Top Ten Worst Things About the Transformers Movies


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21 Lack of Character Development

This is one of the problems that is most obvious in the Michael Bay Transformers series. And they say that the original cartoon was full of problems.

22 It Has Over-stayed its Welcome

It most certainly has. And most of the movies have become predictable because they recycle a lot of the same problems. Do you see a pattern here?

23 Michael Bay Keeps On Making More Transformers Movies

Apparently Michael Bay has grown an obsession for his own interpretation of the Transformers universe. Its been almost a decade since the first movie came out, but he doesn't seem to have changed much since then. But sooner or later people will catch on to how predictable and tasteless his movies really are. And die-hard Transformers fans are going to give up eventually.

24 Running Out of New Transformers After Age of Extinction
25 Ratchet and Leadfoot (And Maybe Dino, Sideswipe, Roadbuster, and Topspin) Were All Killed by Lockdown and Cemetery Wind V 1 Comment
26 Film Critics Hate It

Like I said before, critics have a good reason to be hated on!

And I don't blame them.

27 No Actual Crossovers
28 Lack of Female Characters

There are only five female protagonists in the movies. There should be way more female Transformers than that. - xMagnoblade

29 The Character Names Change Constantly and New Unknown Characters Are Constantly Being Added

Dino? Seriously? That's the best Hasbro could come up with? And what's up with all the new characters? Even my father's getting tired of it! - Remaining

30 Hot Actresses Who Can't Act
31 Too Much Product Placement
32 Ironhide's Death

Again, Bay doesn't care about the Transformers. To him (and to biased closed-minded people), they are not characters, but are simply robots. I say screw that. The Transformers may be robots. But that's not all they are. They are characters, and they deserve to be TREATED as such!

The reason I don't watch transformers anymore.

33 The Robots Having No Type of Personality Whatsoever
34 Characters Have No Screentime
35 Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.
36 The Way They Handled Shockwave
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