Top Ten Worst Things About Ice Age: Collision Course


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1 It Wants To be Funny But It Isn't

(pulls out giant clock) It's time to stop!

Blue Sky, can you do us a solid and just end this franchise already? We're pretty sick of it. - phillysports

Say something about Shangri Llama!

It is kinda funny actually.It had some good scenes.It wasn't complete crap.Granny was by far the best character again. - Triceratops

2 It's A Cash Grab

I think it's time to let Ice Age go. - Fretto

3 Sid Is Stupid
4 The Story Is Awful
5 Bad Writing
6 Stupid Characters
7 Bad Jokes
8 Terrible Script
9 The Plot Is Dumb
10 Buck Isn't Funny V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Too Much Toilet Humor

Butts, more butts, even more butts, and POOP. This series should just die now, the series used to be so good, BUTT, it sucks now, and Ice Age should just end with everyone dying. Butt, this was a good series before. - TristGamer

12 It Ruined Ice Age

Here's a rating out of all the Ice Age films:

Ice Age: 4/10 boring, unfunny, but a few scenes made the this film better

Ice Age: The Meltdown: 7/10 A huge improvment and very great and fun to watch

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs: 9/10 It's even better than the first two movies, as it features dinosaurs

Ice Age: Continental Drift: 9/10 A bit better than the third movie, it's so satisfying to watch it.

Ice Age: Collision Course: 2/10 KILL THIS THING WITH FIRE! - darthvadern

13 It Makes No Sense
14 It's Gross
15 It's Blue Sky's Worst Movie
16 Crash And Eddie Are Ruined
17 Adult Jokes
18 It's Bad For Kids
19 It's Overrated
20 They copied Pixar's Inside Out
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1. It Wants To be Funny But It Isn't
2. It's A Cash Grab
3. Sid Is Stupid



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