Worst Thing That Can Happen In a Classroom

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Your Mom Comes in Because you Forgot Something

This would not be too bad unless you were in trouble and your mom came in, or if you had a bad mark on a test - trains45

I actually forgot my lunch once and my mom had to take it for me. - Userguy44

F to pay respects to Greg Heffley - BlueBobYT

You Fart

I did once before on the 1st day at a new school was kinda embarrassing - trains45

One time, I farted loudly in front of my crush

You Forget Your Homework

Meh, homework sucks anyway. I would just say my dog ate my homework. - Userguy44

That would be the worst to forget your homework - trains45

This happens to me often

Your Teacher Calls on you When You Were Asleep
You Start to Cry

I have cried before in school - trains45

I’ve cried in front of my crush before. It was embarrassing

You get Detention
Get an E or F on An Easy Quiz

That would really suck to get an e or an f - trains45

You Die

that would be bad, unless you REALLY hated school

You Make An Awkward Silence
You Get Punched in the Face

I would punch back. - Userguy44

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You Vomit

I have before in class it was embarrassing - trains45

The Person Next to You Keeps Farting
You Don't Notice that You're Humming Really Loudly
The teacher yells at you in front of the whole class

One time, my one on one side yelled at me for something I didn’t do

This happened once in grade 10 it sucked - trains45

The teacher abuses you

If that happens, the teacher should be fired from his job to be honest. - Userguy44

This would be the worst to get abused by a teacher - trains45

Get Held Back
The intercom calls you to the principal's office for an unknown reason

This would be kinda odd would of made me worried about being in trouble - trains45

Principal comes in and pulls you out of class

That would be kinda odd would make me worried about being in trouble - trains45

Have a Mental Breakdown in Front of Everybody

This happens way too often to me.

I’ve had panic attacks in class before

You sharted your pants and everyone else can smell it

I pooped my pants once at school lol. - Userguy44

The 5th Graders Throw Beans at You
Your parents enter the classroom

One time when I was in third grade, my parents came in and did a lecture about Asperger’s since I have the condition. My classmates treated me like an idiot ever since :(

Teacher assigns too much homework

My teachers assign us six hours of homework a night, I swear

You have an accident in your pants
Pop quiz

I get pop quizzes in honors English all of time and they stress me out

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