace Jun, I'm so happy Jun returned in TT2! She is my favorite character!

(I'm pretty sure Lili is the youngest? Personally, I think Xiaoyu looks a lot younger than Lili)

I dislike her and her personality, although she is Lili's arch-rival (due to Lili's defeat at the hands of her). Asuka is cool but brash and annoying, which makes her one of Tekken characters with an atrocious personality.

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5 Azazel

Irritating beyond belief. He can attack and block at the same flipping time. How can you beat someone like that. How can you counter?

The most overpowered boss in Tekken

A boss that is irritating to fight because he can straight up cheat. Not very interesting either. Terrible.

Cheapest moves ever. So annoying.

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6 Feng Wei

This guy hits hard, so how come he's on the worst list.

Feng wei is inspiring. He fights so that he can meet sia

Feng wei is badass. The fighting style and moves are great. Whoever put him on this list is probably just butthurt that they don't know how to use him. My favorite character

He's boring and his moves are horrible

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7 Gon

Stupid little extinct reptile, 90% of moves can't hit him because he's TOO DAMN SHORT! Good riddance to him!

The fart was annoying as hell, if you're stupid enough to walk to it, you deserve to die by it

I completely agree but he had cool moves like he could fart and spin on his head and stuff bu yeah he is to short

Take off the nostalgia goggles! Gon was a pain to fight and suffered the oddjob issue: way too short!

8 Sergei Dragunov

Haha laugh out loud Dragunov is the best counter for grabbers like King and Marduk. Plus those great attack animation and can juggle pretty well. Why on earth is he on this list?

Okay, to the guy that say "He's slow and his moves hardly do any damage. He's horrible." I say to you, he is pretty fast and only sslow down when doing some combo. But not so many combo that is slow. He is pretty good with the damage. I know a combo that can decrease your health bar to half.

Dragunov is the best what do you think you're doing putting him on this list? - MyRockets345

The name itself cries "stereotype"

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9 Zafina

Sluggish and weak moves

She sucks

That bitch... She sucks! I hate her and Lars.

10 Heihachi Mishima Heihachi Mishima

WHAT!? Heihachi is the best.

He is one of the coolest antagonist in the game. Not a boring useless character

Why is he in this list? He is one of the strongest characters despite his age.

Despite being an ass, he's the funniest antagonist I've ever seen

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11 Slim Bob

Bob just sucks in general. - RobertWisdom

Should have just been a palate swap for Bob

No need for slim one stupid

This guy is terrible

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12 Leo Kliesen

Who thought it was a god idea to put Leo, she's a very fun character to use. Why you gotta put her she got a good command list

Same voice as ash... How is she bad at all I love her. She's my 4 favorite female

COME ON?! Why u put leo. If u want... Try him yourself


13 Lili de Rochefort Lili de Rochefort Emilie De Rochefort, better known under her nickname, Lili, was introduced in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection and has returned for all subsequent titles. When she debuted, Lili was described as a rich shallow girl from Monaco, who uses her skills in dance to fight in her own street fighting style. Lili ...read more.

Who is the dumbass who added her in this list?
She is so unique and out of the box
But her story with asuka is concern about her - Aakash2002

I hate Lili. She's way too overrated. People just like her because of her attractive looks. But dude! She's so annoying and her moves are so weak and slow. If there will be a contest about "Worst Tekken Characters", the champion will be Lili.

I seriously wish she didn't exist. And it's not even her fighting style or gameplay, I just hate the whole concept of her. Stupid "Little Miss Perfect" white girl needs to get out.

She is the way too overrated.

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14 Jin Kazama Jin Kazama Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.

Overrated Emo version of Kazuya. - RobertWisdom

Kill the dumbass who had put jin here - Aakash2002

I Like Jin Kazama Because He Is a Strongest To Devil Jin To use A Laser And I love It

What? Are You Kidding Me He Was The First One On The Best Tekken Characters List And Now. His Here On The Worst This Website Is weird..

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15 Roger

Sick of all the stupid animal characters.

A stupid dumb character I love kangaroos but roger is annoying and has annoying moves

A kangaroo really

Worst character goes to him why the hell he is even in TK

16 Mokujin

He is better than lars,Lucky and Alisa
Why he is here? - Aakash2002

I really think that mokujin is an interesting character, but you have to be able to tell which character mokujin is copying in order to use him effectively, which is not always easy

Nah he's not that bad. Good character to use if you just want a random style - N4XUS

Mokujin again steals other characters move and has zero personality

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17 Anna Williams Anna Williams

All of you Anna Williams haters can go hop on Nina's clit.

What!?! She is the BEST character.

Yall casual and dumb this whole list is trash

She's suck should be number 1 so weak and can punch for nothing

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18 Shaheen

This character should be in the top 5

I don't like him

19 Christie Monteiro Christie Monteiro

Basically Eddy in drag. Also a spamming character for noobs. - RobertWisdom

This guy should be higher

20 Lucky Chloe

The fact that people actually think Lucky Chloe is a better character than Paul and Craig Marduk shows how stupid brain dead the Tekken fan base has become over the years. In just one game, Lucky Chloe managed to undoubtedly become the worst character in all of Tekken and also acquired the worst fanbase in all of Tekken. If you're a Lucky Chloe fan/main, sincerely, go f#%@! yourself

She looks so ugly.

If I had a gun with 5 bullets, and I was in a room with Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin, Suddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un, and Lucky Chloe, I WOULD SHOOT LUCKY CHLOE 5 TIMES

This bastard should be higher on this list! In fact she's very annoying calling Eddy an Old Man and said He's wearing a Girl outfit, Even say Na-Na-Na-Na-Na to Eddy. I hate LuckyChloe

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21 Miharu Hirano Miharu Hirano

She's annoying and boring.

Her voice is squeaky and annoying and she has the exact same moves as Xioayu

She's the worst enough said

22 Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The reason is hated because he beats bears such as kuma who defeats him every time except on tekken 5

Overrated and stupid character. - RobertWisdom

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but I hate Paul he was originally my number 1 until I saw Tiger but he's just annoying - GamerGirl

"You people only hate him because of his hairstyle and that is racist" lol what

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23 Panda

I love that female bear


24 Nancy

Nancy is a girl, thank you, and an awesome one at that.

He is an overpowered boss that kills you, he fires unessary missiles and pushes you back and the bonus you get from him suckz

25 Jinpachi Mishima

Same with the comments below :/

He was an unnecessary boss for Tekken 5

Jinpachi is amazing go play him on TTT2 and unleash his power.

26 Craig Marduk


He's not my most hated but he annoys me to no ends when playing as him. He's really slow and is predictable as well. His story also died in tekken 4 and now he's just a show boating wrestler. His throws might be ok but other players like king have way better. He might be good if you master him but that can be said to all characters. Sorry Marduk fans

27 Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu

But since TTT2 she not that bad,Rather she has been showing improvements and becoming mature
But in tekken 7,She has grown so much
And looks better
And has a mature persona

Well,she sucked during tekken 5-6
But she is great since ttt2
But she should be buffed in terms of sex appeal
Instead of school swimsuit,she should have been in her polka dotted bikini in her artbook
Awesome in tekken 7. - Aakash2002

Xiaoyu is okay, she can be annoying, and she's kinda hard to use, but her moves do some good damage.

She is a 18 old girl acting like a crying baby...,like seriously grow up!

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28 Kuma

Its Sad How In Tekken 7 they went with the slow animal characters Kuma & Panda & not the Characters who can actually fight Roger.Jr & Alex smh - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Don't like his story. he is obsessed with panda. SHE REJECTED YOU GET OVER IT

He is slow
But in street fighter x tekken he was funny
Because one of his moves is sitting on the enemy face and farting
His face is
2.forcing out fart
But I feel bad for the enemy because it is very painful to die like that and they would be very unlucky if kuma had beans

29 Wang Jinrei

He's slow, weak, and just boring to play with.

I think Wang should be on this list because not a lot of people like him and stuff

Wang is so strong why is this man on here :(

30 Combot
31 King

I really don't like his multiple moves when he grabs you. you probably know what I mean if you play him or watch his fighting style

He was very bad character of tekken

32 Alisa Bosconovitch Alisa Bosconovitch Alisa Bosconovitch is a video game character from the Tekken series developed by Namco Bandai Games, first appearing in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Just a gap filler and nothing else
Remove her.

She is just wastage of time
So Naive,Immature and stupid
Next time,
We would expect that you should in junk factory

She should be at the top five worst characters
Shoot her with bazooka - Aakash2002

If there were people like
Abu Bakr al Bagdadi, Osama Bin Laden,Lucky Chloe and Alisa
At first I would the dumbasess then
I would kill Alisa
You don't deserve to be in tekken
Go away
Nobody would miss you - Aakash2002

Whenever I think about her the words are
:-Ugly, robotic slut that fits in junkyard
-Nobody would miss her
-She destroyed tekken - Aakash2002

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33 Eddy Gordo

This is a character for noobs to spam with. - RobertWisdom

I think Eddy is damn good as a fighter... Tekken could allow more moves in hand foot area... As well christie... Some real type of power hand or foot move to add up to the rest of the tekken characters... Tekken seems to be onesided when it comes to Eddy and christie... What a shame...

Eddy is the first capoeira character introduced in Tekken 3 and one of the most annoying, frustrating and the only character that button mashers find an advantage just by button mashing to win, which is cancerous in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag 1 and that wasn't annoying enough there is also Christie the third capoeira character introduced in Tekken 4, which made the Matches in all Tekken games very cancerous and it's embarrassing to be humiliated by a button masher and we all have been through that experience before. When Tekken tag 2 came out for Ps3 they decided to bring Eddy, Christie and Tiger back and Oh boy it gotten worse, which made me want to turn off my ps3 without having to deal with a player who's playing as two capoeira characters just to button mash through the hall match, a BIG no from me M8 and I'll always hate Eddy, Christie And Tiger altogether and they're extremely overplayed too button mashers.

34 Jun Kazama Jun Kazama Jun Kazama is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series, who made her debut in Tekken 2, her first and only canonical appearance to date.

Why she is here
She should at the coolest female list - Aakash2002

I don't mind playing as Jun. But all tekken fans must remember Jin is the main protagonist since tekken 3 and that that's only happen through obviously Jun giving birth to Jin.

In my opinion kazuya should still be the main protagonist in the tekken series.

What is wrong with people, she's the coolest female character to play as, she has nice combos that deal a lot of damage plus she's fast

I wonder why she's here

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35 Julia Chang Julia Chang
36 Jack

Terrible design and move set

37 Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu

He's pretty damn annoying to deal with, plus he's hard to use.

38 Doctor Bosconovitch

I could never get him to work at all...

Annoying opponent in Tekken 3, but he got better in TTT2

He should keep to what he's good at. Being a professer.

39 Marshall Law Marshall Law Marshall Law, or just Law, is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Why? - RobertWisdom

Forests better (that's right-I went there)

40 Lei Wulong
41 Hwoarang Hwoarang

Why he was come in the list of worst characters in tekken he was good

I also think hwoarang should be on this list because he's kind of annoying and stuff

He is cheap he always uses his legs

This not his fault, ya damn weirdo. He practices Take Kwon Do, a martial art of Korea that used mostly feet and legs in their attacks. I even doubt that they wanted to include straight fists in his moves, as in this martial art, hands are mostly used for parry and blocking (by what I've heard, I'm friends with a Take Kwon Do medalist). Besides, the legs hold more power than hands and has a longer reach, so why not use them in fights to our advantage? - Mystearica_Fende

Sound like a mountain climbing retard. But I still ship him and lili.and I would love to date him😂

42 Katarina Alves

Two words
Ugly slut

43 Angel

Her voice is just so annoying.

Angel is hard to use and she sounds like a demon

Her moves are strong af but she hardly has any moves. plus she gave up trying to stop the Devil Gene

44 Gunjack
45 Gigas Gigas
46 Baek Doo San

He's awesome! And you guys don't have to hate him anyway as the devs won't put him in the games anymore. - RobertWisdom

Hell no baek is a beast he rocks he is better than hwoarang in every way possible strength throws combos costumes baek was the original tae kwon do dude he is a badass the end so shut up

Baek Doo San is decent but yes he is better then hwoarang in everyway.

This guys is annoying. I hate him!

47 Ogre

Ogre is a cool character his apparence is pretty chilling and when you look at his face and the size and the moves he possesses you maybe in for a battle

WHAT! Ogre the best

He is dull

48 Josie Rizal Josie Rizal

Give her a bottle of milk please
She cries too much - Aakash2002

Literally just a female Bruce Irving skin with the personality of an obnoxious 10 year old.

49 Tetsujin
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