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1 Ganryu

Terrible story, terrible fighting, contributes to no major plot. AXE HIM.

Why is he on here? He's one of my mains though... But I see what you mean by "terrible story" but he is strong!

Tekken 7? Ganryu is only good in Tekken 2 and 5. - maradona108

He is really hard to fight with he has boring powers and I can never deafet him

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2 Tiger Jackson

We already have an eddy, tiger was an extra in tekken 3 so its cool but not as a separate character plus the other copy aka christie

I can't believe no one ever complains about him he's so lame I mean he's has no story and you can't even customize him - GamerGirl

Really who is he, is he lost, wrong video game?

He reminds me Disco Stu - fuadmondeo

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3 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

I completely disagree that she is worst because her fighting skills are so nice and I think she will be one of the female protagonist of tekken series pairing to jin kazama

I completely agree, she is very overrated and annoying, who fights like Jun Kazama! I've always preferred using Jun to this cocky git! Its like they have created to try and replace Jun, I'm so happy Jun returned in TT2! She is my favorite character!

(I'm pretty sure Lili is the youngest? Personally, I think Xiaoyu looks a lot younger than Lili)

I Disagree Asuka Kazama Is Unique!

Definitely my most hated character. Stupid design/concept, unoriginal moveset, weak, annoying voice... I'm sure there's more than that but I can't stand her one bit. The fact that a lot of people play her is insulting and she should've never returned to tekken 7; she shouldve been replaced by someone better.

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4 Azazel

The most overpowered boss in Tekken

Irritating beyond belief. He can attack and block at the same flipping time. How can you beat someone like that. How can you counter?

A boss that is irritating to fight because he can straight up cheat. Not very interesting either. Terrible.

Cheapest moves ever. So annoying.

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5 Feng Wei

Just a boring character. His only major plot was with another unliked character, Asuka, and even that story died back in Tekken 5.

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6 Lars Alexandersson

With the already huge Mishima/Kazama family, all the karate fighters in this game he is totally redundant and superfluous. The character design, his background, his story is too flimsy, too inconsistent to be credible. - Toshin

Hate him. He came in to Tekken and ruined it

His cloths... His goal... His every thing is just annoying cliche

He's a pedophile

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7 Sergei Dragunov

Haha laugh out loud Dragunov is the best counter for grabbers like King and Marduk. Plus those great attack animation and can juggle pretty well. Why on earth is he on this list?

Okay, to the guy that say "He's slow and his moves hardly do any damage. He's horrible." I say to you, he is pretty fast and only sslow down when doing some combo. But not so many combo that is slow. He is pretty good with the damage. I know a combo that can decrease your health bar to half.

Dragunov is the best what do you think you're doing putting him on this list? - MyRockets345

The name itself cries "stereotype"

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8 Gon

Stupid little extinct reptile, 90% of moves can't hit him because he's TOO DAMN SHORT! Good riddance to him!

The fart was annoying as hell, if you're stupid enough to walk to it, you deserve to die by it

I completely agree but he had cool moves like he could fart and spin on his head and stuff bu yeah he is to short

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9 Zafina

Stop postinridiculous comments on Zafina. At most, she is not annoying like Roger, Kuma, Ogre n stuff. She's great. Believe it. - RonahJohn

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10 Heihachi Mishima

He is one of the coolest antagonist in the game. Not a boring useless character

Despite being an ass, he's the funniest antagonist I've ever seen

Why is he in this list? He is one of the strongest characters despite his age.

LOL why put him on the list he's the funniest antagonist I've ever seen

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11 Slim Bob

Should have just been a palate swap for Bob

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12 Leo Kliesen

Who thought it was a god idea to put Leo, she's a very fun character to use. Why you gotta put her she got a good command list

Same voice as ash... How is she bad at all I love her. She's my 4 favorite female

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13 Lili de Rochefort Lili de Rochefort Emilie De Rochefort, better known under her nickname, Lili, was introduced in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection and has returned for all subsequent titles. When she debuted, Lili was described as a rich shallow girl from Monaco, who uses her skills in dance to fight in her own street fighting style. Lili ...read more.

I hate Lili. She's way too overrated. People just like her because of her attractive looks. But dude! She's so annoying and her moves are so weak and slow. If there will be a contest about "Worst Tekken Characters", the champion will be Lili.

I seriously wish she didn't exist. And it's not even her fighting style or gameplay, I just hate the whole concept of her. Stupid "Little Miss Perfect" white girl needs to get out.

She is the way too overrated.

Ok she maybe slow but her combos is good and fast

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14 Jin Kazama Jin Kazama Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.

I Like Jin Kazama Because He Is a Strongest To Devil Jin To use A Laser And I love It

What? Are You Kidding Me He Was The First One On The Best Tekken Characters List And Now. His Here On The Worst This Website Is weird..

Jin is the best of the best compared to everybody

emo ass

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15 Roger

A stupid dumb character I love kangaroos but roger is annoying and has annoying moves

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16 Mokujin

I really think that mokujin is an interesting character, but you have to be able to tell which character mokujin is copying in order to use him effectively, which is not always easy

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17 Anna Williams Anna Williams

Anna along with her sister, Nina are weak af, and their moves are slow and hardly do any damage.

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18 Shaheen
19 Miharu Hirano

Her voice is squeaky and annoying and she has the exact same moves as Xioayu

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20 Christie Monteiro
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