Top Ten Worst Things About the United States

The Top Ten Worst Things About the United States

1 Racism

I don't understand. Most people assume all Muslims are terrorists even though the terrorist groups don't stand for the entire country, blacks are viewed as unintelligent crack heads, and many citizens view Hispanic people as criminals. We all have problems and we all sin. As a Christian I know that we are forgiven for our sins but this doesn't mean that we should continue making the same mistakes over and over again. Diversity is a good thing and you should get to meet many people within your lifetime and I am positive that you will meet good people of all races and ethnicities. Racism is a problem and only the best of us know how to solve it. If you truly are a good person you will see where you have wronged and will try to redeem yourselves so you can grow as a human being.

Immigration is what the USA's all about! Why are people against it? Oh, it's mainly because "9/11", "Iraqis", "Obama", "Bin Laden".

So we are the land of the free? We enslaved thousands of people and when they get rights we had segregation which split us apart. It then continues with hate groups all over who cause a modern divide. To everyone I say it is not a persons race, culture, or skin color that should define a person but their actions. Example: The Japanese that where in the US during WW 2 who were blamed and put In camps for being Japanese

The whole world hates us...

2 Gay Rights

To be honest it's stupid how we treat Gay Rights. The bible says that you can't cut your hair, drink, smoke, sleep with someone until you're married, or let women get jobs. But what's the one thing we do focus on? Adam and Eve, the two idiots who screwed over humanity and weren't even MARRIED, which is an even bigger offense than being gay. You are all idiots, each and every single one of you. Because 'man shall not lay with man' is a warning that men can NOT BEAR CHILDREN.

Everybody hates this. Lets let everybody be equal just BECUASE he does not do the exact same thing as you does not mean they are horrible - lemur

I am totally appalled by the amount of ignorance in this thread not to mention in your country. The statistic 23rd in education rings true thanks to the comments on this topic. Shame on all of you! When the topic of being gay is mentioned in America every Christian who drinks, smokes and commits adultery is suddenly worried about what the bible says. - Roder51

What's wrong with gay rights? People are who they are North Korea is pretty bad GO AWAY WE LOVE AMERICA

3 Drugs

Drugs other than for medicinal use are a terrible, horrible thing that destroys peoples lives, why anyone would consider taking drugs in the first place is beyond me.

I personally like drugs and substances, we can respect some people need some way to get high and that is part of America and our lifestyle. Sadly many things we use are hurtful and unhealthy, people die of overdoses and addictions and our kids can be hurt by both drugs and fried out parents. It really is a mixed issue.

Why can't they ban drugs?

I agree to the person that said phil. Has more drug runners and syndicates than USA and it's all over the news

4 Gun Shooters

When I was in 2nd grade, I was worried that a kid would come charging in, wielding an AK 47.

This is why I will not visit there until they put more strict gun laws in tact.

USA has countless incidents that involve firearms. Not only at schools, but also at other locations such as nightclub back in Florida and a concert back in Las Vegas. Also Americans own guns not only because of 2nd Amendment, but also to show true power of being American. Nowadays, some people use guns for the wrong reasons. There have been gun rampages on academic grounds such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and recently one at Florida. Some people use them in order to give up their lives. Others can be used for destruction of property. The Americans have gone too far with this issue. This is why I plan on living outside of USA.

Well reflectively speaking, it's ok to have a gun, as long as you don't ATTACK with it. I mean, if someone comes up to you with a gun in their hand and is ready to shoot, you should, have the right to have a gun and defend yourself. If you happen to kill anyone with your gun when they were unarmed, then you should, have every weapon right you have taken away, and be put to jail for life. It's just common sense, even though common sense isn't so common. - NerdyPweeps

5 People Who Say Bad Words

Uhh. People say bad words everywhere. Just get over it and put down a legit reason.

The old sticks and stones and George Carlin have gone by the wayside for money made by everything being a bad word... Words are what you make of them and there is nothing wrong with the word Niger.. It means black. If you are offended get over it. I'm fat... So. I wonder if someone called me a fat woman if I could go to court for being insulted. Politics and political correctness are the biggest joke that will destroy america!

So what? Bad words are everywhere. In fact, it's better if you say bad words more often because it relieves stress. Without curse words, we would be stressed out our entire lives! Think about it.

There are better ways to relief stress, like exercising and stuff. But it's your opinion. Just saying mine. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Bad words are stupid we are the people that make it bad and without bad words there wouldn't be half of the comedy today

6 Obesity

Not so much obesity, but the stereotypes that we're all obese. Yes, a third of us are... but what about the other 2/3? I know people who might become anorexic because everyone thinks Americans are so fat. And fat people aren't lazy. Many people have eating disorders or problems within their body that make them obese. My parents are both overweight, and they work their butts off every day. I do wish they were healthy, but at the same time, it doesn't make them worse people. Stop with the stereotypes, people. We have enough problems in the world without making up our own. - pandagirl

Obesity is not an epidemic. It's not contagious, it's self-inflicted - and don't give me the story that it's in your genes - that's a total cop-out!

My country is full of many fat ignorant jerks. But not all of us. - FrankP

Obesity is an epidemic that doesn't get as much attention as it should. People think that it only affects them, but look back at times before obesity was so widespread: families encouraged each other to live healthier lives. Many people die in their 50's and 60's because of morbid obesity, even earlier when combined with other factors like smoking and alcoholism, when they should be living to at least 80 in our industrialized society.

7 Barack Obama

There's nothing wrong with him. There's everything wrong with Donald Trump

No way you idiot I'm Australian and from a far I can't see he is doing a brilliant job

It's Not former president Obama It's Burnt Potato Trump

He has ruined our country's economy

8 Poor Education

One in three American students struggle in math, teens struggle just in the school environment. Need I mention the outrageous amounts of bullying and suicide? The useless information taught? The lack of important information taught? Disgusting.

And in some parts of america, they make their passing mark 70% or above... :/
in canada, it's at least 50% to pass

I haven't learned ANYTHING in English OR science class all year😭 - kaitlynrad11

9 Democrats

They're just a bunch of commies at this point. they're obsessed with race to the point where its like a cult and it kind of scares me

True. New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, and others are runied by Democrats.

Very true

Democrats are the party for the 1%
They're always been against blacks and now the tables have turned, they promise empty promises for people to get their votes.

10 Celebrities Break The Law

I voted to this because I Saw in T.V.'s that Clebrities of US breaks so many rules So, Yaa.. That's why!

The Contenders

11 Stupid People

Why do you think that they come into the country. Maybe because they aren't comfortable where they are and they want to get and educational and become successful. We take our privileges for granted because we are open to education, water, and more. Most of us were descendants from immigrants for I have Irish and British heritage. Other people come into the country and everyone blames them for the worlds problems. Some people are running away from conflicts like war but if we keep them out many innocent people could die because they have no place to go. We wouldn't make it any better if we bomb the threat entirely because even if you do you don't think the innocent people will be mad. They won't have anyone to teach them right and wrong and they'll start doing bad things because they have no one to teach them not to. Some people can't go to school because they have other problems. I get that the country comes first but seriously there are so many problems that we could help solve if we ...more

I really don't like to be racist, and this obviously doesn't apply to all of them, but there are tons of Mexicans hopping the border to come here because Obama keeps making it easier for people to get by without working for anything. This means they come here and disregard a good education because they will never need it, and while teachers are giving these kids more attention to try to help them, they are giving less attention to kids that actually care about their grades. Then they have lots of kids, the kids learn from their parents that they don't need an education or work to live, and they do the same thing and it just keeps escalating. Then you have people that become friends with them or are in a class with them, and they do the same thing they're doing: not caring. As this number grows and more people associate themselves with them, the more they think it's normal and do the same. It's just so sad, we used to be by far the smartest and most educated, successful country on our ...more

I definitely know we need better education and it really starts there. Teachers can be abusive, unable to prepare students for life and cover too much material in one class making it a overly difficult. You see classes with 1/3 or more students failing with Fs in easy courses. Apart from that we have health problems and problems valuing intelligence and creativity and often live a world based largely on social smarts, this effect seems to dumb as down as we use only a fraction of our brain as it is. We need better standards and to cease bathing in ignorance, self pity and reckless addictions.

I wouldn't say stupid people per say-I just think Americans seem to live in their own little bubble-and don't seem to realize they're part of the world-+ I don't like how other countries are becoming overpowered by Americana:(

12 No Independence

The term Independence means that the United States declared independence from Great Britain. This doesn't mean we're free to everything. There's still laws that need to followed. It's not a free for all in America

We are constantly being lied to and having our rights stripped whether you notice it or not.

13 Illegal Immigrants Cross The Border

Baja mexico is the most illegal immigrants crossing border all day
all mexican gets arrested for crossing from baja to california states - SpencerJC

What. why is this here. - JoshuaFiorio

14 Technology
15 Has a Bad President

I personally like Obama.

Oh, the United States is only bad because Obama's president! Oh, the United States is falling apart because Obama! Really, people, why does everyone blame the president? It's like people can't blame anyone else for the problems today but Obama.

Donald Trump is the great president ever in the whole world doing a very well job but most of the people can't understand his great works or sacrifices and blaming him although trump is the best president ever doing everything for America but most of the Americans opposing him why? They should support the great president trump although he is greater.

I quit life Obama isn't a bad president maybe he could do more if the republicans in the senate let him actually do stuff plus brought us back from the recession that BUSH put us in

16 Junk Food

American food is horrible its illegal in so many other countries because it is so dangerous to your health. Also the government allows a lot of unsafe chemicals in our food including drugs that increase your appetite and people wonder why obesity is a big problem in America the answer is in the food.

I can't enjoyed something healthy because most of the places have junk food but when they have healthy food, I definitely eat it, but since most of the food is junk food, I eat it because I'm hungry and I have nothing else to eat. I hate it when I eat too much junk food because it is bad for you. The only healthy restaurant is subway, that's why it's my favorite, I like to have junk food sometimes, but not always. I am grateful my mom doesn't buy horrendous junk food like too sugary oreos and gets me stuff like yogart, fruit, and vegetables and much healthier stuff to eat.

They eat a lot of junk food

Stop sitting on your asses, eating Cheetos!

17 People Who Bash Christians

Last time I checked we had freedom of religion.

What about the Christians who bash everybody else, profile them, and force their beliefs on them? Because that's what happens.

We can get cussed out by atheist

But we can't say anything, to defend our religion

-your friend Mc

I'm an American and I have to agree with this...

18 The Senate Is Crooked
19 Detroit

They may be having a rough time, but theynwill come back eventually. - Turkeyasylum

I lived there once. Never again.

Worst city ever seen

I hate Detroit. It is so ugly there.

20 Crooked Cops
21 Satanic Cults

Laugh out loud what? - pickickss

The only Satanist anywhere here in the US I have ever even heard of is Taylor Momsen. - CatCode

When I first saw this, I thought it said "Santa Clause'!

It's all because of that horrid "rock and roll" music the kids are talking about these days! - higgsboson2142

22 Pollution

We often blame ourselves for it yet what can we do, stop the progress or not own a car? It is almost impossible to combat pollution and carbon emissions from vehicles and factories and sadly it harms us more than the "earth".

US ranks 12 in least pollution

I hate pollution, it harms nature and humans alike.

Please, please, PLEASE somebody do something about this!

23 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

I hope Mr. cilntoin wins not trump


The picture made me laugh, his hair is hilarious hahaa =D

What a dickhead
why would they make an actor PRESIDENT

24 Crooked Politicians
25 Child Abuse

Ending child abuse would help to end all the other problems. v=gbiq2-ukfhM

26 All People Care About Is Sex and Money

Nah! It's money and sex!

Women aren't being treated with respect, and work ethic is eroding because of obsession with objects. Both things are rooted in one thing: a lack of integrity. Men who oppress their women are just cowards. Men who need to steal or cheat in business are greedy bastards. Even if you're in poverty to do such things aren't good. We've lost the compass of right and wrong, it's just blind leading the blind, generation after generation.

This is also retarded, because every one only cares about sex and money, any where, I'm beginning to doubt the list creator's education, if they have one at all.

I mostly care about making cartoons but I don't want to do it for the money, I want to do it because I love drawing. I mostly care about my family, friends, and taking care of myself. I mostly care about my health too.

27 Government Corruption

Did you know it will cost less to terraform mars then get rid of the us national dept - Harri666

28 Alcohol
29 Full of Ourselves

Seriously, we can't go a week without trying to save the world in some random country. It's always got to be us.

This is the main reason why I am moving to Canada, probably

We're not the worlds cop

We're like ThunderClan. We like to help others too much but it's not bad - AnonymousChick

30 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

What?! He's a Canadian. - AnonymousChick

If social media was around when Aaron Carter made songs. I could just see the hate. Everyone that hates him piss off you have been slagging him off since he was 15 when you said he was a girl/is he 15 or 10.

Just because a loser like Justin B that lives in Canada doesn't mean it's bad

You think your so cool well you don't have a real Girlfriend

31 Animal Abuse

Has your Golden Retriever ever beat you until you couldn't stand? Has your Maine Coon ever stopped providing you food because you talk too loudly? How about your husky, did they lock you away until you were nothing more then a rotting slab of meat? No? Yeah.

How is this not in the top ten 5

32 Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor

We're one of the countries with the highest GDP per capita, yet we've loads of people living in worse conditions than 3rd-worlders.

And stop all the fascistic "if you're poor is your fault! " bulls***!
From a mid-class poster!

33 Terrible People
34 No Metric system

For heaven's sake can we please find the guy who put twelve units in another unit, took that unit, multiplied it by 5,280, and then based all of our measurements on it from road signs to American Football and ask him how many numbers are between 0 and 10? The metric system has everything organized into 10's, and it makes easy. It also has a comprehensible unit of mass. Do you know what the imperial unit for mass is? It's called a slug. A stupid slug that's writhing in agony from all the salt I have for the imperial system. I'm almost positive that nobody gives a damn about any of this but I'm sick of convincing myself that 60.0 m/s is a reasonable speed for a bike to be traveling since I can't imagine it. Rant.

Some of the things on this list is true and others aren't. I feel this was just put on here just to add another reason to hate America. There isn't anything wrong with not using the metric system. This is just a stupid reason.

35 Misogynists Raping and Killing Women for no Reason
36 Homosexuality Is Socially Accepted

Homosexuals are tolerated not really accepted. Pretty much forced to do so but behind closed doors the majority can't stand them!

If anything this is one of the best things about America (most parts of it at least). How is it this high? Are there really that many bigots living in the dark ages on TheTopTens? - CreamOfConnor

I am now just so angry that I will spill the frkn truth:

MY PARENTS ARE HOMOS SO - SO STOP HATING! There's a YouTube video of a world where the world is homo and its focused on a straight girl. Imagine if that were real! - AnonymousChick

It should be. Love is never wrong when it is true.

37 Emphasis On Physical Appearance

That happens in pretty much every country...

That's pretty darn true.

38 McDonald's

I hope the entire company closes worldwide. So can Epic Games. If Fortnite happy meals exist, I will get them and flush/clog the merchandise down their toilets along with the food that came with it. The only good things that came out of Mcdonalds include their charities and The Emoji Movie exclusive merchandise.

I am Mexican and I hate anything with beef in it, especially tacos and hamburgers, and there are plenty of junk food in Mexico, although the ice cream has more natural flavors and they make fruit juice that tastes so good.

The heck McDonalds is world wide dimwits and I'm an American who is smart so whoever put this basically is insulting the whole world because their are over 1 million franchises world wide and Mexico has the most fat people. - DivaDirectioner

Actually now it's Mexico for the most obese

39 Liberals Lying About Global Warming

Global warming IS Actually happening, but people just forget about it and say 'who cares? Get the next generation to do all the work' (not all people but some) - Harri666

Whoever the hell put this on the list is more ignorant than Bush

The worst part of global warming won't happen in billions of years when the sun gets bigger and turns into a red giant. Right now it's from industries, gases, burning all those are the case right now

40 Sexistism

I hate seeing guys being better than girls!

41 Feminism
42 Bad Language Everyday
43 Poor Treatment of Women

Well If us men treat women like this that's bad. I'm a Man by the way - JoshuaFiorio

Luckily that didn't happen in Australia and New Zealand.

This is Sexism. - JoshuaFiorio

Abuse and rape are the two most mentioned of poor women treatment. How else is there gay couples?

44 Too Many Christians

Christianity is just like any other religion. Last time I checked the Constitution said there was freedom of speech, the press, and religion. Whether you like it or not, in the U.S., there can never be to many Christians!

45 Smoke

What do you mean? You mean people smoking? Or just smoke in general.

Why worry about what someone else does no telling what others are doing!

juul bro

46 Fire

Its anoying I mean most people who die I feel bad for


47 Arrogance

"America is the greatest country in the world". Really?...have you traveled anyplace else before coming to that conclusion? Most have not even been to Alaska.

48 Too Cold In Winter

I'm from Indiana, and we get like many nights with temperatures running below 0 degrees during the season. It is awful.

God. This is so lame...Look at Russia and they have cold winters.

49 Government Lies

The people are pretty much brainwashed by politicians.

Politicians and leaders pretty much brainwash people.

The government obviously lies, it has been going on since post World War II and will continue going on.

50 Spoiled People
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