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41 Too Cold In Winter

I'm from Indiana, and we get like many nights with temperatures running below 0 degrees during the season. It is awful.

God. This is so lame...Look at Russia and they have cold winters.

42 McDonald's

I am Mexican and I hate anything with beef in it, especially tacos and hamburgers, and there are plenty of junk food in Mexico, although the ice cream has more natural flavors and they make fruit juice that tastes so good.

The heck McDonalds is world wide dimwits and I'm an American who is smart so whoever put this basically is insulting the whole world because their are over 1 million franchises world wide and Mexico has the most fat people. - DivaDirectioner

Actually now it's Mexico for the most obese

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43 Spoiled People
44 Fried Chicken

I heard the black people love it

45 Misogynists Raping and Killing Women for no Reason
46 Government Lies

The people are pretty much brainwashed by politicians.

Politicians and leaders pretty much brainwash people.

The government obviously lies, it has been going on since post World War II and will continue going on.

47 Too Many Celebrities
48 Wars

We have been at war since 2001, and we also did some short but deadly wars in the Middle East. Face it people, we have been at war for too long and have gone to war more than once, some of them for ridiculous reasons.

49 Heavy Metal Bashers

Heavy metal rules screw auto tuned pop music

What because it sounds like noise. What happened to the lyrics.

Retarded pop fangirls bashing metal for bieng satanic. BURN IN HELL ALL OF YOU!

50 California

I live here. I like it here. There is a drought and bad air at the moment, but why was this added? People need to add REAL problems, not a dehydrated state. - CatCode

This is the best thing not the worst.

51 Political Parties

They just argue and argue, and nothing ever gets done. So don't blame it all on Obama, Republicans are responsible too.

I don't agree with political parties. Nowadays, it's either very liberal or very conservative. And this is coming from a liberal. - Turkeyasylum

We should get rid of these altogether! They are completely useless!

Most politicians have been bought out by the rich and powerful.

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52 Suicide

More people die from suicide than homicide in the us. - AnonymousChick

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53 Westboro Baptist Church

I myself am atheist but I see this as the equivalent ( to a lesser extent) of Islamic extremist groups. Each religion has their own radical portion.

They make Christians look bad.

54 Liberalism

I don't see what is wrong with Liberals and their pursuit for the preservation of human rights. With the demands of society increasing we are having the rights that should come with being alive stripped from us because of one isolated incident, or warring governments.

55 Hilary Clinton V 2 Comments
56 Football Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

American Football aka pseudo rugby Is a game where fat black men wear stupid helmets and girly padding and spit Gatorade from Their mouths. - DreamWorks2005

I agree but I just don't like that sport

57 Michigan
58 No Freedom
59 Political Correctness
60 Musical Hits That are Auto-tuned and Talk About Sex And Falling in Love

A large amount of cruddy music comes the US of A. A culture that is intertwined with the pursuit of profit and money. Canada sucks but it is still far less trashy than American culture. American culture is to blame for the decline of music. Although the best indie music in the world is American, there are paradoxes. American MAINSTREAM music is trashy as HEL.

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