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1 It's overrated

1 billion downloads for shooting birds is pretty ridiculous - YOSHIA2121

I respect your option. - BorisRule

I mean really everybody play it even adults - nintendofan126

I respect your opinion on angry birds - EpicJake

2 You constantly have to keep trying to get 3 stars on every level

If you have problems, use cheat codes.

So its hard a franchise sucks really in Mario bros you constantly have to get stars/coins to go to levels ( like in super Mario 3d land ) that's just makes no sense (note I love Mario bros and angry birds and Nintendo)

Just really I always get angry at this. Instead of wasting you time
On this game just don't by the game. - nintendofan126

3 Their eggs never hatch

I always wondered this why have the eggs never hatched?
I bet there not even real eggs just plastic. - nintendofan126

4 It's really irritating

Nintendo games are irritating too in Mario toad says peach is in another castle and in smash bros Wii u is more irritating than angry birds anyways in online mode with lags and stuff ( note I love Nintendo and angry birds ) I respect your opinion on angry birds but with lists like these I get angry

The bird won't react to the physics!

I'm more Angry than the birds when
Ever I play this game - nintendofan126

Princess Peach gets even angrier than the angry Birds in general.

Its really very irritating. uff

5 It's the same thing almost every time

Let me explain. First the pigs take there eggs than the birds attack
Them. Then they beat them up and they get there eggs back. That all folks. - nintendofan126

6 They ruined Star Wars with Angry Birds Star Wars

All the Nerds that hate Angry Birds are really Angry Nerds - nintendofan126

Even worse, the Angry Birds characters do not actually encounter the actual Star Wars characters in person. Oh my god...

The peques ruined star wars

7 They kill pigs

So what? Those pigs suck - IceBearRules

The pigs don't don't die but get mad!

8 They brought Angry Birds to home consoles

My parents got this on Wii. The game was Angry Birds Star Wars and the game was just harder with a Wii Remote pointed to the T.V. instead of a mouse or finger. On top of that, you could only do the first couple of levels before it asked you to pay to continue. We never paid. I forget how much you had to pay, but in the end you could tell it would lead you to play the games by app. It's so sad that Rovio is no longer an "optional pay" company, but a cheat and forcible one.

When I saw this though it was stupid as heck - nintendofan126

So that makes no sense Nintendo is going mobile so who cares

9 The characters are annoying

Here needs to be Sonic/Rio crossovers, not Angry Birds Rio!

The pigs are cute and the birds are the worst abomination ever - bolbi9

The birds are stupid and the pigs are ugly. - nintendofan126

They don't talk yet you call them annoying they only do stuff in angry birds toons and the movie Nintendo has yay more annoying characters then angry birds I prefer birds and pigs then some stupid princess and some stupid mr resseti and some stupid Zelda fairy

10 The birds look dumb

They do! They don't in the ripoff art! But still badness inside!

Of course! Actually, cross out dumb, replace with incredibly stupid

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11 The birds are annoying


12 It's racist

Racist againts pigs.

How is it racist? - peaceswagtv

Wait what?


13 They don't look like birds or pigs

The pigs nose is the only part on the pigs that makes them look like pigs. And the birds beak's are the only part that make them look like birds. I mean are these characters Draw by a 5 year old? - nintendofan126

The birds don't have wings or feet and their tails are too small. The pigs don't have feet and they, re pig heads!

I'm pretty sure that birds are suppose to have legs and wings and pigs are suppose to have feet... And really? Those eggs never hatch... I bet those eggs aren't even real!

When I was first introduced to it when I was 9, I didn't know what those green fat things were

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14 The birds never shut up

They are not happy way too much!


15 The red birds have no powers

I feel like this is the case in a lot of franchises that the main main character is basically the most useless. It really irritates me for some weird reason - aerochamber

I don't get it he has no powers which means he is the worst one but in the videos he is the the main one to beat up the pigs and get the eggs back

16 Angry Birds is not on Archie Comics yet

Yes, Red is like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Why do you care you dislike angry birds?

Hey, Nintendofan126. Let us know if you would prefer Angry Birds to be on Archie Comics.

Both Angry Birds and Sonic have HORRIBLE fanbases, SOME sonic games are good though.

17 It's too famous

Are you kidding me Nintendo is everywhere

They joke their new arts!

Nintendo isn't everywhere.

18 An Angry Birds movie will come out in 2016

It's probably either going to fail at the box office, or be horrible all together. How can you make an hour and a half long movie about an app where you shoot birds out of a slingshot? - RiverClanRocks

It doesn't deserve a movie. I mean, come on. - BKAllmighty

19 It took over the world

Yeah they don't do work! Pigs hate humans!

Hey, Nintnedofan126. Go type in why you hate Angry Birds on the list called "Top 10 Overrated Video Games".

20 The pigs never find anything else to eat

Why don't they just eat bacon (lol)

They got there butts kick millions of times and they never give up.
I mean COME ON! - nintendofan126

They need a cloner machine!

21 There is going to be an Angry Birds movie

Choose either Angry Birds movie or Emoji Movie.

It's so long to make and the bloopers and other stuff is a ripoff!

Can someone please tell me, if this is true? - nintendofan126

The movie has to be here right now!

22 Their new look with outlines look dumber!

Uh Oh! The pigs get older! The birds! They look weird!

23 The new updates are terrible!
24 Yeah they don't do work! Pigs hate humans!

Yeah they don't do work! Pigs hate humans!

Yeah they don't do work! Pigs hate huma- wait what am I doing

25 The Pig "N" Mix Puzzle Book has mathematics in it
26 In the crossovers, there were no characters from the different series such as Star Wars
27 Angry Birds business is sold in many places

It will waste games!

28 You have to be used to it
29 Angry Birds Stella is so silly

It's like a bird gets angry with a silly effect! The bird I'm talking about is Stella!

Some of the birds are thieves and they steal!

30 The pigs are stupid enough to build something a bird can break
31 Unnecessary spinoffs
32 They ruined Transformers

Michael bay ruined transformers you dumby

I will kill them now for making the awesomest transformers look like pieces of $h*7. Soundwave was my favorite transformer. and now he-he has a frikin moustache and a pig nose? Rovio, I will kill you all

Why do you kill Mikael Hed,the fondator of Rovio? Angry birds is a famous series,with millions of fans worldwide and with lots of popularity.The movie is perfect,and the angry birds transformers characters look amazing.The games are also having got amazing graphichs,and the movie is having got best soundtrack and trailer(uncivil war) ever. So,don't forget angry bird hater, that the birds will always be the best! (#1 fan)! 😘😍(#loveAngryBirds)

33 The pigs go pop
34 Chuck is dumb and funny
35 The game is a cashgrab

Low effort. Just for the money.

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1. They kill pigs
2. The birds look dumb
3. The birds are annoying
1. You constantly have to keep trying to get 3 stars on every level
2. It's overrated
3. It's really irritating


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