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21 Feminism
22 Animal Abuse

Has your Golden Retriever ever beat you until you couldn't stand? Has your Maine Coon ever stopped providing you food because you talk too loudly? How about your husky, did they lock you away until you were nothing more then a rotting slab of meat? No? Yeah.

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23 People Who Bash Christians

Last time I checked we had freedom of religion.

What about the Christians who bash everybody else, profile them, and force their beliefs on them? Because that's what happens.

We can get cussed out by atheist

But we can't say anything, to defend our religion

-your friend Mc

Yeah. Because you guys suck.

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24 Smoke

What do you mean? You mean people smoking? Or just smoke in general.

Why worry about what someone else does no telling what others are doing!

25 Child Abuse

Ending child abuse would help to end all the other problems. v=gbiq2-ukfhM

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27 Democrats

Very true

Democrats are the party for the 1%
They're always been against blacks and now the tables have turned, they promise empty promises for people to get their votes.

28 Barack Obama

There's nothing wrong with him. There's everything wrong with Donald Trump

No way you idiot I'm Australian and from a far I can't see he is doing a brilliant job

It's Not former president Obama It's Burnt Potato Trump

He has ruined our country's economy

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29 Satanic Cults

The only Satanist anywhere here in the US I have ever even heard of is Taylor Momsen. - CatCode

When I first saw this, I thought it said "Santa Clause'!

It's all because of that horrid "rock and roll" music the kids are talking about these days! - higgsboson2142

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30 Full of Ourselves

Seriously, we can't go a week without trying to save the world in some random country. It's always got to be us.

We're not the worlds cop

We're like ThunderClan. We like to help others too much but it's not bad - AnonymousChick

We do like to help other, that's a dead fact.
Also itś great to see a Warriors cat book series throne into one of these opinions.
I guess America thinks ¨The World is Mine¨ ¨Lets keep it like that, and help everyone¨

31 Alcohol
32 Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor

We're one of the countries with the highest GDP per capita, yet we've loads of people living in worse conditions than 3rd-worlders.

And stop all the fascistic "if you're poor is your fault! " bulls***!
From a mid-class poster!

33 Illegal Immigrants Cross The Border

Baja mexico is the most illegal immigrants crossing border all day
all mexican gets arrested for crossing from baja to california states - SpencerJC

What. why is this here. - JoshuaFiorio

34 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

What?! He's a Canadian. - AnonymousChick

If social media was around when Aaron Carter made songs. I could just see the hate. Everyone that hates him piss off you have been slagging him off since he was 15 when you said he was a girl/is he 15 or 10.

Just because a loser like Justin B that lives in Canada doesn't mean it's bad

He's been to America though so

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35 No Metric system

For heaven's sake can we please find the guy who put twelve units in another unit, took that unit, multiplied it by 5,280, and then based all of our measurements on it from road signs to American Football and ask him how many numbers are between 0 and 10? The metric system has everything organized into 10's, and it makes easy. It also has a comprehensible unit of mass. Do you know what the imperial unit for mass is? It's called a slug. A stupid slug that's writhing in agony from all the salt I have for the imperial system. I'm almost positive that nobody gives a damn about any of this but I'm sick of convincing myself that 60.0 m/s is a reasonable speed for a bike to be traveling since I can't imagine it. Rant.

Some of the things on this list is true and others aren't. I feel this was just put on here just to add another reason to hate America. There isn't anything wrong with not using the metric system. This is just a stupid reason.

36 Liberals Lying About Global Warming

Global warming IS Actually happening, but people just forget about it and say 'who cares? Get the next generation to do all the work' (not all people but some) - Harri666

The worst part of global warming won't happen in billions of years when the sun gets bigger and turns into a red giant. Right now it's from industries, gases, burning all those are the case right now

Whoever the hell put this on the list is more ignorant than Bush

37 Homosexuality Is Socially Accepted

Homosexuals are tolerated not really accepted. Pretty much forced to do so but behind closed doors the majority can't stand them!

If anything this is one of the best things about America (most parts of it at least). How is it this high? Are there really that many bigots living in the dark ages on TheTopTens? - CreamOfConnor

I am now just so angry that I will spill the frkn truth:

MY PARENTS ARE HOMOS SO - SO STOP HATING! There's a YouTube video of a world where the world is homo and its focused on a straight girl. Imagine if that were real! - AnonymousChick

It should be. Love is never wrong when it is true.

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38 Sexistism
39 Emphasis On Physical Appearance

That happens in pretty much every country...

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40 Celebrities Break The Law

I voted to this because I Saw in T.V.'s that Clebrities of US breaks so many rules So, Yaa.. That's why!

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